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Image sizes for advertising campaigns – FB, Google Ads, YT, Twitter, Instagram, TT

Wiktoria Czerw
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Image sizes for advertising campaigns – FB, Google Ads, YT, Twitter, Instagram, TT
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Looking to promote your brand through social media advertising? Unsure about the best image sizes on different platforms? Fear not! In this article, I’ll provide you with easy-to-follow guidelines to create top-performing ads. Keep reading to learn about the optimal graphics sizes for your social media advertising campaigns.


Facebook – image sizes

Optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns with the right graphic sizes can make all the difference in attracting your target audience. Take note that different ad types require specific image sizes. Here are the recommended sizes for each ad format:

  • Profile Picture – 170×170 px,
  • Cover Photo – 820×312 px,
  • Group Cover Photo – 1640×856 px,
  • Event Cover Photo – 1200×628 px,
  • Horizontal Post Image – 1200×630 px,
  • Vertical Post Image – 1080×1350 px,
  • Square Post Image – 1080×1080 px,
  • Facebook Stories – 1080×1920 px,
  • Facebook Stories – 1080×1920 px,
  • Carousel – 1080×1080 px,
  • Page Like Ads – 1200×444 px.

Facebook – example of Media Expert's advertisementFacebook – example of Media Expert's advertisement

For Messenger Ads, it’s best to maintain a 1:1 aspect ratio, with a recommended width of up to 1080 px. It’s also important to save your graphics in .png format and optimize their quality. Lastly, make sure to give your images descriptive names that accurately reflect what they depict.

YouTube – image sizes

YouTube is a powerful marketing platform that can significantly expand your audience reach. To optimize your marketing efforts, ensure the graphics you publish on the platform are tailored to the appropriate dimensions. Here are the recommended image sizes for your YouTube marketing campaign:

  • Channel Banner – 2048×1152 px,
  • Profile Picture – 800×800 px,
  • Video Thumbnail – 1280×720 px,
  • Display Ads – 300×60 or 300×250 px,
  • Overlay Ads – 468×60 or 728×90 px.
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Optimizing your Google Ads campaign requires paying close attention to the graphic dimensions of your ads. With flexible display ads, you can choose 1200×628 px or 1200×1200 px. Static banners, on the other hand, provide more options for customization. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the recommended sizes for each type of banner:

Square and rectangular banners:

  • 200×200 px,
  • 250×250 px,
  • 250×360 px,
  • 300×250 px,
  • 336×280 px,
  • 580×400 px.

Vertical banners:

  • 120×600 px,
  • 160×600 px,
  • 300×600 px,
  • 300×1050 px,
  • 240×400 px.

Horizontal banners:

  • 468×60 px,
  • 728×90 px,
  • 930×180 px,
  • 970×90 px,
  • 970×250 px,
  • 980×120 px.

Mobile banners for smartphones:

  • 300×50 px,
  • 320×50 px,
  • 320×100 px.

It’s important to note that the maximum file size for Google Ads image ads is 150 KB. Furthermore, there are several Google Ads graphic banner sizes available regionally, such as:

  • Poland – 750×100 px, 750×200 px, 750×300 px,
  • Russia – 240×400 px,
  • Sweden – 980×120 px, 250×360 px,
  • Denmark – 930×180 px,
  • Norway – 580×400 px.

In addition, Google also provides specific recommendations for the sizes of Discovery Ads, such as:

  • horizontal image – 1200×628 px,
  • square image – 1200×1200 px,
  • vertical image – 960×1200 px,
  • logo – 1200×1200 px.

When creating Gmail Ads, focus on the following graphic dimensions for optimal results:

  • graphic ad – from 300×650 to 300×1000 px,
  • horizontal image – 600×314 px,
  • square image – 300×300 px,
  • marketing image – 1200×628 px,
  • catalog image – 1200×1200 px,
  • logo – 1200×1200 px.

Lastly, for local ads, Google recommends the following sizes:

  • rectangular image – 600×314 px,
  • square image – 314×314 px,
  • logo – 116×116 px.

search results - Google Ads sample advertisements (ovens)search results - Google Ads sample advertisements (ovens)

TikTok – image sizes

Are you planning to launch a marketing campaign on TikTok? Want to make your ads more appealing to your target audience? Paying attention to the image size of your shared content can significantly impact your ad’s success. To ensure your In Feed, Brand Takeover, TopView, and TopView Lite ads look great, use 1080×1920 px size. Similarly, for your profile picture, the ideal size is 200×200 px.

Twitter – image sizes

To run a successful Twitter campaign, pay attention to the graphics you use on the platform. To ensure your visuals look their best, use the right size.

  • Profile Picture – 400×400 px,
  • Cover Photo – 1500×500 px,
  • Post Image – 1200×628 px,
  • Twitter Cards – 120×120 px,
  • Fleet – 1080×1920 px.

Twitter - Iga Swiatek's profile postTwitter - Iga Swiatek's profile post

Instagram – image sizes

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not have as many available ad formats. However, you still need to follow the platform’s recommended image sizes to make them attractive on your profile and the main page. Here are the recommended graphic sizes for each ad format:

  • Square Photos – 1080×1080 px,
  • Horizontal Photos – 1080 px wide with a 1.91:1 aspect ratio,
  • Vertical Photos – 1080×1350 px with a 4:5 aspect ratio,
  • Instagram Story Ads – 1080×1920 px.

Instagram - post on Netflix's profileInstagram - post on Netflix's profile

LinkedIn – image sizes

LinkedIn is an important business tool. To maximize the impact of your LinkedIn campaigns, maintain professionalism and accuracy. And the key to achieving this is by using the right image sizes.

  • Profile Picture – 400×400 px,
  • Cover Photo – 1584×396 px,
  • LinkedIn Stories – 1080×1920 px,
  • Company Profile Picture – 1128×191 px,
  • Company Cover Photo – 268×268 px,
  • Square Post Image – 1200×1200 px,
  • Rectangular Post Image – 1200×628 px,
  • Carousels – 1080×1080 px,
  • Dynamic Ads – 100×100 px,
  • Sponsored Posts – 1200×627 px,
  • Business Banners – 646×220 px.

LinkedIn – Amazon company profileLinkedIn – Amazon company profile

Pinterest – image sizes

Don’t forget to include Pinterest in your plans to make the most of your marketing strategy. To ensure your ads stand out and attract attention, make sure they have the right size, including:

  • Carousel – 1000×1500 px,
  • Pins – 1000×1500 px,
  • Video – 1000×1500 px.

Pinterest - results for the keyword apartmentPinterest - results for the keyword apartment


Effective social media advertising requires more than just properly sized ads. While size is important, your message, visual appeal, and offered benefits must also be appealing to your target audience. To truly achieve success, your offer needs to capture attention and motivate users to take action. That’s where a professional interactive agency like ours comes in. With our help, you can develop a campaign that not only features great ad sizes and compelling content that encourages users to take advantage of your offer. So why wait? Take the first step towards the success of your business today!

Wiktoria Czerw
Content Editor

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