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There are no random people on our team.

iCEA partners with traders, SEO and SEM specialists, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, administration personnel as well as trainees and apprentices.

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Our Culture

Employee satisfaction is utmost important to us. We care about integration, a friendly workspace and a good atmosphere. All our employees attend regular trainings to be up to date with the latest industry trends. As part of onboarding, every member of the team is trained individually.

We appreciate our employees and invest in their development. Every individual has an open path for growth and development within the company. Many people holding managerial positions today are people who started their adventure with SEO and SEM when joining hands with iCEA.

Get to know us better

We encourage pursuing passions and interests alongside work. If you want to get to know us better, feel free to browse the profiles of a few selected team members. Unfortunately, there are too many of us to describe each person.

Management Board – Behind the scene

The Management Board is an integral part of our team. The introduction to our Board is as below:

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Paweł Borowik

He has been associated with the company since 2012. Presently, he is the President of the Management Board of Grupa iCEA S.A. He started his career as a salesperson. In less than a year, he was supervising the work of one of the company’s two Commercial Departments. In 2014, he became the Manager of the newly-merged Sales Department. In the beginning of 2018, he assumed the position of President of the Management Board. His list of professional achievements include coordinating and supervising a range of high-budget projects as well as running some of the largest SEO campaigns.

In his spare time, he is an ardent football fan and an advocate of active leisure. Passionate about new technologies in the construction industry, Paweł is interested in the development of modern building materials and innovative constructions.

Supervisory Board - Right Hand of the Management Board

The Supervisory Board is an advisory body of our Management Board. The Council consists of: Andrzej Nowak, Patryk Olszewski and Przemysław Ochociński. Each member specialises in their field.

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Andrzej Nowak

Andrzej chairs the Management Board. He specialises in improving the management of all iCEA resources. He is an active entrepreneur and an investor operating in many segments of the economy. He deals with negotiation techniques in the field of sales and procurement. His interest lies in analysing in world religions and their influence on shaping individuals in turn the entire society.

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Patryk Olszewski

Patryk is a member of the Supervisory Board of Grupa iCEA S.A., and a former Deputy Manager of the Sales Department, associated with the company since 2014. He has over 7 years of experience in the SEO/SEM industry. He is a former Webmaster characterized by an analytical as well as a creative mind. During his stint with Grupa iCEA S.A., he has repeatedly coordinated advertising campaigns and prepared marketing strategy and plans for well-known brands in the Polish market. Owing to his experience and competence, he manages most of our key projects.

An enthusiast of new technology, Patryk keeps a close eye on the development of the IT market and knows about the latest trends in marketing before anybody else. He is a fan of traveling and learning about the world.

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Przemysław Ochociński

Przemysław is a business advisor for the iCEA Management Board. He passed the ACCA exam (a very prestigious examination for financial specialists). He helps us manage the company effectively. He refines the company's strategy with the Management Board and monitors its results. He has an extensive experience of working in a corporation. Additionally, he is also the Financial Director in an FMCG company.

For leisure, Przemysław explores the achievements of the Austrian school in the field of economics and enjoys hiking in the mountains.

Departments at iCEA

You have already met our Management Board and Supervisory Board – it is time to meet particular departments.

SEO Department- Racetrack

The SEO Department deals with conducting thorough research of the customer’s website, analyzing the acquired data and developing a strategy for its optimization . In each case, it may look different.The team enjoys pursuing different interests. Its members form the iCEA Racing Team - the Karting elite of Greater Poland.

SEM Department - Our Creative Crew

The SEM Department employs copywriters, graphic designers and web developers.

They run customer profiles on social media, post and update customers’ blogs on a regular basis. They create a variety of content - from simple posts to high-quality expert articles and relevant graphic materials.

Sales department - Our communication experts

Our sales representatives not only present the offer to customers and negotiate the terms of contracts: but also assist in choosing the best option for them. They know SEO and SEM like no other and are able to assess the most beneficial solution for the customer at any given moment. They value customer relations and strive for customer satisfaction and contentment.

Customer service

We assign an individual supervisor to each of our customers who supervise the course of our cooperation. He/she actively responds to all queries of our customers and solves problems to ensure that everything takes place smoothly.

We are very proud of our CS Department and we boast about it wherever there is an opportunity. It's really effective - our customers vouch for this.The Customer Service Department is managed by Mateusz Rajs.

Administration Department

Małgorzata Hoffmann, our chief accountant leads this department. She has been cooperating with large companies for many years. She pays a lot of attention to detail.

Research and Development Department- We stay ahead of competition

Piotr Bydłowski, Tomasz Piastanowicz and Patryk Olszewski are actively involved in the Research and Development Department. Although it is one of the smallest departments, it is of great importance to us.

It overlooks to optimize the work of all other departments, develop new services and improve the efficiency of services provided by us for stronger brand recognition.