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Way to develop a lead generation strategy: monitoring the activities of competitors

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Way to develop a lead generation strategy: monitoring the activities of competitors
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No matter what you’re selling, there are other companies out there who are likely selling the same or similar products or services. If you don’t pay attention to what they’re doing, you could find yourself falling behind in terms of marketing, lead generation and sales – which means less revenue and growth for your business. Here are some ways to keep an eye on your competition and find more leads along the way.


What is competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis is the process of gathering information about your competitors and using that data to improve your own marketing and business strategy. By understanding what your competitors are doing, you can make adjustments to your own plans in order to better attract customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Who are my competitors?

Your competitors are other businesses that offer similar products or services to the same target market as you. To find out who your competitors are, you can do a Google search, ask around, or look up business listings in your local chamber of commerce. Once you know who they are, you can start monitoring their activities.

What information do I need?

In order to develop an effective lead generation strategy, you need to start by monitoring the activities of your competition. Keep track of their marketing campaigns, social media presence, and any other touchpoints they have with potential customers. This also include things like monitoring their website traffic, social media activity, and any marketing campaigns they’re running.

By understanding what they’re doing, you can adjust your own strategy to be more effective. From this information, you can see where the gaps are in your industry that need to be filled and how to fill them.

Why is this so important for lead generation?

Your competition can be a great source of information when it comes to generating leads. There are a few reasons why monitoring your competition can be beneficial for lead generation. First, you can get an idea of what strategies are working well for them and adapt or improve upon them for your own business. Second, you can stay up-to-date on industry trends and be sure to offer the latest and greatest products or services to potential leads. Third, you can identify any gaps in their offerings and use that to your advantage in marketing to potential leads. This will help you save time and resources in the long run.

How do you analyse your competitor’s activity?

Lead generation is important for any business that wants to grow and scale. Without a consistent flow of leads, it will be difficult to sustain growth or even keep the doors open. If you can identify their weaknesses, then you have access to many people who might not otherwise know about your product or service. Below are some tips for monitoring competitor activity so you can glean information that can be used in lead generation

Competing for keywords

Your competitors are not only other businesses in your industry, but also anyone else who is trying to rank for the same keywords as you. If you want to generate more leads, you need to be aware of what your competition is doing and adjust your own strategy accordingly. Monitoring your competitor’s keyword strategies can provide invaluable insight into which words people use when they search for products or services like yours.

You can do this with a tool like Semrush or KeywordSpy – both of which provide detailed insights into how other websites are ranking for search terms. You’ll get all the information you need about who is using what words and how often, so you can use those phrases in your own content and with your own advertising campaigns.

Recreating popular content

Your competition is a great source of inspiration for content that resonates with your target audience. By monitoring their activities, you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and quickly adapt your own content strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Take advantage of current events in your industry to make them more relatable. How often they post new content (blogs, social media updates, etc.)? What type of content do they share most often? Who is their target audience? What specific content resonates with them the most? Which platforms do they spend time posting content on? Find it out and do it better.


You can generate more leads for your business by monitoring the activities of your competition and cross-promoting with them. By keeping an eye on what they’re doing, you can stay one step ahead and be able to offer your potential customers more value. Plus, cross-promoting with other businesses will help you reach a wider audience. For example, if you’re a web design company, you could partner with a digital marketing agency to offer joint packages to your clients. This way, you can both benefit from increased leads and improved conversion rates.

Google Alerts

One way to develop a lead generation strategy is to monitor the activities of your competition. You can do this easily by setting up Google Alerts for your competitors. This is a free service that will send you an email notification whenever your specified keywords are mentioned online. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on what your competition is doing, and you can use this information to adjust your own lead generation strategy accordingly. If one of your competitors begins using a new tactic or product, it might be worth giving it a try too.

What should you do next?

Start implementing the strategy and keep an eye on the results.Make sure to review these activities at least monthly, if not weekly, depending on your company’s needs. If you find that a particular tactic is yielding better results than others, then invest more time in it.

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In conclusion

One way to develop a lead generation strategy is to monitor the activities of your competition. By knowing what your competitors are up to, you can adjust your own marketing and sales efforts accordingly. Plus, you may be able to identify new opportunities that your competition isn’t exploiting. You don’t have to monitor every little thing they do, just keep an eye out for what they’re doing that you could use to better market your product or service. Stay one step ahead!

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