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    Wix is a popular website builder equipped with numerous features and hundreds of professional templates. This beginner-friendly platform is suitable for small businesses, startups, new entrepreneurs, freelancers, and bloggers looking to go online for the first time.

    Wix SEO is flexible and a great starting platform. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages like any other platform. This article will tell you all about those pros and cons. And what you can do for Wix SEO optimization for a higher ranking.

    Pros and cons of Wix for SEO

    There were many issues with Wix SEO Google in the past. However, they have resolved them now. Though, Wix still suffers from criticisms because of its past reputation. This article will tell you the pros and cons of Wix for SEO currently.


    • Wix is a drag and drop website, and you don’t need to know any coding to build a website.
    • It’s easy and simple to build a website on beginner-friendly Wix.
    • It’s a free platform offering numerous professional templates and other features.


    • You can’t launch an AMP version of your website with Wix.
    • The drag and drop feature limits creativity and creates a common look.
    • Advance Wix SEO optimization is quite difficult

    Tips to boost SEO for Wix websites

    Though Wix has got a bad reputation because of its past SEO problems, most of the issues are now fixed. It involves an SEO tool and offers many pieces of advice to website owners to improve their SEO with Wix. You can use our tips given below to boost SEO for your Wix website.

    Wix SEO Wiz:

    Wix SEO Wiz is a free tool that tells you the areas of improvement and gives you impressive advice to improve Wix SEO Google. Additionally, you can use Wix SEO tips which include Meta tags customization, analytics, and more.

    Right domain:

    Wix allows you to choose the free domain of your choice, but we suggest going for the personalized domain. To enhance the online presence of the business, having a personalized domain name is the best go-to option. Every Wix SEO expert will advise you to decide the business/services-oriented domain names. Having an ordinary domain name is not enough these days. The trick is to decide the correct domain as per the venture.

    Mobile-friendly website:

    Google favors mobile-friendly and responsive websites. And most users these days use smartphones to open a website. Hence, not making your website mobile-friendly just does not make sense. Optimize your website now by creating a layout that’s responsive for all and any screens.

    Keyword research:

    Do thorough keyword research and use long-tail keywords in the Wix SEO plan. They are more specific and have low search volumes. You can use any free tool like Google’s Autocomplete.

    Meta title and tags:

    Meta is everywhere and extremely crucial for your website’s ranking. Meta title and description inform your users and search engines what your content is all about and why you should rank for those queries. Keeping catchy titles and descriptions is the best Wix SEO optimization practice. It will assist in bringing quality leads and improve conversions as well.

    Local SEO strategies:

    Using local SEO strategies is easier and cost-effective. Optimize your website by using location-specific keywords, genuine reviews, and mentioning your location on each page. Local Wix SEO services are becoming one of the most comprehensive tools to boost sales and revenue quickly.

    One way to achieve local SEO is to claim the Google My Business Profile. Users can simply make them search for the local services and find you at the top of Google SERP. The best part of local SEO with Wix is that it has competitive, low prices. You can even claim the Google My Business profile for free.

    Add a sitemap

    Sitemap denotes the planning of the Wix website to Google bots. It showcases the complete hierarchy of the website-connected pages. Adding a sitemap on the website is one of the basic Wix SEO optimization services. The search engines can crawl the entire web page and boost the indexing as well.

    Overall, it will improve the Search Engine Optimization of the online website. You can submit the sitemap of the Wix website from the Google console dashboard. However, this might seem to be a bit of a technical process to submit the Wix website sitemap and boost the Wix SEO. There is nothing to worry about as you can easily find a step-by-step guide online to add a sitemap to the website.

    Internal links and backlinks:

    Both internal and external links are valued by search engines, Wix SEO optimization. Add relevant internal links in your content to provide more information to your users. Additionally, create backlinks by guest posting, press releases, and influencer marketing.

    Consistent and great content:

    Creating great content and posting it on your website consistently is important for building backlinks and generating traffic with Wix SEO services.

    Wix SEO is user-friendly and remains a strong starting platform. We would highly suggest Wix for somebody looking to make innovative portfolios and landing pages. Most of the SEO issues are already fixed, and you can further use our tips to optimize your website.

    Is Wix bad for SEO

    Before starting the debate about is Wix SEO bad in terms of usability and the SEO performance for your digital content, it is important to understand what a content management system is. Wix SEO is a type of content management system (CMS) that allows its users to create a website or any form of a digital platform for various purposes. Most of the time, a CMS is used to create a website for businesses and that is why it is important to maintain great SEO services for any CMS. In the past few years, a debate has become quite famous around the internet about Wix SEO. The debate is mainly about, is Wix SEO friendly to use and provides good results with its SEO?

    Wix SEO

    The first thing we need to do is understand Wix SEO. Wix is a large platform designed to help website developers or digital content creators to be able to make content using step by step guide for optimizing their digital platform. This CMS has been on the internet for quite a long time and one of the USPs of this platform is that it allows users to create a website in very little time. The users have to just register on the platform. Users have to pay very affordable prices to create their websites and the website is up and running within an hour of registration, most of the time.

    Wix SEO services

    The main topic of contradiction amongst digital content creators is that the services offered by Wix SEO are not up to the mark for the market situations currently. One of the major problems with Wix SEO is the inability to provide a good loading speed to websites. According to some tests, a site that uses Wix SEO has gotten a score of just 37 when tested with Google PageSpeed Insights. But over the years, Wix SEO has been able to clear its name from the common disputes through proper optimization of its platform. SEO with Wix has become quite easy since the platform provides a step-by-step guide to creating a website with proper optimization. Basically, Wix just keeps helping the users in optimizing their content. It also provides insight into the sight performance and gives solutions too. Another thing about Wix SEO services is that, it has now started to allow deep optimizations to a website and now you can create a website using various tools and make changes to the core even if the website is up and running. Even the loading speed section is getting improved as the CMS is focusing on removing the unnecessary render-blocking javascript.

    Wix SEO wizard

    The best thing that this CMS provides is Wix SEO expert also known as Wix SEO wizard. It is a wizard for new users as it keeps giving suggestions and insight about the SEO performance of your website. Even while creating the website using this platform, this wizard advises what keywords to use, how to create headlines, and many other things. In lesser words, this wizard shows the power of Wix SEO optimization to its users and proves why Wix SEO is not so bad to use after all.

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    Is Wix SEO friendly

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Wix is critical for online success. There are approximately 200 million active websites (and counting) on the internet, yet only a small percentage of them can stand out. If no one can locate it, even the most beautiful sight on the planet isn’t worth much. Wix has you covered in terms of gorgeous sites, but how about Wix SEO optimization?

    In the previous several years, Wix for SEO has worked hard to catch up to competitors WordPress and Weebly. It now contains a full suite of SEO tools that are both valuable and simple to use. Wix is a good match for small enterprises, blogs, and personal websites, even though there are other builders with more extensive capabilities.

    We put its features to the test to see how they stack up against those of other website builders, and we found the finest Wix SEO services. We’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to evaluate whether Wix is perfect for you and your website.

    Personalized Wix SEO Optimization

    Small companies and bloggers will benefit greatly from SEO with Wix. It covers all the essentials and is simple to use, allowing you to concentrate on the content. SEO isn’t only for programmers any longer. Anyone can do it using Wix.

    It will create a personalized Wix SEO Google strategy for you based on a few simple questions. It’s not the most comprehensive strategy, but it’s a great place to start if you’re new to SEO. Furthermore, it also awards you with accolades when you reach your objectives. We’re not sure if we’d ever call SEO entertaining, but Wix gives it a good go.

    Google makes no distinction between a website builder and any other content management system (CMS) on which your site is based. Lots of fresh quality material, a sprinkle of backlinks, and offering the greatest possible experience for your visitors are the fundamental components for outstanding Wix SEO services. If you’re wondering if Wix is good for SEO, know that 82 percent of users who used Wix’s SEO capabilities saw a rise in their Google rankings.

    All the main search engines fully recognize Wix SEO websites. This is a good opportunity to recall Google’s John Mueller’s statement that Wix websites perform well in search. Wix includes everything you’ll need to ensure that your website is readily accessible on the internet. Because being indexed is one of the first stages to be found on Google, you’ll be delighted to hear that your trusty buddy Wix SEO Wiz is the perfect tool for doing so.

    During the most recent Google I/O developers conference, the Wiz received some well-deserved acclaim. Mariya Moeva, a Google Developer Advocate, emphasized what makes Wix SEO Wiz such a great tool, emphasizing the SEO solution’s quick indexing capabilities.

    Wix is a great believer in all things do-it-yourself. And Wix SEO optimization is unquestionably one of those do-it-yourself projects that you should do. What is the reason behind this? The majority of the time, organic traffic — that is, clicks gained without the use of advertising strategies – will be the primary source of website visitors. A few modifications to your Wix SEO settings and content may go a long way in ensuring you receive the most bang for your (figurative) dollars. Those changes are really simple to make. You might wonder how. Wix offers all the (free) tools and Wix SEO optimization suggestions you’ll need to boost your position over time.

    Everyone understands that the foundation of every successful online shop is excellent Wix SEO. You’ll be pleased to learn that Wix Stores provides several SEO tools targeted at assisting your online shop and items in being found online and generating revenue. This is why the Wix SEO plan titles for your product pages are formatted according to Google’s recommended practices by default.

    Because more and more people are ‘Googling’ items on the move, the search engine has prioritized mobile sites in recent months. So much so that they’ve started ranking websites based on their mobile versions first, a process known as mobile-first indexing. This implies that if your website does not have a mobile-friendly version, it might lose its ranking in the search results. On the other hand, if you provide an excellent mobile experience to your site users, your pages will benefit from an SEO boost.

    How does Wix SEO work

    The Wix SEO Wiz is a sequential stage process guide to assist you to optimize your site’s search engine optimization. It demonstrates how to increase your internet presence by highlighting flaws and providing helpful suggestions for improving your site. Wix SEO services can accommodate tens of millions of visitors at once. If you think your site will get a lot of traffic, you may switch to a Premium Subscription with a larger capacity at any time. If your site is on the verge of surpassing its data transfer restrictions, Wix SEO experts will notify you.

    With Wix’s SEO Patterns, you can set up SEO variables for several pages at the same time using a single design. This is a simple method for optimizing a huge site for search engines. After creating an SEO Layout for many pages, you can fine-tune the SEO parameters of separate websites.

    Wix for SEO can assist you with:

    • Simple step-by-step tutorials can help you improve your site’s SEO.
    • With accomplishment updates, you can easily follow your progress.
    • With the help of articles and videos, you may learn more about SEO.

    What is the mechanism behind it?

    SEO Wix creates a customized plan for you when you answer a few basic questions and enter your keywords. This includes all of the steps you’ll need to follow to improve your Google, Bing, and other search engine rankings.

    This incredible tool has helped 67 percent of Wiz-enabled websites rank on Google’s first page. Consider how many additional visitors and clients you may attract by utilizing Wix SEO tools.

    If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, consider what Google had to say about the Wiz: This Wix SEO optimization Wiz is a very cool experience for Wix customers because they can view their page in the search results right after they make it. There is no more waiting and no more pondering.

    To get started with SEO Wiz, follow these steps:

    • In your site’s dashboard, go to Marketing Home.
    • Under Get Found on Google, click Start Now.
    • Under What’s Your Business or Site Name, give your site a name.
    • Do You Have a Business Location? allows you to enter up to five addresses for your company.
    • If you need to update the addresses later, you can do so.
    • No, it’s only online if you don’t have a physical location.
    • Include up to three keyword phrases that best define your company.
    • Separate the phrases using commas.
    • If you wish to experiment with various keywords, you can modify them later.
    • To finish your SEO plan, click Create Wix SEO Plan and follow the steps.

    Is SEO free on Wix

    ‘You pay for a product and if you use something for free then you are the product.’ This is something that every person around the world needs to understand. Running any business is not easy and for providing services, businesses need to charge the consumers some amount. The same thing goes for every sort of digital business platform. CMS platforms charge an amount for using their platforms to create websites and monitor them. The same thing goes for Wix SEO as it charges the users to create a website and optimize it using the platform. But on the other hand, advice can be free, and here is a good thing that Wix SEO can provide. The platform runs an advisory blog also known as SEO with Wix. Here, the people who already have a website can come and get the advice they need to keep their website up to date with the current SEO standards. It provides details about what keywords to use, how to check the SEO performance and also gives recommendations about maintaining fast loading speed. All of this advisory is provided for free by Wix SEO and it has been helping a lot of digital content creators over the years.

    Wix SEO Services

    With Wix SEO optimization, your website can get an insane amount of traffic in very little time. This is the kind of claim that the digital platform makes while you purchase the website plans. The website creation plans on this platform are very affordable and it provides various offers too from time to time. The best thing about this platform is that users never have to ask, is Wix SEO friendly to anyone. The platform has been able to create a name for itself because of the ease of usage it provides. Users have to just register on the platform, buy a plan, and the rest of the steps are guided by the Wix SEO Wizard. This wizard helps you create a website smoothly and most of the time the website is up and running in less than an hour. With the speed, Wix SEO also provides quality, as the wizard keeps a track of the SEO performance and provides suggestions about keyword updates, meta-tagging, optimization of the page, and improving loading speed. All of these services are provided by Wix SEO expert layouts and website optimization.


    To sum it up, it can be said that Wix SEO, just like any other CMS platform is not free to create websites. It charges a nominal amount on monthly basis to the users for creating a website, lending its servers to the buyers, and optimizing the website through the SEO wizard. The basic package starts for as low as $80 per month. The most sought-after package by the users costs around $185 which is quite user-friendly as compared to other platforms. There are some other business packages too that the users can browse through if they want to have various other services too.

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    How much does Wix SEO cost

    Ever since the internet was launched, it was never anticipated that it would blossom into such a big thing. Today nearly every single thing is available on the internet. It has been changing lives for a long time now and the businesses have been able to earn quite a lot because of it. The main reason why businesses are growing is that the websites are visited by consumers and they either get information about a product or service or make a purchase. Either way, every time a website is looked up by a person, the business gets some profit. This is why maintaining a proper website for your business is important.

    Wix SEO services

    To maintain proper traffic on your website and get your customer base increased, you need to adapt to search engine optimization techniques. It is the method of promoting the website without advertising it. The website just needs to be optimized with all the important keywords and tagging for it to reach higher Search Engine Result Page rankings. Various Content Managing platforms offer SEO optimized websites for your businesses and the users can choose from them to get a website that would get higher traffic and thus provide better business revenue. Wix SEO is one of the most popular CMS platforms around the world. It provides SEO services to the users by letting them pay a nominal amount for creating an optimized website. The services provided by this platform are quite impressive and that is why users are choosing it constantly. SEO with Wix is quite easy as the users have to just register on the platform, buy a plan, and then the platform itself provides step by step guide to creating the website. It also gives suggestions about how to optimize the website and where to use proper keywords.

    Is Wix SEO-friendly?

    Optimizing a website for it to perform well on the internet is not a cakewalk. You have to carefully develop various steps for the website to appear higher on the search results. Most of this part is covered by the plan that you purchase from Wix SEO. The rest of the steps that you need to follow for creating an optimized website are:

      1. Website design and interface

    You need to create a website that has a user-friendly interface. You need to understand the content you are going to post on it and then design the website accordingly. The website theme and the way it functions need to match with your business. You also need to add text, images, and other website content carefully. With Wix SEO services, you get all the help from the platform while doing all of these things. The money you pay for using the platform is properly utilized as the platform gives suggestions about how to optimize the design of the website for incoming traffic to like it.

      1. Web hosting

    When you pay for SEO with Wix, the majority part of this payment is for the server that Wix provides to run the website. Since all websites need to be backed by a powerful server, Wix provides a server that has a strong backup and is never down. This server stores the website information and is thus quite important while building a website.

      1. Domain

    A domain name is the most important thing for your website. You need to create a domain name for your website very carefully as it is going to be the digital address of your website. Wix SEO also gives suggestions about the best domain names for your business.

    Pricing of Wix SEO services

    The services offered by Wix are quite cost-friendly as the platform offers various packages as per the customer’s needs. The basic package costs $80 for a month and the most popular package costs $185. You can buy any of these packages after going through all the benefits that these packages provide. There are business packages too that are for users who not only want to create a website but also some other digital content. Wix SEO optimization is thus quite pocket-friendly and you can get your optimized website for affordable prices.

    What is Wix SEO Wiz

    If you have ever created a website and posted it on the global network, then you would know how hard it is to optimize the website according to the standards that would provide better traffic to it. There are a whole bunch of things that need to be done while creating a website. The most important thing is to optimize the website according to SEO standards. With the changing scenario of customer choices around the world, it is even harder to optimize the website and keep getting better traffic. This is where Wix SEO can prove to be a really good option. This digital content management platform provides affordable services to the users for creating a website. Not only that, it has its suggestion system for creating a website called the Wix SEO Wiz. It can be called a wizard that provides suggestions about various optimizations for the website. There are many benefits that this suggestive system provides while creating a website.

    Benefits of Wix SEO optimizations

    Wix SEO Wiz can be called a step-by-step guide that provides tutorials about various steps of developing a website. Not only this but it gives various articles and videos from time to time to know about the latest SEO trends that are giving good results worldwide. While creating a website through SEO with Wix, the wizard keeps giving suggestions about what keywords to use, what optimizations to add, how to be careful about the loopholes on the website, and how to be ahead of the competition. After the successful creation of a website, the wizard then collects information about the performance of the website and gives insight into the website. It also acknowledges the achievements of the website and gives information about the traffic that the site is getting and the relative performance of SEO. According to a Wix SEO expert, this wizard has proven highly beneficial for the customers and this is why the platform keeps updating the performance of the wizard for a better experience.

    How is the Wix SEO Wiz part of Wix SEO services?

    Wiz SEO Wiz is a part of the plan that you purchase from the digital platform. It is a part of the scheme that the platform calls SEO with Wix. The wizard proves exceptionally useful in the creation of a website that is customized according to the SEO standards and gets better traffic to your website. To use the wizard, you need to follow some simple steps. The first thing to do is buy a plan from all the packages that Wix offers. The next thing to do is give a proper domain name for your website. The wizard helps you in getting the best domain names too. Then you only need to describe your business using three keywords for the wizard to briefly understand and then the rest of the part is covered by the guide that the wizard provides to you. One of the most important things about the wiz is that it is only available to site owners and admin contributors. Back-office managers cannot use the wizard for making any changes to the website.

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    Do Wix websites have good SEO

    Wix SEO has become one of the biggest digital content management systems on the internet. A lot of professional website developers use this platform to rent a server and create a highly SEO-optimized website for their business or other clients. This platform offers many perks that make it easy to use and also helps to understand how the website is performing on the internet. The servers provided by this platform are highly efficient and they are rarely down too. The packages offered by SEO with Wix are highly affordable and the SEO wizard that it offers makes the experience even more useful. This platform offers multiple changes that can be done to the website that it offers. In the initial years of the platform, people were complaining that Wix did not provide a lot of options to the users to customize their website which thus hindered the SEO performance of the website. Listening to its user reviews, Wix SEO now offers quite a lot of optimizations to do in the website. Along with this, you can also keep tracking the incoming traffic on your website using this platform. The servers also provide strong backup to the website that thus keeping the website up and running.

    Page titles

    The website is offered highly optimized page titles that are created using this platform. A page title is usually the URL that works as a headline for the webpage that you create for your website. The wizard offers various keyword suggestions to the webpage and thus helps in creating a highly efficient and good-performing webpage. A webpage that you create using this platform has various customizations that you can add to it. In short, SEO provided by Wix in terms of the page title is quite impressive and you can use the platform to create high traffic efficient web pages.

    Meta Descriptions

    Using Wix SEO optimizations you can add a very descriptive Meta description to your page URL. Meta description usually helps in getting the users to click on the webpage URL. Wix SEO offers suggestions to create a good Meta description for your page and thus have high traffic for your website. Even the Meta descriptions can be customized highly using this platform.

    Personalized URLs

    You can create your URL using Wix for your webpage. Usually, a webpage has a URL that is generated by default by the server. But you can change the URL as per your preferences and these changes can thus help in improving the SEO performance. You can also add a primary keyword to your URL which is going to make the website perform efficiently. According to the stats on the internet, because of this optimization, websites that use Wix SEO are performing in a good manner.

    Heading Structure

    If you want the content on your website to be highly productive, Wix SEO is going to help you in many ways. From h1 to h6, you can get all the headline structures for your website content. For blog posts, you can use h1 and h2 and for other types of content, you can make use of various headline structures. This makes the users that read the content to be highly engaged and thus improves the SEO performance of the website.

    Loading Speed

    Wix SEO services offer one of the best loading speeds for the websites that you create using SEO. The platform offers better processing of all the data and thus all the URLs and tabs open quite efficiently. The site architecture of your website is highly progressive and this makes the users get to experience very efficient website loading.

    Final verdict

    Thus to sum it all up, it can be said that all the questions like Is Wix SEO friendly, does the SEO performance properly, etc are answered by the customer reviews. With some Wix, SEO expert pointing out minor problems with the platform it is said that the SEO performance of all the websites that use Wix SEO is quite great. The clients get to have a website that has a good amount of traffic at affordable rates. Users are also able to create a highly customized website and this makes the SEO performance even better. The websites also get to have a strong server. The conclusion is that the SEO performance is quite great and users can prefer it.

    Wix vs WordPress from SEO perspective

    Wix SEO has the advantage of being one of the most user-friendly drag-and-drop website builders available. You don’t need any technical knowledge or coding skills to participate. Simply think of a simple design concept, prepare your material, then drag & drop the components into place. In a matter of minutes, you can have a gorgeous website up and running that even offers quality Wix SEO optimization services.

    1. Off-page SEO
    2. Wix offers a feature called the Wix SEO Wiz that helps with off-page SEO (in short for wizard). It’s a step-by-step planning wizard that will assist you in devising Wix SEO tactics for your online website.

      It assists you in determining what Wix SEO keywords to write about and connects you to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Under the ‘Get Found on Google’ option in the Wix dashboard, there is further Wix SEO capability. That’s all there is to it.

    3. On-page SEO (search engine optimization)
    4. Wix is adequate in terms of on-page SEO. It allows you to specify meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, and custom URLs, among other things.

      You may also change the picture alt text, set up 301 redirects, and add social media sharing options.
      SSL encryption (search engines favor encrypted sites), the option to ‘hide’ some pages from search engines, and integration with Google Analytics and Search Console are all useful Wix SEO capabilities.

      Mobile-friendly Wix SEO websites are favored by search engines. As a result, Wix’s drag-and-drop functionality allows you to alter your mobile layout to make it appear awesome.

    5. Features
    6. Wix employs an unusual link structure. You’ll notice a # or “hashtag” in every Wix SEO website URL, which is provided through JavaScript and, as a result, is unreadable by search engines. This makes it tough for Google to scan Wix sites. This is a major flaw.

      The generation of Wix SEO sitemaps is another function that might be improved. Sitemaps inform search engines about the structure of your site, making indexing (or ‘crawling’) of your pages easier. Wix has this feature, however, you’ll have to manage your sitemap using Google Search Console.

      What is the state of WordPress SEO?

      Nowadays, WordPress is the most widely used content management system. A website having the capacity to publish material is referred to as a content management system (CMS) (blog posts).
      WordPress is used to create around 70 million websites.

      WordPress originated as a blogging platform, but as the community realized its potential, additional plug-ins, add-ons, and themes were developed.

      WordPress is becoming utilized for more than simply blogging. It’s also suitable for e-commerce, business websites, online apps, and nearly any other web-based application. However, the ability to post information and have it correctly indexed for Google search remains at its heart.

      • Off-page SEO
      • WordPress includes plugins that assist you to generate content for off-page SEO. These are plugins like Yoast, for example, that, in addition to analyzing grammar, keyword density, and post tags, also suggest an SEO-friendly writing style.

        Plugins may also be used to incorporate social networking, Google Analytics, and Google Search Engine into your WordPress site.

      • On-page SEO (search engine optimization)
      • In terms of on-page SEO, WordPress has a lot to offer. There are so many plugins that may be used for page acceleration, image optimizations, and caching, in addition to the typical capabilities to edit meta titles, headers, and tags. These significantly increase page loading speeds which can help your site rank higher.

        WordPress has plugins that scan your site for broken links regularly and plugins that construct internal connections automatically as you write certain keywords.

      • Features
      • WordPress also has a lot of plugins that help with mobile friendliness. These SEO plugins improve your site’s ranking by optimizing the mobile view and assisting in the creation of mobile-friendly sliders. (Sliders make the site look sleeker and more visually pleasing, but they’re infamous for hogging resources and delaying page speeds – and they can also cause issues in mobile view.)

        WordPress is a mobile-friendly platform in general. Unlike Wix, WordPress includes one-click plugins that build sitemaps and submit them to Google. Also, WordPress URLs are well-structured; they make sense and are grouped according to best practices and the categories you specify.

        Finally, WordPress allows you to make changes to your code if you or your developer discover SEO improvements that need to be made. This makes customizing and optimizing your site for its specific demands a breeze.

    Which is better for SEO: WordPress or Wix?

    By now, you should have a fairly good idea of what the solution is. While Wix has its own set of SEO tools and functionalities, WordPress’s vast number of choices and plugins give it a distinct advantage when it comes to SEO.

    Wix SEO is a wonderful alternative if you want the very simplest way to create a website. It can handle some fundamental SEO requirements for both casual users and small enterprises. Furthermore, the Wix SEO tools are specifically designed for beginners, including wizards, how-tos, and resources.

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    Wix vs Shopify - which is better for SEO?

    Wix and Shopify appear to be comparable tools on the surface, offering to provide you with everything you need to create a website or online store – without the need to code. However, both of these platforms began with quite distinct goals in mind. Wix SEO was created to allow people to develop content-based websites.

    Shopify, on the other hand, was created explicitly to be a solution for launching an online store. Therefore all of its features have always been targeted around selling things.

    However, both businesses’ feature sets have expanded significantly over time. Wix SEO optimization now has a lot more selling options than it used to. Shopify’s content management tools have improved significantly as well.

    1. Performance of templates on mobile devices
    2. Shopify’s templates are all fully responsive, which means that their elements text, photos, forms, and so forth will instantly scale to fit the device on which they’re being viewed (for example a desktop computer, mobile, or tablet).

      Wix SEO Google, on the other hand, employs a method known as absolute placement, in which site items are positioned pixel by pixel.

      This means you’ll need to make two versions of your Wix SEO website: one for desktop and another for mobile. As a result, you, the end-user, will have to do more work.

    3. Changing templates and styling
    4. When it comes to customizing and switching templates, Shopify beats Wix hands down. To begin, you have complete control over the CSS and HTML code of your Shopify template. This isn’t the case with Wix SEO services unless you’re using the developer version.

      Additionally, Shopify makes switching layouts a breeze. If you wish to change templates on Wix SEO, you’ll have to rebuild your entire site. So, whether you’re looking for design flexibility or future-proofing, Shopify is unquestionably the better option.

    5. Interface and content management
    6. The primary difference between Wix and Shopify when it comes to content management is that the Wix SEO plan uses a front-end interface.

      This means you can see your changes as you make them on your screen. To create and update pages, you use the Wix SEO drag-and-drop page builder, which provides you with a lot of versatility. However, the tool may be a little difficult at times, and you may find yourself working extra hard to layout your page logically.

      To see your changes in Shopify, you must modify content in the back end and then preview or publish it.

    7. Content imports and exports
    8. Importing items is simple in both Shopify and Wix, and you may do so through a CSV file (with both platforms providing you with a CSV template that you can populate).

      When it comes to exporting, though, Shopify has an advantage: it’s simple to export all of your product data from the platform. Exports with Wix are limited to 5,000 products, and you can’t export digital goods.

      Shopify is also superior at importing and exporting other sorts of content (pages and posts), however, you’ll need to use third-party software to do so.

    9. Shopify and Wix both have CMS functionalities.
    10. The main difference between the Shopify and Wix content management systems is that the former is primarily focused on eCommerce, whilst the latter is more concerned with general website creation.

      This is evident in both platforms’ content management systems (CMS), with Wix offering a considerably larger selection of website marketing components right out of the box.

      You may choose from galleries, social icons, forms, media players, content strips, and many more options, and then drag and drop them anywhere you like on your website. Wix SEO optimization offers a decent service to gain quality marketing outcomes.

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