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8 best free Chrome SEO extensions

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8 best free Chrome SEO extensions
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Chrome search engine is the most common choice among site owners and SEO professionals. Apart from being the default search engine, it also allows for intuitive web business. An important element is its additional extensions, which significantly affect the facilitation and improvement of work. Thanks to free Chrome SEO tools for specialists and website owners can count on more effective actions. That’s why we prepared a collection of the best free extensions that will make your work easier and bring better results.


1. LinkClump

LinkClump is an extension that allows you to quickly copy URLs with page titles. With one click, we are able to copy all addresses from the site menu, which will save us a lot of time. It is especially useful for tasks such as: metadata creation, site tree mapping, redirection mapping.

How does it work?

First, to copy all the URLs from the menu, you need to configure the appropriate key combination in the tool options. Next, we need to clear the CSS from the displayed page using the WEB Developer plugin, so this step makes copying easier for us. Now we can use the established key combination and select the addresses from the menu. You can paste the copied addresses into a worksheet. This saves several hours of work.

2. SEO META in One Click

It is an intuitive and useful tool that allows you to perform a basic SEO audit as well as an ongoing check of soft optimization parameters on your site. It will show you such elements as: number and content of Hx headers, page meta data, alternative descriptions. Additionally, in this tool you will get an insight into how your page will look when shared on social media.

How does it work?

Using the plugin is very simple and definitely it’s not time-consuming. To examine a page, just select the tool from the browser bar and the result will be displayed instantly. That’s why it is one of the most common Google Chrome SEO extensions.

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3. Robots Exclusion Checker

Crawl Budget optimization and blocking pages with questionable content from robots are inconvenient for every SEO specialist. Robots Exclusion Checker is one of those Chrome SEO plugins that allows you to quickly check if and how a page is blocked from robots. The Robots Exclusion Checker plugin comes in handy during Crawl Budget optimization, as well as detecting problems with site indexation.

This tool offers following options:

  1. Blocking URLs by robots.txt file. It will show us the result along with the blocking directive, which is a huge advantage.
  2. Discharging of URLs from the index via Meta Robots. What’s even more important, this plugin will show us the full information even if for a given subpage the Meta Robots data is defined twice.
  3. Excluding subpages from the index using X-robots Tag.
  4. Marking the page with links, so-called Canonicals, which indicate to the bots which subpage contains the original content.

How does it work?

The Chrome extension is fast and efficient. We don’t have to wait for the result to load. This tool collects information while the page is loading and provides it to us right away.

4. Wappalyzer

Wapallyzer is definitely a good choice of Chrome extension for SEO. This tool allows you to check the application as well as the CMS, the framework of the website, only with one click. The chrome plugin discovers what technologies the program was created with, what programming language it uses, as well as allows you to detect analytics and marketing tools on the website. From this plugin you will also find out if the client has Google Analytics, Pixel, HotJar installed.

How does it work?

Like most Google Chrome SEO extensions SEO Wapallyzer works while the site is loading, so there is no need to wait for feedback.

5. Google Tag Assistant Legacy

Google Tag Assistant helps you verify that the tags of tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager are properly embedded on your site. Just refresh the page and the Chrome plugin will give you feedback which tags are working properly. In case of errors, it will also notice them and suggest optimization. Moreover, thanks to this plugin you will find out if e.g. Google Analytics code is embedded several times on the website, which is often the reason for incorrect calculation of e-commerce conversions.

How does it work?

To use this Chrome extention, use the record button and refresh your website. Then it will record typical user traffic to and through your site and all running Tags will be registered.

6. Web Developer

Web Developer is a powerful tool dedicated to Web Developers, SEO specialists, as well as marketers and web designers. This Chrome SEO plugin allows you to edit your website code whenever and however you want. How can we use this plugin for SEO? For example, to examine how a website looks after disabling JS, or we can use it to make copying links easier when using the Linkclump plugin.

How does it work?

Web Developer is a plugin that we can add to the Chrome browser toolbar. To use the plugin, launch it with a click and take advantage of its multitude of features.

7. Detailed SEO Extentions

The Detailed SEO Extentions plugin was created to make the daily work of full-time SEO experts easier. It will help you to save a considerable amount of time. Why? It gives an insight into the basic aspects of soft on-site optimization. It allows checking metadata, quantity and quality of headers on subpages, as well as alt attributes of images and much more. This is definitely one of the best Chrome SEO tools.

How does it work?.

Using the plugin does not require us to follow any complicated steps. To perform a simplified SEO audit on a website, all you have to do is select the tool from the browser bar. The result of the analysis will appear immediately.

8. NoFollow

NoFollow Chrome extension improves our work by detecting links with nofollow, UGC and sponsored attribute on the site. It is especially important during Crawl Budget optimization. This plugin detects and shows us links with proper attributes, so we don’t have to search for them in site’s code.


Activities related to the topic of SEO can be considered quite complicated. First of all, it is a complex area, which should be approached in detail step by step. Many factors influence the achieved results, which are presented by numerous analyses. No wonder that SEO specialists and website developers try to make their work as easy as possible. What’s more, make it even more effective. Free Chrome SEO extensions help reduce some of the manual activities, simultaneously saving a lot of time. This allows you to focus on other tasks, which are able to further improve the standards of your website. It is worth to be up-to-date and use the Chrome SEO extensions available on the market. Especially if they are free and allow you to gain a lot. Not only by saving time, but above all results in form of reports and valuable information!

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