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SEO audit

SEO audit of a website or an online store is an in-depth online analysis of the customer's domain. It is subject to thorough verification in terms of matching to Google search engine. Professional SEO analysis assesses the link profile of the website, the quality of the content and its saturation with phrases, the correctness of the code and domain structure and the position of the website among Google search results. The SEO audit also includes an precise and thorough analysis of the industry and competition, which will be a good introduction to the effectiveness of SEO services. Though every audit may differ, it always includes both internal and external website analysis.
SEO audit at iCEA is absolutely free of charge.

We have worked together with brands such as:

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As part of the SEO audit, we will present:

  • Visibility of your website in Google search engine over the last few years.
  • Actions taken in the field of SEO services by your biggest competitors.
  • Information on trends in your industry for effective keywords.
  • On-page elements that need improvement and implementation of appropriate SEO optimization.
  • A proposed strategy for successfully optimizing your website to improve its position among Google search results.

Choosing a Professional SEO Audit?

Auditing a website or online store does not guarantee a higher position among search results, but without it, it is difficult to optimise the pages effectively. It provides a lot of relevant information, on the basis of which, it is possible to develop a tailored strategy of actions, that should be taken in order to position the website. SEO audit will make:


Possibility of finding errors on the website

Even the best-run websites don't stand a great chance in the race for attention from search engine robots, if it was designed and created inappropriately. In such a situation, ensuring its high position demands careful consideration and application. Using our free website audit will allow you to identify these problems and find solutions to eliminate them.


Time saving

It is a well known fact that reviewing every subpage on a website is not only tedious, but extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. You don't need to waste your valuable resources on it when it can be utilised to develop your company in other areas that need your attention – entrust this task to our professionals!


A bespoken report

After a meticulous scrutiny of your website, we will send you a tailored report, detailing the elements that need improvement from the perspective of introducing good SEO practices.


Tracking the progress of your website

SEO is a continuous and long-term process, due to constantly changing Google algorithms and your competitions’ constant activity. Therefore, performing a free website audit is a great opportunity to ensure your website is not lagging behind in the fast paced environment.


Peaking into the future: higher positions

We all know the importance of always being one step ahead of the competition. This is even more important on the internet! To set yourself an ambitious goal, one must be well aware of the current condition of your website. This is where a SEO audit comes in handy!