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Multiple backlinks from the same site – is it a good idea?

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Multiple backlinks from the same site – is it a good idea?
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Even the best content in the world won’t necessarily help you to rank, if you don’t have links pointing to it from other sites. In order to rank your pages in Google, it’s important that you build out your link profile with relevant backlinks from other sites and domains that are relevant to your site and its topic. If all of the links come from the same domain, however, you might get into trouble with Google’s Penguin algorithm (or even an update). So how many backlinks from one domain can you get before it becomes a problem?


All of the links leading to a website are included in a link profile. The link profile will include dofollow and nofollow links, all URLs within the domain, all types of links (anchor text, image link, 301 redirect, etc.). Further, both the owner of the website and outsiders influence the link profile: from the SEO agency cooperating with him to his competitors and users.

Natural linking happen of its own accord. Someone will like the page and share it, mention it, and someone will post a link on an online forum. Users act independently of the website owner, building their reputation. However, the link building described above would be ineffective, and too slow. Therefore, in positioning process it is necessary to interfere with the link profile and manage the linking strategy.

The importance of link diversity

Search engines use links to measure how important your site is, and will rank you accordingly. One of the simplest ways to increase your website’s importance is to get more backlinks from different domains. The more domains pointing to your site, the better chance you have of ranking higher in search engine results pages. However, getting multiple backlinks from the same domain could also work. The downside with this strategy is that all those links are on one domain, which may be perceived by Google as too self-promotional and potentially lead to penalties.

Links are one of the main ranking factors in Google search engine results pages. The number and quality of links pointing to your website can have an impact on its rankings. There is no set number of backlinks that will guarantee you a top ranking, but there are some things you can do to improve your chances.

Too many backlinks from the same domain can give search engines an indication that your website is being manipulated and penalized. On top of this, it can also create confusion for your visitors who might not know which links are important and which ones to ignore. Building a good link strategy means having a diverse set of high quality links on different domains and sources.

How does Google determine the value of links?

The value of backlinks, or how Google determines if they’re good links or not, is determined by many factors. The most important factor is how relevant the link is to the content it’s pointing to and how often it has been clicked on in previous years. Other factors that Google takes into account include who’s linking to your page and where on your page those links are located. In other words, links from high quality pages with lots of traffic get more credit than links from low-quality pages with little traffic. In addition, links from sites that have nothing to do with the content you’re linking to get less credit than similar site-to-site links.

Model 1: Random Surfer

The Random Surfer model relies on the idea that every link from one website is equivalent in value, but this approach has been outdated for some time. In 2004, Google updated its strategy for classifying documents based on user activity, and in 2010 it introduced an improved method for assessing the worth of backlinks called the Reasonable Surfer. They now favor authoritative sites with multiple high-quality links pointing to them over websites with more outbound links than incoming links. If you want to build a good link strategy, your best bet is to think about what you can offer your audience.

Model 2: Reasonable Surfer

Reasonable Surfer is the first website that links back to you. The best thing about Reasonable Surfer is that they don’t link back to themselves. They will find other sites in your niche, and provide you with all of their backlink opportunities. It turns out that it is much more advantageous to have links from a website that generates a lot of traffic than many links from different places that do not have a satisfactory number of recipients.

Is there a limit on how many links one page should have?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. The more links you get, the better your site will rank in search results. However, there is such thing as overdoing it – and with so many pages on your website, it’s easy to do. The general rule of thumb is that each page should have no more than 10 backlinks from other domains.

The pros of having multiple backlinks from the same site

The benefit of building backlinks from the same domain is that you can more easily control your backlink strategy and make sure each link is high quality. By building multiple backlinks from a single site, you can build up your rankings more quickly by getting more links to rank on page one.

The cons of having multiple backlinks from the same site

Multiple backlinks from the same site can be risky. They make it easier for Google to identify your site as spammy, which can lead to penalties in Search Engine Optimization. The more backlinks from the same domain, the more likely Google is going to take notice and penalize you. It’s best to keep only one or two links on the same domain if you want to avoid penalties.

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Quality, not quantity

A common misconception with link building is that it’s necessary to get as many backlinks as you can from different domains. While it is important to have many links, the quality of those links matters more than their quantity. A high-quality backlink might be worth 10 or 100 low-quality ones. Links are like currency and the more valuable they are, the less likely they’ll be given away for free. A domain will only give out so many freebie links before they become too devalued and nobody wants them anymore.

The primary goal of link building is to attract high quality links from websites that have authority in your niche. If you build too many backlinks from the same domain, it can come across as spam. It’s better to create a diverse portfolio of backlinks from other sources.

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