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What is competitor analysis in SEO?

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What is competitor analysis in SEO?
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Competitor analysis is an essential part of any SEO strategy. It involves researching what your competitors are doing, which can provide you with invaluable insights into how to optimize your own website for search engine optimization.

A comprehensive competitive audit gives you the information you need to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you’re optimizing your website in the most effective way possible. How to conduct a competitor analysis?


Understanding of Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, these activities are all designed to increase visibility of the website in organic search results, so that it is ranked as high as possible. It is a long-term process that requires familiarity with a variety of skills – from IT to marketing to promotion.

Optimization also consists of data acquisition and analysis to create a better online strategy. Therefore, once you start working on your own website, you need to find out what your competition is doing.

Competitor analysis – why is it so important?

The results of a competition analysis can help you estimate the costs associated with website positioning. This is especially useful if you want to work with a company that will audit your site before developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Analyze the website objectively and compare its advantages and disadvantages to the competition. Just remember that you are not stealing ideas, but only comparing them to your strategy.

It will also provide a look at how the website picked certain keywords, what the content is like, the wording of the website, and who the target audience is. We must provide something they can’t find elsewhere. Ultimately, this will save you a lot of time and allow you to progress at a quicker pace on the project.

Who are your competitors?

This is a crucial step, as it will provide a framework for the rest of the analysis. To begin, make a list of the websites that you see as your main competitors in terms of SEO. Start by researching the top results in search engines for your target keywords, and make a note of any sites that appear consistently. You can also use free tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs to quickly find relevant competitors.

In addition, consider related companies that may not rank directly for your keywords, but could still be competing for the same audience or have similar goals. It’s also important to look at local competitors if you have a physical presence.

Now that you know who your competitors are, you can start analyzing each one in detail. To do this, you should look at both organic and paid traffic data, as well as backlinks, keywords, and other factors. Taking the time to review each competitor thoroughly will help you to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop an effective strategy of your own.

How to conduct a competition audit? Easy steps

Before you begin your competitor analysis, it’s important to define your goals and objectives. This will provide the foundation for your audit, giving you a clear idea of what information you need to gather and how you will use it.


Knowing where they are ranking can provide valuable insights into their strategies and successes. It can also help you develop your own strategies for improving your own rankings. Fortunately, there are several tools available that make tracking the competition easy. The most popular of these is Google Search Console, which provides detailed information about your competition’s rankings and performance. Additionally, tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SpyFu allow you to compare your own website’s rankings to those of your competitors.


Knowing how much traffic your competitors are getting can give you a better understanding of how well their website is performing and which tactics they are using to attract new visitors. To get started, use a tool like Alexa or SimilarWeb to see the estimated amount of monthly visits each of your competitors receive.


This will help you identify which keywords they are targeting, how much of their website traffic comes from organic search, and how successful they are at ranking for certain keywords. Use a tool such as SEMrush or Ahrefs to get an overview of their organic search traffic. Look for keywords that have high search volumes and high competition levels, as well as those with low search volumes and low competition levels.


See which topics are popular in your industry and what areas your competitors are focusing on. This can give you valuable insight into the content that will best resonate with your target audience and help you develop an effective content marketing strategy.


Backlinks are an important factor when it comes to improving search engine rankings, as they can give your website additional authority and visibility on the web. One of the best ways to research your competitors’ backlinks is to use a tool such as Ahrefs or Majestic. These tools can provide detailed information about where your competitors’ links come from, what anchor text they use, and other valuable insights. You can then use this information to create a comprehensive list of sites that your competitors are getting backlinks from.

Social media presence

In the modern age of social media, having a presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is essential for brands. Your competitors may already be leveraging these platforms to connect with potential customers and promote their products or services.

Therefore, it’s important to take the time to analyze your competitors’ presence on social media. Doing so can give you an idea of what type of content they are posting, which can help inform your own content strategy. Additionally, by studying the engagement that your competitors receive on their posts, you can get an idea of what resonates with their audience. Pay close attention to the types of comments, likes, and shares they are receiving. You can also compare their follower counts to determine whether they have been successful in building a loyal following.

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Now that you know what competitor analysis is and how to conduct a comprehensive competitive audit, it’s time to wrap up our blog post. Competitor analysis is an essential part of any strategy and can help you gain an advantage over your competitors. By conducting an audit, you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, which can then be used to develop your own strategy.

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