SEO – what is it?

SEO is a series of activities that optimize a given website, aimed at improving its position in the results of organic search engines for specific keywords. The goal is achieved by introducing changes to the website, expanding it, optimizing technical issues and acquiring valuable links to the platform.

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A long-lasting but very effective process

The effect that optimizing any given website will have, grossly depends on the knowledge and skills of the positioner. The waiting period for the initial result differs in every website and industry. In certain projects, an increase in traffic on the website is seen after a week and in others it may take upto a few months. In the end however, the effects are long-lasting and optimizing will have a positive effect on displaying your website in a higher position on search engine for a very long time.

Why should you invest in SEO?

In a large number of cases, users do not go to the second or consecutive pages of search results. Only the first page of search results counts. If your company does not appear in the first ten search results, you have almost no chance of a potential customer seeing your offer. Website optimization is the solution to this hurdle.

Improvements in the website code

The optimizing of a website requires many interventions from the positioner – not only those visible at first glance, but also those made in the website code. All unnecessary elements must be removed in due course. The better the code, the fewer changes will have to be introduced. The CMS platform is very important in this respect. It is relatively easy to make changes on the website, the administration panel of which is WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. The situation is much worse in the case of authors’ editors, mainly due to the non-standard solutions used there. We should also address page loading time and pay a lot of attention to the construction of URLs, metatags, the hierarchy of headers and hyperlinks.


Internal linking and acquiring external links (e.g. on online forums) must be added to the listed activities. Valuable links referring to the website contribute to half the success of all optimization activities.

Changes in the texts and appearance of the platform

Optimizing websites in search engines does not only involve changes in the code. The content and graphics are also very important. Texts must use most relevant and effective keywords. The materials should be unique and interesting for users, at the same time containing phrases that are often searched for, on the Internet. Well-thought-out headings, skillfully-described photos and the length of the texts are also to be taken into consideration.

Even trifles matter

With SEO, you have to take care of every aspect that may be important that may affect optimisation. One such example is HTTPS encryption. Encryption should always be used when dealing with sensitive user data. The protocol affects not only security but also website optimization – but it was not always the case with reference to the changes that took place in August 2014. However, it was possible to predict them earlier and a good positioner should have done it.

SEO and Google AdWords

Google is currently the most popular of all search engines. It is a powerful system where you have to exist if you want potential customers to reach out to you. If you care about instant results, you should think about combining the optimization of your website with a Google Ads campaign. Google Ads means paid search ads. The results are visible faster, but are not as long-lasting as SEO. If you want to learn more about Google campaigning, please refer to the Google Ads tab.


Bezpłatne konsultacje SEO

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