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Why should you not underestimate the role of content marketing in SEO activities?

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Why should you not underestimate the role of content marketing in SEO activities?
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Effective positioning requires many steps and a systematic and comprehensive operation. Optimization in the website code and acquiring new links are relevant, but no longer sufficient. Content marketing is also crucial in SEO. What is it and why should you be concerned about it? How do you know that the created content is positioning friendly and where do you concentrate your efforts? The answers to both of these questions can be found in the article below. Check them out and see if content is still king and why it is not worth underestimating its position in SEO activities.


What exactly is content marketing?

Less than a decade ago, the SEO industry performed in a completely different way. Effective positioning was based primarily on creating backend websites, acquiring as many links as possible leading to the domain and adding the website to various directories, more or less thematically. These were proven and really effective activities that guaranteed a higher position in search results. However, in 2011, it all turned upside down. The changes introduced by Google have created a huge confusion and tension in the SEO industry. It’s all due to Google’s Panda algorithm, which was developed to minimize the visibility of pages containing short, low-value or duplicate content. The Penguin algorithm introduced a little over a year later, also contributed to the changes in positioning, which in turn is responsible for reducing spam by acquiring links and low-quality back-up facilities. As a result of these changes, content marketing began to gain value and over time has become a very important element of any effective positioning process.

At the beginning, it is worth answering the question, what exactly is content marketing? We hear about it often, but not everyone knows what its exact definition is. This is all kinds of content that can be posted on websites, in online stores and in social media. These are not only texts and written words, but also various other forms of communication. This means that content marketing should include not only texts that are placed, for example, on the client’s website, but also all photos and graphic elements that were used on it. It also includes graphics and infographics as well as video materials that are placed in articles on a company blog or photos added to the descriptions of categories and products. Content marketing also includes quizzes, surveys and internet polls intended for recipients, for example in social media. If you want to use many forms of content marketing, it is worth remembering about consistent communication, which is an important aspect that primarily affects the quality of reception.

With the development of SEO and changes introduced by the most popular search engine, content marketing has gained in importance and it is now difficult to imagine positioning without professional treatment of this issue. Properly prepared and tailored to the requirements of the search engine, the content has a large impact on the position of the website in the search results and can be a huge support for basic SEO activities related to the optimization of the domain or acquiring links. Content marketing offers many more possibilities than positioning that does not take this aspect into account.

What to do to ensure that your content has a good SEO impact?

The primary function of a written word on a website is to include key phrases in it. Keywords are words related to the offer, industry or general subject of the domain that can be entered by users in the search engine. Positioning the website for given phrases and including them in texts prepared for the client, which are posted on the website, allows the domain to appear higher in the search results. The use of keywords is an extremely important element of positioning, so the SEO manager of a given domain must approach this topic very professionally and carefully match key phrases to the client’s activity. Otherwise, the operation will not bring the desired effects and will not lead to successful SEO support. Any of a copywriter’s or content manager’s efforts will be naught.

Redirecting links may also be put naturally in various descriptions and articles. This extends to both sponsored articles, posted on external portals, and internal texts in the descriptions of categories, services or on the company’s blog. However, it is critical to address this topic professionally and wisely, and to only include links that are relevant to the description’s topic. Otherwise, they will not look natural and will not encourage you to see what is hidden under them. In addition, they may be negatively received by search engine robots who consider them spam, and the content itself will be classified as low-quality content. As a result, the website will be rated very low, which will result in a lower position in the search engine. This would mean that the created content, instead of giving the expected results and supporting positioning, would have completely opposite and undesirable effects. When applying key phrases and links to texts and optimizing material for SEO, bear in mind that the whole process must appear natural and sound correct. Good copywriters should have skills that allow them to create a good text that will be valuable for the reader and will be remembered by the reader and will encourage them to check what information is hidden under the links, and also valuable in the eyes of Google robots. It is not an easy task, it requires practice and skills as well as appropriate guidelines on the part of the positioner, but it is possible to achieve. Modern SEO agencies, such as the iCEA Group, know perfectly well that high-quality content is extremely important in positioning. Therefore, in addition to optimizing and acquiring links, we also provide services related to the provision of content for websites that will be of high quality and consistent with the client’s industry and properly tailored to SEO requirements.

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Quality, quality and one more time quality

Before the introduction of the Google Panda Algorithm, websites were dominated by duplicate content. There were copied headlines and subheadings as well as many other errors that now are simply unacceptable. Both content creators and SEO specialists must pay particular attention to many details in the texts posted on clients’ websites. They are significant not only because they are SEO-friendly and contain key phrases and links. You should also pay attention to the text’s appropriate structure, which must comply with the rules. The structure of the text is important, i.e. the division into paragraphs, subheadings in the form of H2 and H3 headings and only one H1 heading. It is also a good idea to make sure that the appropriate variations of the key phrases appear in the headlines. It is also worth paying attention to the length of the text. This is a very important issue, because it should be positively assessed by robots, but at the same time optimal for reception by readers.

Content for a company blog, sponsored articles or even simple product and category descriptions – all these texts play an extremely important role in SEO. They should be well-optimized, unique, and non-duplicate, but rich in key phrases in a natural variety. Every SEO specialist who follows the current trends in positioning and knows all the requirements of the Google search engine knows that without good texts on the website, it is practically impossible to achieve a high position in the search results. At the iCEA SEO agency, we offer professional texts for websites and descriptions for online stores or sponsored articles. We know the importance of valuable content marketing in comprehensive SEO services. That is why we do not ignore this issue and we have a very rich and professional offer for our clients. Contact us to find out more.

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