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The art of seo

art of seo

Nobody visits your website? Or maybe you want
to improve your online store sales?
No matter what problem is tormenting your website
- our SEO agency is able to solve it!

Over a decade of experience in the industry is why we can confidently
say there are no secrets concerning positioning
issues that we can’t solve.

The iCEA Group guarantees more website traffic.
Our whole philosophy is based on one principle:
website is like a great work of art - it is meant to be seen
by people from around the world.

WHAT MAKES our seo audit

Most companies in our industry offer standard SEO audits.
However, we believe in a more holistic approach to search engine optimization.
Our free audit session is not only about finding technical errors at your website, but above all about a broader look at your business and your competition.
After all, every business is unique and needs a different SEO strategy. Our audit Is more like a free consultation, which is characterized by a comprehensive and professional examination of your website and an individual approach to the client and his needs.

seo consultation


The iCEA Group has been operating in the industry since 2007. What distinguishes us from other companies providing SEO services? In our work, we primarily focus on effectiveness and transparency. When other SEO companies make empty promises, we guarantee visible results. We are absolutely confident in our skills.
So much so, we offer the first SEO audit completely free of charge.

We are one of the first SEO agencies catering to e-commerce clients, offering the SEO360 service. This is an innovative approach to positioning, which doesn't only focus on improving the site's visibility - instead, the client is supported at every level of the online store's functioning. We believe that the determinant of a professional SEO company is precisely the comprehensive nature of the offered services.


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"We decided to use the free SEO audit. We figured that if it doesn't cost anything, what's wrong in giving it a try. The audit results came as a real shock. We had no idea that our website contained so many different technical errors! After the corrections recommended by the iCEA Group, our website started to appear more frequently on Google, and our online sales increased significantly".

"iCEA GROUP has really opened our eyes to the possibilities of how much more value we can get out of the website optimization. Thanks to them, revenue of our online shop has grown by 168% in just two years! ".

"We felt that just having website should be enough, but we were gravely mistaken. iCEA GROUP helped us optimize our online store and rise above the competition. Thanks to their comprehensive range of SEO services, we have expanded our business globally. Today we have customers from around the world. ".


Many SEO companies rely on universal solutions. We are not one of them. We offer our clients an effective SEO optimization based on a refined, multi-level strategy.

Our specialists carry out thorough analyses and, on the basis of specific information, prepare an action plan which is not only compliant with the search engine requirements but is also tailored to the client's individual needs.




Do you have a company blog on your website? If not, it’s high time to change that. Google search engine algorithms have been paying more and more attention to the quality of content published on websites. On the first pages of the search engine appear the sites that are rich in substantive, easy to understand texts. For Google, it is even important how the article is formatted!

No literary talent? Leave it to us. The iCEA Group employs professional copywriters who are confident and well versed in every subject matter. Our editors can write about anything - not just about SEO marketing.




Do you sell products/services on the internet? If your website is unaesthetic, uncomfortable or unintuitive to use, an annoyed client will leave it quickly and finish their shopping in a competitor's store

As an SEO agency serving e-commerce customers, we put special emphasis on UX quality. We strive to make the customer's website as functional and user-friendly as possible, visually attractive as well as taking into account the users' habits, and as a result, increase sales.


an intuitive


Google Ads is a constant element in every marketing agency's offer, but not every company uses this tool competently.

With us you can be sure that your offer directly reaches the right people - without draining. Our specialists optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis, and modify ineffective solutions. The Google Ads campaign perfectly complements traditional positioning and content marketing.




Do you want to promote your website on the Internet?

Bring your
talent to us

The iCEA Group consists of a team of almost 200 specialists in various fields, but we are constantly looking for more talented people who are skilled in programming, web analytics, content marketing and copywriting, UX or customer service. Do you want to work with the best? Check our offers and join our team!