Higher ranking requires many procedures, as well as a versatile and comprehensive operation. It is a fact that website code optimization along with the acquisition of new links plays a significant role, however, nowadays it is not enough to dominate the search engine. Today, every business/brand has understood the importance of SEO for improving its online presence. Not many are aware that content marketing plays an important role in SEO. The question arises:  What is content marketing and why should it be taken so seriously? How do you know that the content you have created is has the ability to rank high and what are there any key factors should consider while creating the content? All the answers can be found in the following article. Check them out and see if content still dominates and why its position in SEO activities should not be underestimated. 

What exactly is content marketing?

Less than a decade ago, the SEO industry had been operating quite differently. Effective positioning was primarily based on creating backstage webpages, acquiring as many links leading to the domain, adding the webpage to various, more or less thematic catalogues. These were proven to be really effective in getting, higher position in search results. However, in 2011 it all turned upside down. The changes introduced by Google caused a lot of confusion and commotion within the SEO industry. The Google Panda algorithm had restricted the visibility of pages containing short, small or duplicate content. A little more than a year later came the Penguin algorithm, which in turn was responsible for reducing spam which further added its contribution to the changes in positioning. As a result of these changes, content marketing began to gain in value and over time it became a very important element of every effective positioning process. 

We often hear the term content marketing but do you its precise definition? Content is something that can be placed on websites, online stores and social media. These are not only in the form of texts and written words but also in other forms of communication. This means that the marketing content should include not only website texts but also all the pictures and graphic elements. These include infographics, videos or simple or photos that can be added to the respective category and product descriptions. For example, content marketing for social media can work in the form of also quizzes, polls and online surveys for recipients in social media. If you want to use different forms of content marketing, then it is worth remembering about coherent communication, which is an important aspect primarily influencing the quality of reception. Appropriately prepared content, when tailored to the requirements of search engines, has a great impact on the website’s position in search results. 

What should be done to ensure that the content has a good impact on SEO?

Words hold utmost importance as they have the power to make or break the communication. If we cannot say it verbally, we write it. Therefore it is important to include the appropriate keywords. Key phrases are words that present the offer, industry or the domain’s general subject matter, which can be typed into the search engine by users. The use of keywords is an extremely crucial element of positioning. Therefore, the SEO caretaker of a given domain must approach this topic very professionally and carefully select key phrases matching the client’s business activities. Otherwise, the operation will not bring the expected results and won’t contribute to effective SEO support. All the copywriter’s or content manager’s hard work would go in vain.

Another thing to consider is that various descriptions and articles are also a perfect place to include redirecting links in a natural way. This applies to both to sponsored articles, placed on external portals, as well as internal texts in category descriptions, services or on a company blog. However, it is important to approach this topic professionally and sensibly, and only choose links that are useful and are actually related to the topic. Otherwise, they don’t look natural and don’t encourage you to check what is hidden behind it. Additionally, they may be negatively perceived by search engine robots, which deem them as spam, and the content itself will be classified as low quality. This will result in the poor rating of the website; ultimately a lower position in the search engine. This would mean that the created content, instead of giving the expected effects and supporting positioning, would bring completely opposite and undesirable results. 

When weaving key phrases and links into texts and optimizing the content according to SEO, we must not forget that the whole thing must look as natural as possible and be coherent. The role of a good copywriter is to create a text that is valuable, relatable to the reader and encourages the users to check for any hidden information. However, this is not an easy task, it requires expertise, skill and appropriate guidelines. Modern SEO agencies, such as the iCEA Group, are well aware that high-quality content is extremely important in ranking. Therefore, in addition to optimizing and acquiring links, we also provide high-quality content services for websites, which are in line with the customer’s industry and are tailored to SEO requirements. 

 Quality is all that matters!

Before the introduction of the Google Panda Algorithm, websites were dominated by duplicate content. There were copied headlines and mid-titles, and many other errors that are now simply unacceptable. Nowadays, both content creators and marketers have to pay great attention while preparing the texts. The texts should not only include key phrases and links but it should be well structured and must be in sync with the SEO rules such as paragraph divisions, H2 & H3 headers and only one H1 header. Is what is important here is the text structure, i.e. division Another important thing is to include key phrases in headers. The length of the text should also be taken into consideration.

Content should be well optimized, unique and not identical. Every SEO specialist who keeps up with the current positioning trends and knows all the Google search engine requirements knows that without good content on the website it is practically impossible to achieve a high position in search results. At the iCEA SEO agency, we offer professional written texts and descriptions for online stores, and sponsored articles. We know that valuable content marketing plays an important role in comprehensive SEO services. Therefore, we do not overlook this issue and we present a very rich and professional offer for our clients. Contact us to find out more.