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5 must-have tools for your link building strategy

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5 must-have tools for your link building strategy
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One of the hardest parts of link building, especially when you’re just starting out with it, is that there are many moving parts and pieces to account for. If you don’t have the right tools in place, you risk spending too much time on things that won’t matter, or spending too little time on things that will matter the most (and help your site rank faster). This article will show you five tools that are integral to your link building strategy and might not be something you thought about before now.


Links are hypertext that connect one page to another. Links may exist between pages on a single website, or on different websites. Links are primarily made up of anchor text, which is highlighted when a user clicks and jumps to a new page. It is also common for links to consist of URLs (i.e., web addresses).

Link building is building a link profile of a specific website. Effective link building is all about getting links from valuable sources, with an emphasis on “value” rather than “quantity”.


  • Internal links – that is, linking within the website that helps the user and the search engine navigate on our website.
  • External links – these are links from external websites. Due to the form of their presentation, we can divide them into types:
  • Natural links – this is each link inserted disinterestedly by internet users who found the content we publish on the website worth recommending and valuable, or as a solution to a problem in the topic.
  • Unnatural links – they are nothing more than an intrusive form of advertising, taking the form of spam on forums.

Why is link building so important for SEO?

The more quality links you have pointing to your website, which are relevant to both your content and website, the higher Google will rank you. Links from reputable websites help build trust with users, which is one of Google’s top ranking factors. This makes it easier for people to find your site in search results, and it also makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and index all of its pages. If a page on your site isn’t linked anywhere else on the web, it can be harder for search engines to find it—and harder for users to discover. Link building helps make sure that every page on your site gets discovered by both humans and bots alike!

How does Google evaluate the quality of links?

The signals Google uses to determine a site’s quality are impossible to quantify. There are countless factors that can positively or negatively affect how Google views a given site, and most of these aren’t available in any public forum.

In order to understand how a search engine algorithm evaluates links, you first need to learn what makes a good link. A high-quality backlink can be defined as one that has relevancy to both your site and target keyword, comes from a site that is authoritative on said keyword and is placed on an appropriate page of said site (such as an archive page). In contrast, a low-quality backlink can be defined as any that does not fit these criteria.

One thing that Google is constantly refining is how they determine a site’s authority. One of the primary factors in determining a site’s authority is its incoming links, known as PageRank. Search engines are constantly reevaluating which sites are relevant and trustworthy, so it’s important to have a system in place to create as many relevant links as possible from high quality sources.

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If you want to know more about Link Building Optimization, there are five tools that can help you learn more. Each of these 5 essential SEO tools has a very useful feature that can help make your life much easier.

At any stage of your SEO campaigns, you should be using these five powerful SEO Tools. They will significantly boost each step in an SEO campaign and ensure its success. These are as follows: SEMrush, Raven Tools, Ahrefs, Moz Open Site Explorer and Majestic.


SEMrush is a tool that analyzes keywords, tracks the strategy used by the competition, conducts a website audit and, above all, looks for opportunities to create backlinks. SEMrush is a tool that analyzes keywords, tracks the strategy used by the competition, conducts a website audit and, above all, looks for opportunities to create backlinks. We have at least information available on:

  • links,
  • anchor texts,
  • referring domains,
  • IP,
  • competitors,
  • URLs and the number of linking domains and pages, as well as the number of internal links.

Raven Tools

Raven tools is a great starting point because it provides you with an easy way to see when a site was last updated. This is important because it can give you some insight into how frequently they publish new content, which can be useful in deciding whether or not to outsource their link building efforts to an agency.


Ahrefs is useful if you’re trying to track all of your links, old and new. If a website has a ton of incoming links but none going out (or, worse, some coming in but none going out), that’s usually a sign of some kind of issue—like that content got penalized. One other thing: while Ahrefs allows you to see how many outgoing links a website has, we don’t recommend using it as part of your routine link building process unless you’re taking precautions.


Moz Open Site Explorer provides detailed metrics related to the backlink profile of any website, including: Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF). MajesticSEO offers a free trial period of 30 days where they offer all features available in their paid version.


So if you are newbie in SEO field then try Majestic first because it’s easy to understand interface will make things much easier for you.Once you have decided which website will be best suited for your needs, start tracking it using relevant tools mentioned above. In the next step, create an account on the chosen site and start creating quality content by adding photos, videos etc., thus improving its ranking.

To sum up

The 5 most important pieces of equipment you need to be successful at backpacking. And remember, we only included a few items on our list that are crucial to any trip. You can always add additional gear as needed, but you’ll be well off with these five essential items on your next hike. Hope we helped! Good luck out there.

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