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Our in-house partner program is composed of the best technology companies in the country. By combining the partners' expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions for any business - regardless of industry. Join the only ecosystem for ecommerce and take advantage of the chance to reach new customers with your offer. Partnership based on mutual activities benefits each party:

THE CLIENT – support in website positioning
YOU AND OUR PARTNER - receive a commission from each successfully signed contract and a group of new customers!

III main pillars of our cooperation


Mutual support in business activities

so you can develop your business while maintaining a neutral face towards the client. In this way, we avoid harmful activities on your wallet.


Passive income

this is a pro partnership approach to commissions. You decide which variant of the partnership program is the most profitable for you.


Building a brand image together

mutual support in marketing activities on social media platforms, as well as jointly organized webinars, training, events, and trade fairs. All this will build and strengthen the image of your company.

What else will you gain by joining our Partnership Program?

  • I Mutual partner support and access to solutions supporting conversion and sales in ecommerce
  • II Access to SEO consultations for your clients
  • III Support from one of the largest SEO technical department in Central Europe
  • IV Partner networking
  • V Ongoing assistance in the implementation of new solutions for clients.


  • I

    Fill out the form

    This is how you apply to join the Partner Program. We do not require any confidential information from you - your name, phone number, e-mail address, and web address is enough.

  • II

    Let’s get to know each other better.

    Conversation with Partnership Manager.

  • III

    Registration in the Partnership Program

    The panel is a specially prepared tool where you can find all the most important information: the number of referrals, signed contracts, and calculated commissions. By its means, you will be able to control the status of each payment.

  • IV

    Access to materials about iCEA Group International and the Partnership Program.

    You do not have to refer us without insight - with these materials, you will learn more about our SEO agency, the services we provide, and the opportunities for growth that iCEA Group International offers you.

  • V

    Referral process in the user panel

    At this stage, your role pretty much ends. Our Sales Department, who has received the lead from you, starts their work.

  • VI

    Benefits from the cooperation

    This is the most pleasant moment of our partnership! Remember that we follow the win-win-win principle (client-centricity, grow together, development). Not sure if the Partnership Program is right for you? Schedule a meeting to find out more about the iCEA360 Partnership Program. By joining the ecosystem of companies that support online business, you’ll gain access to thousands of customers from across three continents, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of unique offers. What else? Our Partnership Manager will tell you about it during the meeting We will explain to you more about our partnership and answer any questions you may have.

    Make an appointment, and let's talk about cooperation.
    You choose the commission variant
    option I
    40% at the start and 10% for the next 10 months

    If you choose the first variant, you can expect a one-off payment of 40% of the value of the signed agreement. This is a solution for those who care about time and want to benefit from the partnership as soon as possible. You receive the aforementioned amount in the first month and a 10% commission in the next 10 months. The commission is paid out for a total of 11 months. In general, this variant generates lower income than the other options, however, it is compensated by a big payment in the first month of the partnership agreement. When signing an agreement with an average value of 3.700 PLN per month, this option results in a one-off commission payment of 1.480 PLN at the beginning, while the total amount of paid commissions will amount to 5.180 PLN for the whole duration of the partnership agreement.

    option II
    13% for 12 months

    The second variant is an intermediate proposal, positioning itself between the high one-time payout oriented variant 1 and the one focusing on long-term profit from the paid commission in variant 3. In this option, you can count on the commission of 13% paid out for 12 months, because this is the duration of the affiliate's commission. Ultimately, this option will bring you higher profits than the choice of a one-off higher payout and lower-interest monthly payments. After one year of our partnership, the total amount of the paid-out commission is 5.772 PLN.

    option III
    8% for the whole duration of the agreement

    The last option of cooperation within the Partnership Program of iCEA Group is intended for those who focus on long-term solutions. The interest rate for individual payments is 8% however, it is worth noting that the partnership agreement lasts as long as the referred client is working with us. In other words, every month during which our services are rendered to a particular client, you will be paid 8% of the contract's total value. As a one-off payment, it is significantly lower than in variant 1, but assuming a 3-year cooperation, your profits will almost double compared to the two shorter and higher-interest variants. For example, assuming that the value of the contract is PLN 3,700 per month, after 11 months of cooperation Variant 1 will generate a commission payment of PLN 5,180, while Variant 3, which is a long-term solution, after 3 years will generate as much as PLN 10,656. It is also worth remembering that the commission payments will take place as long as the signed SEO services agreement lasts.


    What exactly is SEO (search engine optimization)?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a website according to a search engine. The aim of this process is to achieve the highest possible position in the search results. This increases the popularity of the website, as well as increases traffic. The scope of SEO is divided into: optimization (on-site SEO) and link building (off-site SEO). On-site SEO includes technical optimization – adjusting the website to meet current search engine guidelines and content verification, which is an important ranking factor. Off-site SEO activities consist of acquiring valuable links to the website. The links are an indicator for the search engine that the website contains valuable content.

    SEO Agency - Definition

    A SEO agency will help your business succeed in the search engine optimization process. A properly implemented SEO strategy will boost your website’s visibility in search engine results, resulting in increased conversion rates and sales. Experienced SEO agencies work with clients from various industries, and the vast majority of them specialize in e-commerce services. Only a few agencies offer comprehensive SEO services on foreign markets.

    What does a SEO agency do?

    A SEO agency deals with comprehensive support in the website positioning process, which includes:

    • SEO audits
    • technical optimization of your website
    • link building
    • keyword research
    • creation of high quality content
    • competition research

    How to choose an effective SEO agency?

    The SEO agency provides comprehensive support in the process of positioning your website, which includes:

    • Check out the past success stories of SEO agencies. Examine available case studies;
    • Read reviews of former or current clients;
    • Learn more about the SEO agency: use a free SEO audit and evaluate the quality of provided services yourself.

    What can you expect from a SEO agency?

    • The support of SEO experts who will prepare an effective SEO strategy for your online business;
    • Appointment of KPIs and constant measurement of the effects of conducted activities;
    • Comprehensive analysis of your competition;
    • Establishment and implementation of a link building strategy;
    • Determination and implementation of a content development strategy;
    • Full technical website optimization;
    • Optimization of the key website subpages with regard to the target keywords;
    • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of conducted activities.

    Which SEO agency is the best ?

    In order to find an SEO agency, simply type in search phrases such as: “seo agency” or “seo agency USA/ NEW YORK”. Afterwards, you will receive a list of agencies whose offer you can get acquainted with.

    How to find SEO agencies?

    For example, by typing in the search engine: “seo agency”, or “seo agency USA” you will be provided with a list of agencies you can get acquainted with. You can also ask for a recommendation of someone who has ever used SEO services before. This way, you can reduce the risk of making a bad choice. Once you find a SEO agency, verify the reviews of its services.

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    • I Please send us a message first for the introduction.
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    • III We schedule a consultation in time that works for you.
    • IV The SEO Expert audits your website and provides strategic recommendations on how to improve your performance.
    • V You'll get the SEO report with a comprehensive look at numerous search ranking factors such as technical items, on-page, content, and off-page metrics.