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How to use directory links to build a powerful strategy for your website?

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How to use directory links to build a powerful strategy for your website?
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Are you trying to build links to your website? It’s common knowledge that in order to get good search engine rankings, you have to have powerful backlinks. Directory links can help increase your link juice and boost your page rank tremendously.

Do directory links work? The answer is absolutely yes. Not only do they work, but they also provide long-term results as well as short-term ones! This article explains how to use directory links in order to build powerful links for your website.


Links are integral to the experience of using a website, but what exactly is a link? A link connects one or more webpages on the internet together by sending an audience from one page to another. Links can also be used in hyperlinks, which help audiences navigate around the web more quickly.

Link building

In a nutshell, link building is the process of obtaining backlinks from other websites. The key word here is getting those backlinks – that’s the tricky part. Link building has become more and more important in the past decade, thanks to Google ranking factors like Domain Authority and PageRank. Google wants to show their searchers the best websites possible, so they prioritize sites with higher authority over sites with lower authority.

Most people know about directories like the yellow pages, where you can look up the name of a company and get their contact information. When someone lists a business in a directory it is called directory listing or sometimes directory linking. A directory link is different from other types of links because, when another site that lists businesses creates a link on their site to your site, they are adding an important trust signal that helps Google understand your content is relevant.

Every business wants more traffic, leads, and sales. Luckily, building backlinks from other directories is one of the easiest ways to create a steady stream of new customers and improve your search engine rankings.


General directories

This is just your regular, everyday link-building directory where all types of sites are welcome to list their information. No matter your website’s niche or field of specialization, you can place a link back to it here.

Business listings

Business listings are online databases that contain contact information about businesses. Most allow you to get in touch with the business and access their profile, making them a good resource for contacting a potential client. They can also be used as a form of link building because they offer fresh content on the web, which is coveted by search engines like Google.

Local citations

NAP citations are also sometimes referred to as business listings, company profiles, and business directories. Basically, it is any type of citation that includes your company name and address. It should include your city, state or province, postal code, country.

Paid directories

Paid directories allow businesses and individuals who have expertise or the ability to offer valuable information the opportunity to get paid from simply publishing that content. Paid directories are a much cheaper way of getting noticed by search engines than most other methods, including online advertising and social media marketing.

Niche directories

Niche directories are databases of resources that are specific to a particular area of interest. They can be very useful in a variety of ways, and the best part is you don’t have to do anything except submit a listing. A lot of time, when you’re searching through niche directories you’ll find some sites that will list all the other sites they’ve found so even if they don’t take your site or mention it by name, they might refer back to it.

Targeted directory links

A targeted directory link is an external link that points directly to a web page of the target site. The target site can be another blog, commercial company, non-profit organization or even another directory. The important thing about this type of link is that it will not lead to any additional pages on the destination domain other than the one you are linking from. When submitting to directories, it’s also possible to set up reciprocal links with another website and get traffic back in return.

Benefits of directory links

Directory links have been around for a long time, and many people underestimate their power. Not only do they provide you with backlinks from high-authority websites, but they are also usually crawled by Google before other links. This means that those who are searching in the SERPS will see the link first and may click on it. They can also be very useful when building your own website’s internal linking structure. You can create new pages or sections of content and add them as part of a directory.

Directory links and SEO

Directory links are a unique form of link building. They offer another opportunity to submit your site and gain valuable backlinks. Directory links help in two ways: first, they can drive traffic from a niche audience and secondly, the reciprocal link could drive a lot of people to you site. When implementing this strategy it is important not to submit hundreds of sites at once – take care with who you choose and make sure it is appropriate with the other tactics you are using.

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How do you choose the right directories to submit a site?

Link building is a highly debated topic. How do you know if a site is worth linking to? Is the site trustworthy? What are the other sites it links out to? You can find some of these answers by using directories. You should spend time finding and submitting your site on relevant directories, as it will help validate your work. It’s not hard to find a list of good directories to submit your site on – simply googling directory links brings up lots of results. The best idea is to work with professional agency. To find the best directories, you can run a Google search with keywords such as best (industry) link building. When choosing which directories you want to join, make sure they offer good quality content and active participation.

How can you get directory links?

  • Find the most relevant directories on Google and search through them for a submission guidelines.
  • Click on add URL or add listing which appears at the top of each page of the site.
  • Enter in your URL and then fill out the appropriate fields- adding in your contact information, tags, categories, and an optimized title will help you get a more favorable result from search engines like Google
  • You should also take some time to leave reviews and feedback on sites that you’ve submitted to. Make sure that you keep track of these links by saving them in a spreadsheet so that you can easily reference back to them later.
  • You can also get backlinks by posting content on other websites such as forum threads, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., communities such as Quora, e-commerce stores.

In conclusion

Directory links are an excellent link building strategy that businesses can utilize. The best part about this strategy is that it doesn’t take a lot of time and it provides long-term, sustainable results. Use this strategy and watch the success come in! You don’t have to spend money on advertising or buy followers – just get those quality links from directories and you’ll be set.

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