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Do you want to catch up with the best in your industry and take their place? Take advantage of our comprehensive SEO services and online marketing services. With our SEO agency you will achieve high positions in search results and maximize sales.

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Do you think all SEO agencies have the same offer? It’s different with us! We don’t promise impossible things. We focus on effective SEO of websites, especially online stores. We use legal and safe solutions that bring noticeable results.

We cooperate with the best industry specialists with years of experience and practical know-how. In addition, we are constantly developing! We are up to date with new trends owing to the well-ordered participation in training courses and industry conferences.

Why our SEO agency?



iCEA group has been active in the SEO/SEM business since 2007. Throughout these years, the practical and theoretical sides of search engines have changed numerous times.  Some of these changes were so significant that, we can now admit the practices which in the past were underestimated, are now the base for success of many influential companies in various fields. As a result of the introduction of new Google search algorithms and amendments of the existing ones, nowadays websites, which are highly optimised on the technical level, get the best ranking. Thanks to focusing on quality, Google has limited the volume of worthless links and contributed to improvement of effectiveness and comprehensibility of web content.

Over the years, our company has evolved with Google’s search engine. This way from a one-man business we are now, a modern agency with a solid and enviable reputation in the SEO/SEM industry. Kudos to the desire for growth and self-improvement, we are now able to offer effective SEO services based on advanced multilevel strategy. We don’t use universal solutions, instead, we go through an in-depth analytical process, based on concrete information, uniquely tailoring to individual client’s needs. We eliminate errors, optimise and implement innovative solutions, which make us stand out from our competition.

Our main focus is effectiveness and security. We always keep our practise legal and acceptable to Google. We realise that taking time to think our actions through is better than doing something in a rush, against the search engine’s policy. Here at iCEA Group, we assure our clients that their website will not drop down in rank or get deleted from search, due to inappropriate practice. We approach SEO services with credibility and prepare mastered strategies, taking care of every minute detail.


Paweł Borowik

Prezes Zarządu Grupa iCEA S.A.

How does the cooperation work?


Initial conversation

Cooperation with our company begins with an interview with a potential client about his needs, expectations and actions taken to date in the field of Internet marketing. This is an introduction to professional, free and individual SEO consultation, which is necessary to determine the exact actions and their expected costs.

Domain Analysis

After determining the needs and becoming familiar with the marketing activities that the client has undertaken so far, we proceed to a thorough analysis of his domain. We assess its functionality and determine whether it is properly optimized for SEO.



Competition analysis

The next step is to analyze the competition. The positioner checks the domain SEO activities of companies in the same industry as the customer. Their position, optimizations introduced and other actions taken so far are analyzed to ensure higher position in the search engine.

Conclusions and Recommendations

After analyzing the industry and the client’s domain, the positioner collects conclusions and presents recommendations, i.e. actions that should be taken to improve the position of the domain in search results. These include moves in the field of website optimization, link profile building or creating valuable SEO content to mention a few.



Strategy Development and Valuation

After conducting a thorough SEO audit and presenting the most important information to the client, the positioner prepares an individual strategy tailored to the client’s needs and makes a valuation. The offer is presented to the client, and its individual elements can be adjusted according to the client’s wishes.

Initiating the Website Optimization

We start working as soon as the client accepts the strategy prepared by us. From this point, the positioner will implement the changes in the specified order. Changes should be continuous and SEO specialist dealing with the optimization must keep his finger on the pulse and respond to any changes independent of it.


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Benefits of working with us

The iCEA Group is a reputable SEO agency that is appreciated by clients from all over the world. We have the experience, knowledge and practical skills and an extensive team of professionals. The combination of these factors means that our offer for SEO services is distinguished by its effectiveness. Cooperation with the iCEA Group is a guarantee of:


Higher position
in search results


Traffic growth
on the website


Increase sales
online store


brand recognition


More functional
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What can we do for you?

Website SEO services

we successfully position your website in search results, which will have a positive impact on website traffic and conversion. As an SEO agency, we have professional knowledge and skills. We easily find ourselves in all the factors that affect optimization.


SEO services for online stores

SEO for e-commerce has no secrets for us.
We are real specialists in SEO for online stores and we know how to create an effective SEO strategy tailored to the industry specifications, offer and customer goals.


Local SEO services

effective local SEO allows reaching recipients from a specific area.
Professional selection of key phrases to industry and business location will allow effective optimization of a domain in Google search results.


Foreign SEO services

Internet marketing knows no limitations.
That is why our offer also includes foreign SEO, which is tailored not only to customer requirements, but also to the requirements of the internet search engine and market needs in Denmark and Great Britain.


Companies that have used our services

Meet our team

The iCEA Group is a team of almost 200 specialists in various fields.
In addition to SEO and SEM experts, our company also has programming, web analytics, content marketing and copywriting, UX and customer service experts. Close cooperation between various departments means that we provide our customers with exactly what they expect from us: professional services that give visible results.

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