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Textbook. “Must have SEO agencies tools”

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Textbook. “Must have SEO agencies tools”
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SEO process can be an incredibly rewarding line of work, but it takes more than just knowledge to get the job done right. You’ve also got to have the right tools on hand, including text analyzers and keyword trackers, content editors and social media management tools. In fact, any agency worth its salt will include these in their toolkit. Which are essential and which are superfluous? Let’s take a look at seven ten must-have tools for agencies and see how each one can be used to boost your productivity and speed up your workflow.


Why is it not worth doing everything manually?

Manual work is something many of us have gotten used to. However, does it really allow us to be 100% accurate? Huge amount of data, deadlines, old and new customers, more and more tasks – it is difficult in such a world to devote the same amount of attention to everything. Therefore, it is not worth running away from tools that can support your work and increase its efficiency. Thanks to them, you will save time and your energy.

However, this does not release you from your own contribution. Each result should be interpreted, but thanks to the tools you will reduce the risk of potential mistakes. Remember that by using the right tool you will get a better understanding of what works best with the search engine algorithm. Your website’s indexing rank is determined by Google bots crawling, indexing and rating it. To use your seo tools efficiently, you need to know how Googlebot crawls your site, indexes it or determines its ranking.

The future of SEO: work automation and AI

The future of digital marketing is largely intertwined with machine learning. The movement of this technology and its effects on our industry can be seen in recent advancements in artificial intelligence and automated advertising. These new technological changes will have a significant impact on how we conduct business, produce content, and interact with consumers. Ultimately it will lead to more transparency into consumer behavior, which leads to better understanding of how people really feel about your product.

AI enables machines to do things that would be difficult, time-consuming, or too risky to do manually. It’s already being used in a number of industries and is likely to become a standard feature in marketing departments sooner rather than later. Alexa, Siri, Cortana – they accompany us on a daily basis, although we often do not even know about it. Just think how many times you ordered something with your voice just by telling your smartphone what you need. And this trend is only going to continue with new technological developments happening every day.

10 must-have tools that are actually use

Although SEO agencies are successively developing both of the above-mentioned tools, additional programs have always been their invaluable help. Today you will find out which of them are most often used in 2022.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is an always favorite tools to track. The agency level view is really great because you can easily monitor brand, competitors and get reports on top search queries and more. One of the best features is how easy it is to get backlinks to your website on a page that matters for organic search efforts. Plus, you’ll be able to get alerts when your site or pages have been impacted by recent changes or fixes made by Google.

Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you can monitor your website’s performance and get an insight into your visitors’ behavior, what they see on your site, and how long they spend on your site. You can use it to gain information about how people interact with your website, which helps you improve conversion rates. It also enables you to keep track of things like visitor demographics and acquisition channels so that you know where potential customers are coming from and what kind of content attracts them most.

Answer The Public

It is a free online tool that presents various combinations of keywords and formulated questions in the Google search engine for any query. The application dynamically generates visualizations and tables that illustrate how users ask Google when searching for information. The suggestions of key phrases and questions presented in the tool are based on automatic search engine suggestions.


One of the most powerful Ahrefs features is monitoring. Ahrefs monitors sites, keywords, competitors and more to ensure your site is working as hard as it can to rank well. They do this by crawling and refreshing pages every hour to analyze factors like anchor text distribution and keyword density of external links. Then it sorts them into rank order based on their ability to be clicked on. Using Ahrefs, you can also find your competitors’ backlink profiles can be a good starting point when brainstorming new linkbuilding opportunities.


SEMRush is a popular competitive intelligence tool that measures how well a site’s optimization and marketing strategies perform. It will also tell you how competitive other sites in your industry, company size, geography, and niche area are. It will also analyze what type of content is being optimized as well as show you where to focus on creating more content to maximize your reach. SEMrush is a powerful competitor monitoring software that enables agencies to see their search engine rankings with real-time data from Google, Yahoo!, Bing.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a desktop crawler that captures information from websites and presents them in an easy-to-use format. It can crawl through over 100,000 pages per hour. It identifies broken links, duplicate content and other onsite problems that might reduce website performance. It’s also a good way to find out how many of your competitors have the same backlinks you do. You can see which keywords your competitors rank for and what their linking sources are so you know what kind of campaigns they’re running.

Moz Pro

Moz pro is a suite of tools that help with managing and optimizing websites. It includes their CMS analytics, on page optimization, keyword research, social media monitoring and more. Moz Pro also featured Keyword Explorer, which allows you to find keywords based on different parameters such as traffic volume, competition level, profitability. You can perform competitor analysis in order to better understand the industry they’re operating in. With its full suite of tools it can be very helpful when starting out or expanding your online business.


This is one of the most interesting keyword search tools. It can test multiple keywords along with the monthly number of searches and a surprisingly accurate result of how difficult it is to promote your keywords. It also has advanced features for keyword research such as filtering the results and analyzing SERPs. In addition, it allows you to examine keywords used by the competition.


If you need to find new keywords with low-competition and high relevancy, this is your tool. A list of suggested keywords is generated based on input of a root keyword. It searches through trillions of words across more than a hundred sources in order to help marketers find new keywords with low competition and high relevancy. Ubersuggest helps quickly generate thousands of related search terms which you can use when doing research or brainstorming content ideas.


SpyFu is one of those tools you never knew you needed but now that you have it, your days of scrambling around for information about competitors with thin online profiles will be over. It provides all sorts of detail on your competition – everything from name and address to where their pages rank on Google. This means everything from knowing what areas they serve to which websites they use, making their business practices easier to discern and work within.

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Last words

As you can see, you can use some of the same tools used by professional SEO agencies. The most important thing is to be able to interpret the obtained results and turn them into a plan. Remember that in order for any SEO tool to be effective, you have to make sure that your website is properly optimized from both technical and content perspectives.

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