Our Journey

We embarked on our journey as a small company based in a single-family house in Wągrowiec near Poznań. At present, we work in a modern state-of-the-art office building in Poznań, Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland Voivodeship).

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2007iCEA was incorporated in 2007 in Wągrowiec, Poland.
2009Our company consisted of only two people.
2011Our team extended to eight people.
2015iCEA multiplied folds with 50 specialists on board.
2019Currently our stationary team has over 100 employees and is expanding further.

Certifications at a glance

A large number of companies advocate to be experts. But we can prove our expertise. We have earned the status of Premier Google Partner and specialize in handling products of the Mountain View giant. This qualifies us to regularly participate in training organized by Google, where we learn about changes occurring in the market, that can be used for the benefit of our customers. We are proud of our Google Ads certificates (ranging from search advertising, display advertising and video advertising to mobile advertising and Google Shopping ads) and Google Analytics certifications.

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In November 2016, we were awarded the second place in the category of SEO/SEM agency in the nationwide Dream Team competition, Poland. Agencies with the status of Google Partner are eligible for participation in the competition.

Our employees do not rest on laurels

ICEA employees are constantly upgrading with each team member undergoing specialist training. However, their education does not end here.

We are always motivated to spend time and resources to enhance our team.Our employees attend new training sessions, courses and workshops on a regular basis so that their knowledge is up-to-date, as we at iCEA strive to keep up with new trends.

As a result we succeed in enagaging talented SEO, Google Ads and content marketing specialists.

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We are the first to be informed

Our dynamic and ever changing industry always keeps us on our toes. One move by Google can completely change the rules of SEO. On one end,the giant from California is introducing new options to its Google Ads campaigns and on the other end, research on human behavior, habits and preferences is shedding new light on content marketing. This persuaded us to create a Research and Development Department. The department conducts independent research, tests new solutions and develops optimal development strategies for the rest of the company. The best results are later used by our specialists in their projects.

How does our structure look?

Our team consists of SEO and SEM specialists, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, traders and administration employees as well as trainees and apprentices.
All departments of our company are equally important. We believe that only a close cooperation of specialists from various disciplines can produce the best results.
We are constantly looking for new employees. All the necessary information can be found in the Career page.

Charity and Social Well Being

We actively participate in social and charity events. We sponsored the NIELBA CUP 2015 and we organise blood donation drives regularly. More information about these activities can be found below.

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