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SEO for product pages – how to do it

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SEO for product pages – how to do it
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Product pages for ecommerce sites must, in a perfect world, go without saying because they are critical for increasing sales and, by extension, revenue. Unfortunately, several marketers have made millions of dollars marketing internet shortcuts, and as a consequence, many ecommerce store owners feel there are shortcuts to optimizing their product pages so that they can make sales quicker. That’s why some business owners simply copy and paste product descriptions from other stores, claiming that it’s faster and that the product is the same.

However, as a reader of this site, you’re a clever marketer who understands that such a “shortcut” is harmful and can harm the SEO of such product pages. Here are some significant optimizing product pages ways to think about:


Upselling and cross-selling clients can benefit from terms like “others also watched,” “others also liked,” “you may also enjoy,” and “similar items.” They will increase the amount of time people spend on your site, which is beneficial to SEO.

Boost Your Page's Speed

Page speed is a ranking indicator, according to Google. To get tips for improving your site’s performance, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Other suggestions include adopting a content delivery network (CDN) and compressing large items like product pictures.

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Provide product customization options as well as compelling call-to-action

Marketers are always experimenting with calls to action. Colors that convert well are even debatable in certain marketing circles. But the fact is that you can’t know for sure whether color(s) will or will not work for you without putting them to the test.

Your calls-to-action must pop out more than other aspects of the page, according to best practices.

Allow shoppers to check if your items are available in different forms, colors, or sizes wherever feasible.

Include high-resolution images and videos

High-resolution photos are pleasing to the eye and can persuade buyers of your product’s quality. In a picture gallery, provide multiple images of the product in various situations or viewpoints.

Videos should not be overlooked. Customers are 64 percent to 85 percent more likely to buy from you after seeing a video, and they raise average order value by as much as 50 percent. Include videos that address common consumer queries or demonstrate how to utilize the items.

Incorporate product testimonials

Allow consumers to rank and leave comments on your items. Although the reviews may not all be great 5-star reviews, this lends authenticity to the ratings because shady business owners now pay for favorable evaluations.

Maintain Consistency

Elucx may excel in offering content in two languages simultaneously, but as you’ll see, not all of the content on the page is accessible in both. That’s inexplicable.

All aspects of your ecommerce site, from content to design, should be consistent. If your company has a unique or hilarious tone of voice, it should be reflected in all of your website’s content. Some elements of your site should not read in the same tone as your brand, but others should sound distinct as well.

Other branding ideas include:

  • Make contact with influential people.
  • Market in places where your target market gathers.
  • Make sure your design components are in line with the image of your company.
  • Choose your product distribution carefully.
  • Carefully select your target market.
  • Promote high-quality goods.

Furthermore, hiring an ecommerce copywriter to assist you with product descriptions on your website may be a sensible investment, particularly if you lack the time or abilities to do so. If you’re not a skilled web developer, employ one to assist you with the design of your shop so that the information architecture is consistent.

These are the issues that arise when your site’s information architecture is poor:

  • The topical authority that is dispersed
  • User happiness is down, and KPIs are down.
  • Internal linking issues and a sluggish PageRank flow
  • The budget for crawling has been increased
  • In SERPs, there is more duplicate or competitive content.

All of these issues may be avoided by maintaining consistency.

Make use of data

Taking most marketing initiatives would seem like fumbling in a dark room without data. It isn’t, thankfully.

There’s a lot you can learn when you use data. Data can assist you in better understanding your clients so you can meet their content demands on your product pages.

Elucx, for instance, caters to an English and French-speaking clientele in the United States and Canada, hence they chose to provide information in both languages at the same time.

Set up Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce monitoring on your site if you haven’t already.

It can assist you in discovering things that you are most likely overlooking:

  • Promotional banner insights: You can keep track of promotional banners and pick which ones should be more prominent on your site.
  • Product impressions write a tale: You may observe things that get a lot of attention but don’t sell very well. This is most often a hint that the product’s description does not appeal to buyers’ hearts, that the product is too pricey, or that the product’s photographs are of poor quality, and so do not persuade them.

These are just a few instances of what you can accomplish with your site’s Enhanced Ecommerce tracking. Also, while those features may appear insignificant, keep in mind that a high bounce rate on your product pages will have an impact on your results. The ease with which you employ a feature like Enhanced Ecommerce tracking is influenced by the ecommerce platform you use.

Always keep in mind that, based on what you’re selling, your target market will be diverse in terms of nations, gadgets, age groups, and so on. To increase your store’s onsite behavioral data for SEO, use data to evaluate how best you can provide them.

Adhere to SEO Best Practices

Pick precise, product related keywords. Before you start optimizing for product page seo, you need to know what keywords shoppers are using to find your items. As a result, keyword research is a fundamental SEO principle that should not be overlooked. It will assist you in determining which client words will generate more search traffic.

There are several SEO and keyword research tools available, the majority of which are commercial services such as Majestic, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz.

Ubersuggest, on the other hand, is a fully free keyword suggestion and SEO/PPC optimization tool that may assist you with the majority of the functions of the other programs without requiring you to register in or pay.

If you put in “men’s suits,” for instance, you’ll get the search volume, CPC (Cost per Click), and competition at first. The keyword will be more fierce and the CPC will be more pricey if the competition is close to one.

You’ll see keyword recommendations (you may select to see suggestions from the Google Suggest and/or Google Keyword Planner), their CPCs, and the competition as you scroll down.

When you’re finished, add your research’s long-tail keywords into your product descriptions. You should also follow the following seo campaigns for product pages guidelines:

  • Make use of rich snippets.
  • Copying product descriptions from other websites is never a good idea.
  • Image alt attributes should be used.
  • To establish a solid internal linking structure, link to internal pages.
  • For clarity, use descriptive headers.
  • Use distinct meta descriptions and optimize your title tags.

Allow product reviews, cost, and availability to appear in the search results. You’ll be astonished at how much of a competitive advantage this offers you.

As you can see from the examples above, much SEO advice still applies to product descriptions.

Conduct a keyword search

When it comes to designing pages, many developers and company owners disregard keyword research, although it’s the cornerstone for any products seo campaign.

Product pages, unlike blog articles and other informational pages, have a defined conversion objective. They are designed to sell a thing rather than just provide information about it.

With that in mind, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Keep in mind that relevance is crucial.
  • Utilize current ad data
  • Look for Transactional Intent Keywords.

Come up with original titles and meta descriptions

As you may have guessed, product pages don’t contain nearly as much content as informational pages, therefore every word counts.

For both search engines and customers, titles and meta descriptions are the initial point of contact. Bots (Bing, Google, etc.) will utilize the title and meta description to identify what the page is about while crawling your pages.

Consider it a billboard for your shop because this is the text that search engines will show on the results page.

Improve the look and feel of your product pages for a better user experience (UX)

The user’s experience is influenced by a variety of factors. The design of your product page, on the other hand, will determine the page’s initial impression and “feel.” Make sure the product page layout is UX-optimized.

After all, the visual display of eCommerce is quite important. Because customers can’t touch, feel, or engage with your items when they walk into your business, you’ll have to rely on another channel to assist them in making a purchase choice.

It all boils down to how you prepare and showcase each aspect when it comes to designing product pages. Of course, each product page is unique, but there are a few components that should be included in all of them.

Make the check-out process as simple as possible

Many clients will abandon a long, complicated checkout page right away. They will not finalize their purchase if they do not feel at ease during this process.

To make things easier, be sure to:

  • Offer a variety of payment methods.
  • Allow clients to buy without having to create an account.
  • Keep the procedure to one or two pages in length.
  • Remove any connections to external websites from your checkout pages.

Displaying the product on each checkout page is a wonderful touch that keeps it in the customer’s mind.

Write Product Descriptions That Sell

The pitch of your product is your product description. Its purpose is to inform the buyer about the goods, as well as what makes them distinctive, to persuade them to purchase.Prepare high quality, user-friendly descriptions.

For writing product descriptions, Shopify provides a basic framework:

  • What sets it apart from the competition?
  • What benefits does your product provide to customers?
  • What issues does your product address?

Product descriptions must be both original and compelling, and they should include your target keyword.

Returning to the inverted pyramid, your product description must contain only the information that the consumer needs to know, with no extraneous information.

Do not forget about your Product Pages

You didn’t create your ecommerce business to exist in the shadows of the internet. By following these best practices, you may improve your website’s exposure and rating on search engines.

Don’t forget to conduct tests and experiments in anything you undertake. It will finally assist you in sticking with what is working on your site and ditching what isn’t to boost your income.

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