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E-commerce Spotlight
is a program that takes e-commerce issues under the telescope and sheds new light on the e-technologies that support intercontinental sales.
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Adam Brykowicz
Adam Brykowicz Host of the E-commerce Spotlight

For me, e-commerce is all about the idea. You can sell whatever you want, to whomever you want, and as you want if you meet your customers’ needs. But if you have a good idea, then you are immediately closer to success.

That's why I love to learn about new e-commerce businesses. To find new ideas of how to respond to customers' needs.

After earning my first experience in the e-commerce industry, I entered the SEO and marketing world to explore my passion for customer experience, branding, and project management. Currently, I work as a Customer Success Specialist for iCEA Group International, focusing on leading SEO projects and identifying new marketing trends for my clients.


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