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Wix is a popular website builder with numerous features and hundreds of professional templates. This beginner-friendly platform is suitable for small businesses, startups, new entrepreneurs, freelancers, and bloggers looking to go online for the first time.

Wix SEO is flexible and a great starting platform. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages like any other platform. This article will tell you all about those pros and cons. And what you can do for Wix for a higher ranking.

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Pros and cons of Wix for SEO


  • Wix is a drag-and-drop website; you don’t need to know any coding to build a website.
  • It’s easy and simple to build a website on beginner-friendly Wix.
  • It’s a free platform offering numerous professional templates and other Wix SEO features.


  • You can’t launch an AMP version of your website with Wix.
  • The drag and drop feature limits creativity and creates a common look.
  • Advance Wix SEO optimization is quite difficult.

Tips to boost SEO for Wix sites

Wix search engine optimization is a powerful, free tool that lets you customize how your website appears in search results. Wix adds structured data and metadata to your website, which helps search engines categorize your content accurately and understand its structure.

Though Wix has a bad reputation because of its past SEO problems, most issues are now fixed. It involves an SEO tool and advises website owners to improve their SEO with Wix. You can use our SEO tips below to boost your Wix website.

Right domain

You can choose the free domain on Wix, but we suggest the personalized domain. A personalized domain name is the best way to enhance your online presence. An SEO expert will advise you to choose business/service-oriented domain names. A common domain name isn’t enough anymore. Choose the right domain for the venture.

Keyword research

Do thorough keyword research and use long-tail keywords in the Wix search engine optimization plan. They are more specific and have low search volumes. You can use any free tool like Google’s Autocomplete.

Meta title and tags

Meta is everywhere and extremely crucial for your website’s ranking. Meta description and title inform your users and search engines about your content and why you should rank higher for those queries. Keeping catchy meta titles and descriptions is Wix’s search engine optimization best practice. It will assist in bringing quality leads and improve conversions as well.

Local SEO strategies

Using a local SEO strategy is easier and more cost-effective. Optimize your own website by using location-specific words, genuine reviews, and mentioning your location on each page. Local SEO services are becoming one of the most comprehensive tools to boost sales and revenue quickly.

One way to achieve local SEO is to claim the Google My Business Profile. Users can simply make them search for the local services and find you at the top of Google SERP. The best part of local SEO with Wix is that it has competitive, low prices. You can even claim the Google My Business profile for free.

Add a sitemap

Sitemap denotes the planning of the Wix site to Google bots. It showcases the complete hierarchy of the website-connected pages. Adding a sitemap on the website is one of the basic SEO services. The search engines can also crawl the entire web page and boost the indexing.

Overall, it will improve the search engine optimization of the online website. You can submit the sitemap of the Wix webpage from the Google Search Console dashboard. However, this might seem a bit of a technical process to submit the Wix site sitemap and boost SEO. There is nothing to worry about, as you can easily find a complete guide online to add a sitemap to the website.

Is Wix SEO-friendly?

Wix is a website builder that offers a variety of features to help you build your website and optimize it for SEO. The Wix search engine optimization features and analytics make this a viable option for small businesses that are not tech-savvy or would otherwise have to spend a lot of money to have a professional website. SEO for Wix is critical for online success. There are approximately 200 million active websites (and counting) on the Internet, yet only a small percentage of them can stand out. If no one can locate it, even the most beautiful sight on the planet isn’t worth much. Wix has you covered in gorgeous sites, but how about SEO Wix?

In the previous several years, Wix for SEO has worked hard to catch up to competitors WordPress and Weebly. It now contains a full suite of SEO tools that are valuable and simple to use. Wix is a good match for small enterprises, blogs, and personal websites, even though other builders have more extensive capabilities.

We tested its features to see how they stack up against those of other website builders, and we found the finest SEO services. We’ve compiled all the relevant information you’ll need to evaluate whether Wix is perfect for you and your website.

Google Analytics makes no distinction between a website builder and any other content management system (CMS) on which your site is based. Lots of fresh quality material, a sprinkle of backlinks, and offering the greatest possible experience for your visitors are the fundamental components for outstanding Wix’s SEO services. If you’re wondering if Wix is good for SEO, know that 82 percent of users who used Wix’s SEO capabilities saw a rise in their rankings.

All the main search engines fully recognize Wix search engine optimization websites. This is a good opportunity to recall Google’s John Muller statement that Wix webpages perform well in search. Wix provides an alternative to other website builders. But did you know that Wix is also a great platform for SEO? John Muller, head of search engine optimization and Google Partners, discusses how all the tools can help your business’s SEO efforts. Wix includes everything you’ll need to ensure that your website is accessible on the Internet. Because being indexed is one of the first stages to be found on Google and other search engines, you’ll be delighted to hear that your trusty buddy Wix SEO Wiz is the perfect tool for doing so.

During the most recent Google I/O developers conference, the Wiz received some well-deserved acclaim. Mariya Moeva, a Google Developer Advocate, emphasized what makes Wix SEO Wiz a great tool, emphasizing the SEO solution’s quick indexing capabilities.

Because more and more people are ‘googling’ items on the move, the search engine has prioritized mobile sites in recent months. So much so that they’ve started ranking websites based on their mobile versions, a process known as mobile-first indexing. This implies that if your website does not have a mobile-friendly site version, it might lose its ranking in the search engine results. On the other hand, if you provide an excellent mobile experience to your site users, your pages will benefit from an SEO boost.

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How does Wix SEO work?

The Wix SEO Wiz is a sequential stage process guide to assist you in optimizing your site’s search engine optimization. It demonstrates how to increase your Internet presence by highlighting flaws and helpful suggestions for improving your site. SEO services can accommodate tens of millions of visitors at once. If you think your site will get a lot of traffic, you may switch to a Premium Subscription with a larger capacity at any time. SEO experts will notify you if your site is on the verge of surpassing its structured data transfer restrictions.

With Wix’s SEO patterns, you can set up SEO variables for several pages simultaneously using a single design. This is a simple method for optimizing your site for search engines. After creating an SEO layout for many pages, you can fine-tune the SEO parameters of separate websites. Wix search engine optimization helps you make your site friendly to search engines, so users and visitors interact with you. With Wix free, you get a professional web hosting service and an easy-to-use editor to help care for your online marketing needs.

Wix for SEO can assist you with:

  • Simple step-by-step tutorials can help you improve your site’s SEO.
  • With accomplishment updates, you can easily follow your progress.
  • You may learn more about SEO with the help of articles and videos.

Is SEO free on Wix?

‘You pay for a product, and if you use something for free, then you are the product.’ This is something that every person around the world needs to understand. Running any business is not easy, and businesses need to charge the consumers some amount for providing services. The same thing goes for every sort of digital business platform. CMS platforms charge an amount for using their platforms to create websites and monitor them. The same goes for SEO Wix, as it charges the users to create a website and optimize it using the platform.

To sum it up, it can be said that Wix search engine optimization, just like any other CMS platform, is not free to create websites. It charges a nominal monthly to the users for creating a website, lending its servers to the buyers, and optimizing the site through the SEO wizard. The basic package starts for as low as $80 per month. The most sought-after package by the users costs around $185, which is quite user-friendly compared to other sites. There are other business packages that the users can browse through if they want to have various other services.

What is Wix SEO Wiz?

If you have ever created a website and posted it on the global network, you would know how hard it is to optimize the site according to the standards that would provide better traffic. Many things need to be done while creating a website. SEO allows you to optimize your site for search engines easily. We give you the tools you need, from creating awesome titles and meta descriptions to inserting Google Maps and putting canonical tags into place. You see what your content looks like in search results with real-time previews and no waiting for changes to take effect.

The most important thing is to optimize the site according to SEO standards. With the changing scenario of customer choices around the world, optimizing the site and getting better traffic is even harder. This is where Wix search engine optimization proves to be a good option. This digital content management platform provides affordable services to the users for creating a site. Not only that, it has its suggestion system for creating a site called the Wix SEO Wiz. It can be called a wizard that provides suggestions about various optimizations for the site. There are many benefits that this suggestive system provides while creating a site.

SEO features

The Wix SEO feature is a comprehensive set of tools that help optimize your website and boost your search engine rankings. You can use the Wix’s SEO feature to:

  • Add structured data to your site
  • Use meta tags to structure your content
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Use a canonical tag to eliminate duplicate content
  • Optimize your title tags and URLs for search engines
  • Integrate social media into your site
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Wix vs WordPress from an SEO perspective

Wix SEO has the advantage of being one of the most user-friendly drag-and-drop website builders available. You don’t need any technical knowledge or coding skills to participate. Simply think of a simple design concept, prepare your material, then drag & drop the components into place. In a matter of minutes, you can have a gorgeous site up and running that even offers quality Wix search engine optimization services.

  1. Off-page SEO

Wix offers a feature called the Wix search engine optimization Wiz that helps with off-page SEO (in short for wizard). It’s a step-by-step planning wizard that will assist you in devising SEO tactics for your online website.

It assists you in determining what right keywords to write about and connects you to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Under the ‘Get Found on Google’ option in the Wix site’s dashboard, there is further SEO capability.

  1. On-page SEO

Wix is adequate in terms of on-page SEO. It allows you to specify page title tags, headers, and custom site’s URL, among other things.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is the title tag. This appears in the browser tab when people are searching for your site, and it should contain keywords relevant to your content. The Wix SEO tool has a simple interface that makes it easy to edit these tags without any coding knowledge required.

You may also change the picture alt text, set up 301 redirects, and add social media sharing options.

SSL encryption (search engines favor encrypted sites), the option to ‘hide’ some pages from search engines, and integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console are all useful SEO capabilities.

  1. Features

Wix employs an unusual link structure. You’ll notice a # or “hashtag” in every SEO website URL provided through JavaScript and, as a result, is unreadable by search engines. This makes it tough for Google to scan Wix websites. This is a major flaw.

SEO Wix allows you to change your site’s code to improve SEO. These changes include adding structured data, setting the canonical tags, and adding alternative text (alt-text) for images.

The generation of Wix SEO sitemaps is another function that might be improved. Sitemaps inform search engines about the structure of your site, making indexing (or ‘crawling’) of your pages easier. Wix has this feature; however, you’ll have to manage your sitemap using Google Search Console. Wix’s SEO features allow users to optimize their site and get found by the search engines.

Which is better for SEO: WordPress or Wix?

By now, you should have a fairly good idea of the solution. While Wix has its own set of SEO tools and functionalities, WordPress’s vast number of choices and plugins give it a distinct advantage regarding SEO.

Wix search engine optimization is a wonderful alternative if you want the simplest way to create a website. It can handle some fundamental SEO requirements for casual users and small enterprises. Furthermore, the SEO tools are specifically designed for beginners, including wizards, how-tos, and resources.

Wix vs Shopify – which is better for SEO?

On the surface, Wix and Shopify appear to be similar tools, offering to provide you with everything you need to create a website or online store – without the need to code. However, both of these platforms began with quite distinct goals in mind. Wix SEO was created to allow people to develop content-based websites.

On the other hand, Shopify was created explicitly to be a solution for launching an online store. Therefore, all of its features have always been targeted around selling things.

However, both businesses’ feature sets have expanded significantly over time. SEO Wix now has a lot more selling options than it used to. Shopify’s content management tools have improved significantly as well.


Is Wix good for SEO?

Yes, Wix is good for SEO. With its built-in search engine optimization features and site-builder integration, both are easy to use and get started with. When you create a website on Wix or import an existing site, it automatically gets optimized to rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How to boost SEO on Wix?

To increase a website’s visibility, you need to first understand the rules that govern search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines want to return the best, most relevant results for each user’s search query. They do this by calculating a PageRank score for each page on the web. The higher your page score, the more likely it is that your page will be seen by real people.

Are Wix websites SEO-friendly?

Wix websites are SEO-friendly, making them an ideal choice for your business website. If a business website isn’t SEO-friendly, it may take longer to attract organic traffic, which is directly related to how much money a company can make online. Wix offers a variety of tools that help you optimize your site for search engines, including keyword analysis and on-page optimization options.

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