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Sit back and read the case study REAL TIME SEO for pufy.pl

Sit back and read the case study REAL TIME SEO for pufy.pl
Sold masks
Increase in revenue
Increase in unique purchases on the site
Increase in users


When the number of orders was still indicating a downward trend, the client decided to request from us the SEO360 action proposal. At the iCEA Group, we knew that we could help pufy.pl – an e-commerce store which offered bean bags. As we started the cooperation during the pandemics, we thought that the client needed to offer a new product specifically tailored to the difficult times.

The attention of most Polish clients, was then mainly focused on personal protective equipment, so using our client’s capabilities, we prepared an adaptation strategy. By producing and selling masks, the client not only survived the difficult times, but the SEO360 actions we implemented have made the results of our work even more beneficial.



Seasonal stagnation typical for the industry due to the specific characteristics of the brand.


Despite the stagnation, SEO managed to gradually increase traffic and conversion until March 2020. It was the month our Client placed high hopes in: the beginning of a profitable season, spring, holidays.

As a result, customer interest decreased by 47%

Nasza propozycja

However, since March, the number of orders has significantly decreased: on average about 30-40 orders, and since the state of pandemic was introduced, the number has decreased even to 6-10 orders per day.

Data from GSC was also confirmed by GA – a decrease from about 560 daily users to 272 – a decrease by nearly 50%


Step 1

An honest conversation with the client who had reported their financial problems. After a joint brainstorming session on how to solve the encountered problems, we worked out a brilliant solution. Following our advice, the client rearranged part of the furniture sewing rooms for sewing masks. The only problem turned out to be a week-long waiting period for the necessary materials. It was impossible to prepare a product offer for the client’s website without them. However, we did not allow this time to go waste!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 2

Over the period between the time of the material delivery and launching the sales of masks, we, at the iCEA Group, started to create a positive movement trend. We adjusted the activities on the client’s website to the new reality.

  • Additional optimization of key phrases in terms of visibility, the result: maximizing traffic with reduced interest of Internet users.
  • CTR optimization:
    • Adding the minimum price of products to the ” title “, under the main categories.
    • Including information about the PZH certificate in the meta description (PZH is a state research institute in Poland dealing with issues of hygiene, epidemiology, bacteriology, immunology, parasitology).
    • Massive addition of information about the PZH certificate on the product data sheet.
  • Blog posts according to RTM:
    • ideas for playing with children at home,
    • furniture disinfection at home.
  • Optimization of the money pages performance to minimize rejection rates.
Step 3

The third stage covered the initial publication of the product. The effect of the following activities was a significant increase in sales and traffic, which is clearly visible on the graphs. The second, quite unexpected effect was the interest of customers in the store’s main merchandise while purchasing a mask.

  • Adding descriptions prepared by the client and having our copywriters enhance them.
  • Adding amateur product photos.
  • Publishing the product on the main menu, without linking: an action to prevent interference
    with the service. The product is linked only in one place – contextually in the content on
    the site’s main page.
  • Linking the “pouf” category within the mask description as well as the blog entry on how
    they can be used to play at home, in order to maximize the interest of potential customers
    to the store’s main product.
  • Adding comments to products.
Step 3
Step 4
Step 4

After launching the product and achieving a positive result based on our actions, we asked ourselves: what next? Without resting on our laurels, we further carried out a series of steps to consolidate and strengthen the achieved effects:

  • Replacing amateur product photos with professional ones.
  • We have extended our offer by introducing additional colors and patterns of masks.
  • We optimized the phrases associated with the masks.
  • With the help of private facilities and internet forums, we linked the product.


Periodic increase in visibility and movement caused a surprising side effect. The product, here referring to a pouf, had not yet gained popularity in Poland. Thanks to the introduction of mask sales during the pandemic, our client’s main product was presented to a wider group of Internet users.

The graph illustrates that shortly after a massive increase in activity, traffic on the website doubled. This outcome will remain with the customer for a longer period of time.

The success of pufy.pl is not only due to the client’s technical capabilities to adapt to the market’s needs, but above all owes to a cooperation based on partnership and trust. Communication and a constant clash of ideas were the basis of a common strategy.

Periodic increase in visibility and movement caused a surprising side effect.

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