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How we improved the number of transactions by 1172% | Case study

How we improved the number of transactions by 1172% | Case study
Increase in users
Increase in revenue
Increase in number of transactions
Increase in ecommerce ratio

Who was our client?

Our client is an ecommerce seller of linen products for the home. On the website, you can find curtains, towels, bedspreads, pillowcases, baby products, and many other 100% linen home essentials. The client also has a blog where you will find many interesting articles to help you choose the right products for you, as well as find the perfect gift for different occasions, or even select decorations for various holidays. Despite having outstanding products based on natural materials, the business has not grown in popularity. Below you can see how the experts at iCEA Group International managed to quickly increase the visibility and number of transactions on the site.

Our client in the home and garden industry came to us in March 2021

The main focus of the client was to optimize the content on a website that had not been optimized before. The client was struggling with low site visibility, which was ultimately affecting sales. The number of phrases in TOP3 was only 12. To increase interest in the products, it was necessary to cooperate with a professional SEO agency.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO

The first action was for one of our SEO experts to do a technical SEO audit. For any of our clients, an in-depth examination of a website is the first way to succeed, and we recommend it to every organization, regardless of industry. Our many years of experience in the SEO market have shown us that even the best designed websites have errors that can directly affect clients. Our technical SEO audits are not automated audits, but consultations with one of our experts.

A comprehensive examination of the client’s website allowed us to quickly diagnose and identify basic errors:

  • incorrect H1 headers on category pages,
  • displaying category descriptions text only on the first page,
  • showing Polish content on the German version of the website.
Technical SEO
Action taken:
Action taken:

Following the conducted audit, our SEO specialists were acquainted with the problems on the website. Our experts took immediate steps and prepared a personalized strategy. The main attention was focused on performing technical optimization. This includes all SEO activities which cover the following search engine requirements to improve crawling. Our SEO specialists:

  • took care of the global H1 improvement on the website,
  • implemented texts for undescribed categories,
  • extended texts on current categories,
  • implemented internal links,
  • repaired internal linking leading to the Polish version of the site.

Improving H1 is crucial, as headlines are often the determining factor in whether a user decides to look further into the content. Using the right keywords in headers helps to rank on particular phrases. Implemented internal linking is another key element. It makes it easier for the Google robot to move around the page and understand the context. Adding attractive content in the category along with a description of the product features will encourage the concumser to make a purchase. Implemented texts and extended texts are a way to improve positions on current phrases and getting visibility on new keywords. Our SEO specialists are highly aware of how important these elements are to improve your visibility. The implementation of each of them brought unexpected results for the client.


The cooperation with the client, who trusted us and accepted all our suggestions, brought unexpected results. After just a few months, the client was able to enjoy a significant increase in transactions. More people started getting interested in the products. The previously minimal organic traffic turned into actual purchases on the website.

Key results for March and October 2021:

  • Total number of keywords: from 595 to 1168
  • Number of phrases in TOP3: from 12 to 36
  • Number of phrases in TOP10: from 19 to 83
  • Number of phrases in TOP50: from 250 to 488

However, these are not all of our successes. Between November 2020 and November 2021, the products started to be more and more visible in search results. As a result, the number of users increased from 249 to 1355 (+608%). Customers started not only to visit the website but also to make purchases on it. The number of transactions increased from 11 to 140 (+1172%). The client can enjoy an increase in revenue of 2094.37%, which will enable him to further develop his business. Our SEO specialists also compared the ratio of December 2020 to December 2021. It turned out that our client got an increase in users by 860.13% and the ecommerce ratio increased by 62.26%. With the support of our SEO specialist, the client gained 4,427 new users, which is an increase of 875.11%.

What’s next?

Global optimizations also had a positive effect on other language versions of the website. Therefore, the client is willing to continue the cooperation including other language variants. As iCEA Group International we know exactly how to sell effectively on a worldwide scale.

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