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Who are we?

As an SEO agency from Poznań – iCEA Group represents a business approach to website marketing. Our SEO agency has been defining standards in the SEO/SEM industry since 2007. We have the largest technical department in Poland, which is composed of the top SEO specialists with years of experience. Our offer extends beyond our borders, operating in Canada, and the USA.


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What makes a free SEO consultation different from an SEO audit?

With our extensive expertise in the field of SEO, we understand the ins and outs of optimizing websites for search engines. However, we also recognize that not everyone has the same level of knowledge as us. Thus, we don't believe in pushing our services blindly without first providing value to our potential clients. That's why we offer a complimentary, personalized SEO consultation prior to any collaboration. Unlike a typical SEO audit, which simply identifies website errors, our consultation delves deeper into your specific needs and goals.

Check the benefits of free SEO consultation

  1. Gain valuable insights into the evolution of your search engine ranking over time.
  2. Learn about your competitors’ tactics and strategies.
  3. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry, and identify new opportunities to expand your reach.
  4. Receive customized, effective keyword suggestions.
  5. Get a personalized strategy for improving your website’s positioning at no additional cost.

Meet our satisfied customers

Spring distributor active growth: Eibach

Spring distributor active growth: Eibach

What errors can a UX audit detect? Sneaker Peeker case study

What errors can a UX audit detect? Sneaker Peeker case study

How we improved the number of transactions by 1172% | Case study

How we improved the number of transactions by 1172% | Case study

Sit back and read the case study REAL TIME SEO for pufy.pl

Sit back and read the case study REAL TIME SEO for pufy.pl

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Do you sell on the Internet? To do this effectively, you must take care of your website's visibility in the search engine. If your online store or website is struggling, users probably do not have a chance to find out about your offer.

To change this, you require a well-chosen positioning strategy to help you achieve high positions in the search results. Well, you've come to the right place - we happen to be the best in this field.

Choose a top SEO agency in the USA that offers a holistic approach to online business. Then, take advantage of our top-notch SEO services in the United States and maximize your sales.

comprehensive service

Nowadays, search engine visibility is not enough for your store to generate sales. It requires a business approach to website positioning. Based on this concept, we are the first SEO agency in the USA to introduce an innovative SEO360 service.

SEO360 is a multidimensional business approach, thanks to which you will gain

SEO360 comprehensive service
traffic to your website, which guarantees increased conversions
solutions from various fields
prepared and consistently implemented goals
development prospects, e.g., expansion into foreign markets
of our partners - leaders in their industry

Our offer

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About iCEA Group International


We initiated collaboration with our first client for SEO activities.


iCEA Group experienced steady growth thanks to incorporating innovative solutions.


We expanded our services to encompass SEM, UX, and SXO.


We began constructing the SEO360 ecosystem through the integration of Enterso, Unbound, and M40 Group.


We were awarded the prestigious Google Premier Partner certification and recognized as one of Google’s Rising Stars.


We established ourselves as a leader in SEO/SXO solutions for e-commerce.


We expanded our team by hiring 300 professionals for our SEO agency.


iCEA Group International began providing SEO services in the United States as part of our ongoing international expansion.

We’re a top-notch SEO agency in the USA, offering comprehensive services designed for the USA e-commerce industry and online businesses. That’s possible thanks to our cooperation with trusted partners – leaders in their industries and companies specializing in various areas of digital marketing, being a part of Digital Now! Holding.

More about us

How we work?

Holistic View

To stay ahead of the competition, we believe a traditional approach to positioning is no longer enough. That's why iCEA Group International provides comprehensive solutions covering different aspects of internet marketing.

Unconventional Solutions

Our SEO agency offers unconventional solutions that go beyond traditional thinking about positioning. In fact, we're the first SEO agency in the USA to introduce a business approach to the industry through our SEO360 service.

Creativity and Innovation

As pioneers in the industry, we introduce innovative ideas to provide leadership to our clients.


We prioritize effectiveness and do not promise unrealistic results. We focus only on measurable and realistic outcomes.

Individual Approach

We don't take shortcuts or use ready-made solutions like other SEO agencies. Instead, we approach each client individually, create a detailed action strategy, and appoint dedicated specialists to support you at every step.


Our goal is your satisfaction, which is why we prioritize partnership relations, open communication, and transparent conditions of cooperation. We ensure that you have all the essential information about your store or website at every stage.


Given that SEO is a dynamic field, we take pleasure in disseminating our expertise on the subject. We keep our clients up-to-date on SEO trends, both during direct engagement and via our experts' articles, training sessions, and presentations at key industry events.

jak działamy


The iCEA Group International is a team of over 300 professionals with years of experience. In addition to SEO and SEM professionals, our SEO agency employs experts in programming, web analytics, content marketing and copywriting, UX, and customer service. Their close cooperation allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Due to the ongoing growth of our SEO agency, we are constantly looking for new talent to join the ranks of our team. Do you want to work with the best specialists on the market? Check our current job offers on our LinkedIn profile and grow with us.

Get to know us better Join us

iCEA Group International educates

At iCEA Group International, we focus on education. We organize webinars and training sessions, and our experts appear as keynote speakers at major conferences, trade shows, and other industry events.

We run our own Ask about SEO series, the most substantive discussions about SEO on the Polish Internet.

"Ask about SEO" includes:

  • Conversations with e-commerce industry experts
  • 4 seasons, 38 episodes
  • “Ask about SEO on Tour” special episodes in 4 major Polish cities
  • Professional recording studio
  • Content available in video and podcast format
Learn more

Our company blog shares knowledge on various aspects of the e-commerce industry. It is also a place where we celebrate accomplishments and reveal the behind-the-scenes of our work.

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