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What is a landing page (LP)? Why are landing pages so important in SEO?

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What is a landing page (LP)? Why are landing pages so important in SEO?
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For online businesses, a landing page is considered to be a standalone web page designed to support a marketing/advertising campaign. No matter if it’s from the homepage, advertisement, or organic search, linking to the landing page is the very basic interaction between you & the visitor. Simply put, the visitors can get the right impression from the landing page to make/break the sale. However, not all business owners can understand the objective & keep struggling with the question – landing page what does it mean?


Landing Page - Best Way To Get Traffic On Your Website

No one can deny the fact that the landing page can contribute to generating huge conversions. Although the creative design of the page varies as per the industries and that plays a vital role in achieving growth. Even most web design experts & digital marketers can provide goal-oriented landing pages to achieve higher chances of conversions. However, not every landing page design can provide pace and more results because of the poor implementation and missing CRO practices. Hence, it is advised to only seek the assistance of landing page web design experts to get a profitable landing page conversion strategy.

Apart from designing the best landing page design, promotion is also crucial. Landing page SEO is a must-opt approach to popularize the service or product and gain quick traffic. Along with using the landing page in other marketing campaigns like advertisement or PPC, you must be doing organic SEO for that. No one can deny the power of organic marketing in the digital world. You might require some patience to make it rank on Google and start getting the traffic, yet the approach is highly recommended to visualize the long-term benefits.

Is "one page - one keyword" strategy valid for landing pages?

But, even the landing page requires SEO optimization and you will need professionals to take care of the same. Keyword targeting often remains the major doubt while planning the SEO marketing for the landing page. Well, the answer is bare minimum I.e. one. However, two or three more variations are more than enough and should not be exceeded in any scenario. Hence, opt for the best SEO & content strategy to market the landing page and start acquiring more leads. Direct leads to the conversion goal with the use of call to action (CTAs).

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How should a landing page look like?

While other web pages typically have multiple goals, a landing page is designed with the sheer goal of achieving call to action (CTA) expectations. The landing page holds the visitor’s attention, excites them, and proves that your business has a credible solution concerning their problem. They are the best-suited option to boost the conversion rate of marketing campaigns even with minimal cost investment. However, the conversion objective can be variable purchase, sign up, registration, etc. Landing page SEO can be an effective approach to amplify your marketing funnel.

Web Page Vs Landing Page: Key Differences

Are you getting confused about – the landing page what does it mean? Well, there are certain technical aspects to differentiate it from the home page or landing page. Although the design of both the web page and landing page might look similar, the destination & objective is what makes the difference. Simply put, we can say that a landing page can be a campaign-specific page with a single CTA (Call To Action) and no website navigation.

You might even be thinking about what’s so good about the landing page SEO that eases the conversion. Also, there is a certain reason why the homepage has tons of links and landing page only one. The home page or web page is basically informative about the products/services and their benefits. On the other hand, the landing page design is a bit more persuasive & guides visitors towards specific action goals. The landing page is basically brief and concise while the web page is majorly descriptive and elaborate. The fewer links on the landing page increase focus & conversions. Alternatively, the web page has multiple links & CTAs that can cause a distraction to visitors. That’s the major reason why expert digital marketers always prefer a dedicated landing page to guide traffic to the correct destination.

The homepage is creative and shows off your brand along with products & services. The visitor on this page can go anywhere on the website. But, that doesn’t mean there is the assurance of a purchase. However, that’s not the case with attractive landing page examples, as they are purely designed to promote a single offer and compel visitors to become potential customers. The power of a landing page to boost conversion is what makes them suitable for numerous businesses in every sector.

Why do landing pages have better overall conversion rates?

The majority of digital marketers are aware of how do landing pages look like? and consider having optimized and SEO-friendly content. The perfectly optimized & engaging interface of the landing page can boost conversions in numerous ways. There are several factors responsible for gaining quick traffic and generating new leads, out of which some are mentioned below.

1. Expand Potential Leads

Landing page SEO optimization is a reliable approach to gain organic boost and high brand recognition. With more increased traffic, businesses can drive users to the right destination to boost sales. The optimized landing page itself serves the business Search Engine Optimization and improves CRO. A lot of online B2C and B2B businesses make the best use of landing pages to generate new leads for future conversion.

2. Generate Actionable Data and Insights

The landing pages are highly effective when it comes to persuading users into becoming leads. They can provide the correct information about demographics making it easier for you to contact leads and bring them into the CRO (conversion rate optimization) funnel. Certain landing page designs even include a short form to collect the user data & concerns. The contact form becomes an integral part of the page and should be asking for the required information. Most of the businesses go wrong here and request too much personal information that is going to drive the user away. You may even use small CTA buttons to entice users to sign up & be a part of the conversion rate optimization funnel.

3. Provide a Better User Experience (UX)

Since you have a brief idea of the landing page what is it, now let’s explore its benefits in regard to user experience. There is no point in achieving a high search engine ranking if your landing page design is not capable enough to bring conversions. The goal of the landing page is to achieve the business objectives like sales, signup, appointment, review, etc. Hence the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy should not be poor or of bad user experience.

Try to refer to the landing page examples that have the optimized design and are capable of avoiding bounce rate and slow loading issues. The best landing page SEO practices can make a quick impression on your customers and help in building brand credibility. The landing page designers should be able to highlight the unique value proposition (UVP) of the client. With the right approach and experienced design, you can portray positive brand experiences to achieve expected outcomes.

There can be several other factors responsible for the best landing page design to boost conversions. To facilitate long-term sustainable online growth, you must have an idea about how do landing pages look like. On top of that, the landing page design and optimization must be done properly including the right call to action (CTA) buttons. Try to create a sense of urgency with the creative design & engaging content. Always feel free to refer to various landing page examples before finalizing any design.

Landing pages should be as precise as possible

A landing page SEO is a specific page optimization that allows the visitor to explore certain information or valuable data and contribute to the ultimate objective. It can be sales, contact details, sign-up, or anything that your business products or services require. But, before promoting your landing page, having quality & engaging design is a surefire thing. The content and the structure of the entire landing page should be optimized enough to engage users. Always remember it is not any regular page of the website and certain good landing page examples should be referred to before making the final decision.

The landing page must have contact forms as it serves your primary goal I.e. achieving leads. Later you can use the stored customer details for other parallel marketing campaigns. However, it must be compact and with minimal fields as no one ever wants to share personal details while opting for a business service or product. Your web designer should have an idea how do landing pages look like & where can the form serve more value.

Be specific when it comes to the segmentation of the landing pages. You can also try creating more than one landing page and target them for a single keyword ranking. Having dominance on Google or any other search engine with multiple pages is going to bring more traffic to your business. The landing page SEO is a fundamental thing to grab user attention. Furthermore, with the engaging design and valuable information, it becomes highly easy to convert the visitors. With landing pages, all you need to put the effort into bringing the traffic, and rest conversions become highly facile.

There must be exclusive call-to-action placed decently to provide a guided path to the user. The website page has broader goals but the landing page comes with one single objective. That’s why it should be as precise as possible.

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