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The power of UX Writing. How to create a position of strength for your brand?

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The power of UX Writing. How to create a position of strength for your brand?
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Successful brands are always striving to create unique, memorable positions in their target audiences’ minds. While the right positioning strategy can make your brand more memorable and easier to find among your competitors, UX writing can help you cement that position of strength in your audience’s memory while also making them want to do business with you every time they have an opportunity to do so. If you’re looking to boost your branding and create an incredibly strong position within your audience’s mind, these tips on the power of UX writing will help you achieve just that.


Even more impressions

User experience (UX) is the term that refers to all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products. It encompasses various disciplines including information architecture, visual design, user research, usability engineering, programming and search engine optimization.

While it’s easy to believe UX covers only things like website content or app features, in reality it has implications on every level of an organization, impacting product strategy, development workflow and customer service. Having such an impact on so many different parts of the business means that companies need to hire professionals who are experts in both marketing and product management to bridge this gap between content creators and other stakeholders within the organization.

What Google thinks about user experience?

Google thinks about the user experience in terms of three main pillars: the user interface, the user experience and finally, the user emotion. This means that if you are focused on just one or two out of three areas, it’s possible that your site will not rank as highly as you want. All three elements should be looked at and they should all be high quality. If this is done, then your site will have a much better chance of ranking well with Google.

UX writing

UX writing is designing content for websites and applications so that it is useful for the user. Content that caters to the user, such as allowing them to browse through your site without any problems or limitations and achieving their goals. It can be said that the content is for them, designed for them. Clear, intuitive UX writing tends to be “transparent” – that is, users may not notice it. It needs no introspection from us. And it’s easily understandable.

Differences between copywriter and UX writer

Copywriters are in charge of creating persuasive texts and advertisements. UX writers create informational and user-friendly texts. Furthermore, the UX writer pays attention to how the content is presented on screen – short paragraphs, bullet points, left-justified text, and more, which all affect how much comfort the user has when reading.

The so-called microcopy. These are all short and concise content, such as messages, mini-instructions, comments, signatures, etc., which are directed to the user and are to help him while using the website or application, e.g. Forgot your password?, Order, Do not delay purchase. Their purpose is to help the user. Well-written microcopy often translates to greater conversion. Good microcopy also relieves the customer service department.

The most important rules and tips for UX writer

Designing is communication. It is exactly the same in terms of content. We always have to think about who our target audience is and what we want them to do or know after reading our text. The success of the project depends on it.

Focus on the user’s needs

UX writing is one of the most important aspects to website design because it is what will ultimately drive the user experience. As such, it is necessary that you create an environment that provides the best possible experience by focusing on the user’s needs, wants and expectations. With this in mind, it’s important that you don’t just think about what you want from your site but also what your visitors want and need.

The content must be useful

UX texts contain useful information for the user. These texts allow a person to finish a task more easily and quickly. Since online readers are easily impatient, it’s crucial for text to be useful, for instance when designing forms or instructions. Remember that readers just want to be informed, as quickly as possible. So if you don’t give them access to personal information, they will leave the website or stop using the app.

Concise and coherent communication

A user reads only 20-28% of what he or she sees on a website. In addition, online reading takes 25% longer than reading print text. By keeping it short, the text doesn’t use unnecessary words, ornaments, or expressions, while being consistent means focusing on one main theme throughout.

Readability, font, colors

UX writing is an often overlooked part of marketing. However, it can be one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal. A good UX writer knows how to use readability, font, and color strategically, allowing them to create a position of strength for your brand. With these three things combined, writers are able to set the tone for their audience.

Inverted pyramid

One of the many uses of this principle is seen in journalism, where journalists organize the most significant story elements first in order to catch readers’ attention. Thanks to this, the user will be exposed to the necessary knowledge even if he or she doesn’t get to the end of the text.


Creativity is the foundation for good writing. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing about – if your content isn’t creative, then it’s not worth reading. By applying creativity, you can create content that stands out in your field and engages readers. Creative writers are often seen as more trustworthy, since they know how to reach out to people with their words.

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Last words

UX writing is an integral part of your company’s branding. With the right words, you can position yourself as a visionary and expert in your industry. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in business or how many customer testimonials you have, if your copy isn’t well-written, it’ll speak louder than any other piece of content. Remember that the customer experience starts long before they ever see your product – it starts with the words on your website.

Aleksandra Pietrzak
Curator at the National Museum in Poznań, graduate of Art History at the Jagiellonian University and Contemporary Art at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, curator of exhibitions and author of scientific and popular texts. A lover of contemporary art, literature and travel.
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