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Data-driven in SEO activities using SuferSEO

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Data-driven in SEO activities using SuferSEO
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Internet marketing is constantly developing. Specialists have evolved new methods, have recognized previously unknown dependencies and implemented innovative strategies to make their activities even more efficient and effective. One of the processes that are now increasingly used in online marketing, and therefore also in SEO activities, is the data-driven approach. What exactly is it and what are the benefits? Find out more about this innovative orientation and see why it enables us to offer highly effective data-driven SEO services. 


What exactly is the data-driven approach?

In marketing, you often have to take specific actions based on your intuition, knowledge, and experience. It is, of course, a fully measurable field, but sometimes time pressure and work dynamics simply require quick decisions and do not allow for extensive research or analysis of data provided by external experts. Based on their feelings, specialists are not always 100% sure that their decisions are right. This significantly increases the risk that the process will be incorrectly adjusted to a specific situation. Unfortunately, it is a natural result of working under time pressure.

Of course, in terms of online marketing specialists with considerable experience, the percentage of errors is relatively small.  Based on the analyzes of their previous choices made and by comparing the situation from the past with the present one, they can make some decisions and implement actions that, according to their assumptions, should bring the expected results. However, it should be remembered that activities not based on hard, measurable data always carry a high risk of error. This risk is minimized by using experienced employees who have a good “feel for the industry”, but the chances that some projects will result in unexpected results are fully real. The risk mentioned above can be effectively minimized not only due to the use of external experts and their statistics, which generates costs and extends the time of implementation of specific tasks, but also due to data-driven orientation. What is it? It is a way to depart from unlimited trust in your own specialists’ intuition and rely on specific data from reliable sources. Relying on the sets of statistics and other information that is precise and true to reality will allow for careful analysis and informed decision-making. As a result, they will be more reliable and less burdened with the risk of error, and easier in terms of predicting possible effects and possible consequences. They will also be more precise and better suited to the current needs of the company and more effective. It should be taken into account here that the use of the data-driven process is also extremely justified in website positioning. After all, Google algorithms are based on a thorough analysis of data and statistics.

The most important features of the data-driven approach:

  • action based on specific data and statistics derived from advanced analyzes,
  • risk reduction and the ability to predict all the consequences that may occur after the implementation of actions,
  • the gut plays a secondary role,
  • better matching to the Google algorithm, which also evaluates the value of a website or online store based on data analysis, not intuition.

Due to the wide application and effectiveness confirmed by numerous tests, the Data-driven approach is used by SEO specialists in their daily work.

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Take advantage of the support from SurferSEO

The data-driven approach is used in practice more and more often, as it increases efficiency while maintaining costs and limiting the use of external specialists. However, for it to be effective, appropriate analysis tools are necessary. SurferSEO is an excellent solution, which is currently being constantly refined and extended with additional possibilities, and which allows you to compare data and statistics. It is a very intuitive tool that allows you to properly analyze data on a selected domain. This makes it much easier to match internet marketing activities, with a strong emphasis on, on-page SEO activities. The tool is aimed at specialists who want to save time on performing optimization on the client’s website and are looking for solutions that will allow them to reduce the risk, as well as provide access to reliable information and data that will significantly facilitate decision-making.

SurferSEO is useful for both specialists in the positioning field and people dealing with professionally paid search engine marketing and shaping the course of advertising campaigns. It is also a great tool for content marketing specialists because due to appropriate analysis, it is possible to effectively determine the saturation of individual key phrases. Thanks to this, SurferSEO is useful when planning comprehensive services and various tasks in the field of Website positioning. When it comes to SEO and on-page activities, SurferSEO helps in creating valuable content, introducing optimization in the website structure and the link-building process. By basing activities in this area on specific data and thorough analysis, you can count on faster and very beneficial effects for the domain of work.

Impact of Data-driven in SEO activities

SurferSEO enables very effective use of the Data-driven approach in on-page activities. The great advantage of this tool it provides a refined editor for creating texts for SEO guidelines. It allows you to refine the content in terms of phrase saturation, which greatly facilitates the work of both an SEO specialist and copywriter. The content writer receives detailed technical guidelines from SEO, which were obtained based on a set of analyzed data and statistics. Thanks to this, you can be sure that if the written content is fully adapted to the instructions provided and at the same time is valuable for the user. However, as mentioned above, content is an important, but not the only aspect of positioning in which SurferSEO helps. The combination of SurferSEO and the Data-driven approach has a great impact on the link-building process, which may affect many issues related to the domain, not only its position in the search engine but also the domain’s authority, which is very important in the long term. No matter what effect you want to achieve, analyzing selected phrases and domains with SuferSEO and the potential of pages and links using tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic, will allow you to find links that will have a positive impact on the website and translate into its greater authority or will be the reason why your domain will take a much higher position in the search engine. In the absence of data analysis of available statistics, link-building activities will be gut-based and unfortunately do not have to bring the expected results. However, if you thoroughly check the available information using specialized tools, you can count on really interesting results that confirm the effectiveness of the Data-driven approach in positioning.

Direct benefits of using data-driven orientation in the SEO process:

  • Possibility to analyze TOP 50 domains in terms of several hundred different factors,
  • Obtaining specific data as well as statistics and comparisons of various factors,
  • The ability to create valuable content with an appropriate number of specific keywords due to the editor’s hints,
  • The possibility of a thorough analysis of the links and then selecting the most valuable ones following the current needs of the domain,
  • The ability to generate additional traffic from valuable links, based on a thorough analysis of statistics and information about the domain.

Data-driven SEO works. All you need is the right tool and knowledge about positioning to be able to use them correctly. At iCEA Group, we always try to follow the current trends in positioning and adjust our services to the needs of the SEO industry and the client. Therefore, we regularly use the SurferSEO tool and the Data-driven approach to obtain the best possible results.

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