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The Benefits of SEO Positioning

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The Benefits of SEO Positioning
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The Internet has changed the way businesses market their products and services, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will become even more essential in the years to come, especially since digital assistants like Alexa and Siri are becoming popular, allowing people to find products online without having to manually type in keywords or search terms themselves. This short guide will teach you everything you need to know about the benefits of SEO and why it matters.


What is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a series of activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website in organic search results. The goal is to rank as high as possible. For this purpose, a number of tasks from the border of computer science, programming, promotion and marketing are performed to improve the entire site.


  1. Increase website traffic

Almost 98% of Internet users use the Google service.

Implementing a strategic SEO positioning is a great way to increase website traffic. With a little help you can leverage your content and target keywords in order to appear in front of relevant customers who are actively searching for businesses just like yours.

  1. Higher rank and better visibility

There are now nearly 2 billion websites on the web.

Optimization helps increase your web site’s rank and visibility in SERPs. If you have a business that depends on getting traffic from organic search engine results, it is an absolute must for your success. By using SEO services and positioning, you can achieve higher visibility in search engine rankings and bring new customers to your business. The end result is more traffic, leads, and ultimately sales. Just do it! It will work!

  1. People can easier find you

The Google index has over 50 billion websites.

If you have a website, you should use SEO services to help optimize your page for search engines. This means that people who are looking for products and services like yours will be able to find you easier. They won’t have to search through hundreds of other websites trying to figure out what kind of business you are; they can go right to your web page and get all the information they need. Using SEO marketing positioning can also give your product more credibility, which means that consumers may take you more seriously.

  1. Connection 24/7/365

Google processes almost 100,000. queries per second.

This level of connectivity with customers is no longer a dream—for ecommerce business, it’s fast becoming a necessity. More and more consumers are shopping online 24/7, which means businesses need to be prepared to market their products at any hour or day of the week. Luckily, SEO makes it possible for your website to achieve prime real estate across search engines—even when you’re asleep or on vacation. If you want to reach customers at all hours, SEO is simply a must-have.

  1. Mobile first, desktop second

Over 5 billion internet users use mobile devices.

From an SEO perspective, mobile users should be your top priority. This means if you’re not taking steps to be mobile friendly and provide a great experience for these visitors, you could miss out on half of your online sales. Mobile first doesn’t just apply to your website; it applies to your whole business.

  1. Social media links improve rankings

In Poland, 25.9 million people use social media. Statistics show that Poles spend on average almost 2 hours a day on social media.

In 2016, Google announced that they were including social media signals in their algorithm. This means that if you want to rank well on Google, your web page needs to have a number of social media links attached to it. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have; what matters is whether people will trust you enough to follow your account and share your content. If you want good search engine rankings, build up your social presence and attract followers who are interested in similar things to yourself.

  1. SEO helps local searches

Almost 50% of searches from all over the internet concern local businesses and stores. Half of the users visit the store within one day of searching on Google.

In recent years, local brands and companies that offer unique services in a given city have become more and more popular. Configuring your own website with Google Search Console, Google Analytics or Google Maps can provide them with much better visibility on the web.

  1. Better conversions

Almost 1/3 of searches end up clicking on the first organic search result.

SEO is an excellent way to convert more leads for your ecommerce site, it helps increase your website’s page ranking in organic search results on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. By creating relevant keywords and links on each page of your site, you can help potential customers find you. This leads to better conversions as users are able to buy from you without having to wade through irrelevant content.

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SEO positioning creates opportunities for the development of your website. It does not matter if you run a private blog, company website or online store – you want to have as many recipients as possible. Thanks to optimization techniques, you will improve the technical aspects of your website and you will be able to promote it better in organic search results. So if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you don’t have time to waste, new content and services appear on the web every day. For this purpose, it is worth using the professional help of an agency, thanks to which you will save your time and avoid mistakes.

Aleksandra Pietrzak
Curator at the National Museum in Poznań, graduate of Art History at the Jagiellonian University and Contemporary Art at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, curator of exhibitions and author of scientific and popular texts. A lover of contemporary art, literature and travel.
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