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Who we are?

The iCEA Group International represents a business approach to website positioning. Since 2007, we have been an SEO agency that has been setting standards in the SEO/SEM industry. We have developed the largest technical department in Poland, which comprises the best SEO specialists with years of experience. With our offer, we go beyond the borders of our country, operating also in India and the USA.


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What makes a free SEO consultation different from an SEO audit?

We are experts in our industry, and SEO holds no secrets from us. While we know our capabilities, we are aware that you do not. For this reason, we do not persuade you to buy a cat in a bag. Even before starting the cooperation, we offer an individual, completely free of charge SEO consultation. This is much more than a conventional SEO audit, which is mainly focused on listing the errors on your website.
  1. You will gain insight into how your search engine position has evolved over the years.
  2. Learn about how your competitors operate.
  3. Learn about current trends in your industry, which can be worth investing in.
  4. We will propose you up to several hundred effective keyword suggestions.
  5. We will provide you with a strategy for effective positioning of your website at no additional cost.

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Why does your company need SEO?

Do you sell on the Internet? In order to do this effectively, you must take care of your website's visibility in the search engine. If your online store or website is not displayed to users, they will probably not have a chance to find out about your offer.

To change this, you require a well-chosen positioning strategy that will help you achieve high positions in the search results. Well, you've come to the right place - we happen to be the best in this field.

Choose an SEO agency that offers a holistic approach to online business. Take advantage of our comprehensive SEO services and maximize your sales.

comprehensive service

Search engine visibility alone nowadays is not enough for your store to generate sales. It requires a business approach to website positioning. Based on this concept, we are the first agency in Poland to introduce an innovative SEO360 service.

SEO360 is a multidimensional business approach, thanks to which you will gain

SEO360 comprehensive service
traffic to your website, which guarantees increased conversions
and holistic solutions from various fields
prepared and consistently implemented goals
development prospects, e.g. expansion into foreign markets
of our partners - leaders in their industry

Our offer

SEO Audit
UX Audit
Google Ads Audit

How are customers supposed to shop at your store if they can't even find it? Poor search engine visibility is a problem many e-commerce owners face, a problem you can forget about with a properly implemented SEO strategy. Good SEO practices will push your website to the top of search engine results, which will boost your sales and profits.

A reliable SEO audit is the basis for creating an effective positioning strategy. During the audit, our experts will analyze your domain, link profile and general technical condition of your website. We want you to know the precise issues of your website, so the following stage is a free of charge consultation, during which we will discuss in detail the drawbacks of your website. You will also find out what actions will improve your website's visibility.

5 kroków
5steps to success!
  • Free consultation with our analyst
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Development of a strategy taking into account the current market requirements and the client's business goals
  • Comprehensive SEO activities
  • Effects analysis and optimization

Want to retain customers? Make sure you have a good UX. Nobody likes a badly designed website. Too small button, too long form, or even the type of font used - all this can decide that customers are more likely to choose to buy from the competition rather than from your store. What do you need to change to encourage your users to take action? You will find out thanks to a UX audit.

A UX audit will help you detect and eliminate errors that prevent customers from quickly completing purchases in your store. Our UX expert will prepare for you a list of recommended changes that will make your website more user-friendly and easier to shop on.

Do you feel that you are burning through your Google Ads budget? Don't know how to configure them properly to generate maximum profit? Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our certified Google Ads specialists.

We begin each cooperation with a detailed Google Ads audit - this is the time for a thorough analysis of your advertising campaigns. Our experts will identify elements that need improvement. By implementing the changes we recommend, you will not only reach new customers with your offer, but you will also boost your monetization.

AboutiCEA Group International


We started our first cooperation with a client in the scope of SEO activities


Stable development of iCEA thanks to the introduction of innovative solutions


We expanded our offer to include SEM, UX and SXO services


We started building the SEO360 ecosystem. The merger of Enterso, Unbound and M40 Group


We were certified as a Google Premier Partner and named one of Google's Rising Stars


We became a leader in SEO/SXO solutions for e-commerce


We hired 300 people to our SEO agency


iCEA Group International overseas expansion - we started providing services across 3 continents

We offer comprehensive services designed for the e-commerce industry and online businesses. This is possible thanks to our cooperation with trusted partners who are leaders in the industry, as well as companies specializing in various areas of digital marketing, which together form Digital Now! Holding.

How do we work?

A holistic view.

The traditional approach to positioning is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competition. That is why, at iCEA Group International, we offer comprehensive solutions covering different aspects of Internet marketing.

Unconventional solutions.

In our SEO agency, we go beyond the beaten patterns of thinking about positioning. We are the first in the industry to introduce a business approach to SEO in the form of the SEO360 service.

Creativity and Innovation.

We are pioneers in the industry, and thanks to the innovations we introduce, we are capable of providing leadership to our clients as well.


We act effectively. We do not promise impossible things. We are interested only in realistic and easily measurable effects.

Individual approach.

We do not take shortcuts, and we do not practice cookie-cutter, ready-made solutions used by other SEO agencies. We approach each client individually, working out a detailed strategy of action and appointing dedicated specialists supporting you at every step.


We are committed to making sure that you are informed of what is happening to your store or website at every stage. When working with a client, we focus on partnership relations, open communication and transparent conditions of the cooperation.


We do not take shortcuts, and we do not practice cookie-cutter, ready-made solutions used by other SEO agencies. We approach each client individually, working out a detailed strategy of action and appointing dedicated specialists supporting you at every step.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a website according to a search engine. The aim of this process is to achieve the highest possible position in the search results. This increases the popularity of the website, as well as increases traffic. The scope of SEO is divided into: optimization (on-site SEO) and link building (off-site SEO). On-site SEO includes technical optimization – adjusting the website to meet current search engine guidelines and content verification, which is an important ranking factor. Off-site SEO activities consist of acquiring valuable links to the website. The links are an indicator for the search engine that the website contains valuable content.

A SEO agency will help your business succeed in the search engine optimization process. A properly implemented SEO strategy will boost your website’s visibility in search engine results, resulting in increased conversion rates and sales. Experienced SEO agencies work with clients from various industries, and the vast majority of them specialize in e-commerce services. Only a few agencies offer comprehensive SEO services on foreign markets.

A SEO agency deals with comprehensive support in the website positioning process, which includes:

  • SEO audits
  • technical optimization of your website
  • link building
  • keyword research
  • creation of high quality content
  • competition research

Agencja SEO zajmuje się kompleksowym wsparciem w procesie pozycjonowania Twojej witryny, które obejmuje:

  • Check out the past success stories of SEO agencies. Examine available case studies;
  • Read reviews of former or current clients;
  • Learn more about the SEO agency: use a free SEO audit and evaluate the quality of provided services yourself.
  • The support of SEO experts who will prepare an effective SEO strategy for your online business;
  • Appointment of KPIs and constant measurement of the effects of conducted activities;
  • Comprehensive analysis of your competition;
  • Establishment and implementation of a link building strategy;
  • Determination and implementation of a content development strategy;
  • Full technical website optimization;v
  • Optimization of the key website subpages with regard to the target keywords;
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of conducted activities.

In order to find an SEO agency, simply type in search phrases such as: “seo agency” or “seo agency USA/ NEW YORK”. Afterwards, you will receive a list of agencies whose offer you can get acquainted with.

For example, by typing in the search engine: “seo agency”, or “seo agency USA” you will be provided with a list of agencies you can get acquainted with. You can also ask for a recommendation of someone who has ever used SEO services before. This way, you can reduce the risk of making a bad choice. Once you find a SEO agency, verify the reviews of its services.


The iCEA Group International is a team of over 300 professionals with years of experience. In addition to SEO and SEM professionals, our SEO agency employs experts in programming, web analytics, content marketing and copywriting, UX, and customer service. Their close cooperation allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Due to the ongoing growth of our SEO agency, we are constantly looking for new talent to join the ranks of our team. Do you want to work with the best specialists on the market? Check our current job offers in the Career tab and start growing with us.

iCEA Group International educates

At iCEA Group International we focus on education. We organize webinars and trainings, and our experts appear as keynote speakers at major conferences, trade shows and other industry events.

We run our own Ask SEO series, the most substantive discussions about SEO on the Polish Internet.

"Ask about SEO" includes:

  • Conversations with eCommerce industry experts
  • 4 seasons, 38 episodes
  • Ask SEO on Tour" special episodes in 4 major Polish cities
  • Professional recording studio
  • Content available in video and podcast format

On our company blog, we share knowledge on various aspects of the e-commerce industry. It is also a place where we celebrate accomplishments and reveal the behind-the-scenes of our work.

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