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How to recover an abandoned shopping cart in an online store

Wiktoria Czerw
Content Editor
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How to recover an abandoned shopping cart in an online store
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Are you tired of losing potential sales in your online store? It’s a common problem many business owners face. You put in the effort to attract customers and showcase your products, only to have them abandon their cart before making a purchase. But don’t worry; there are ways to recover those abandoned carts and boost your revenue. In this article, I’ll share some effective strategies to help you reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and improve your online sales performance.


Why do users abandon their shopping carts?

Even with a well-constructed and optimized website, not all potential buyers follow through with their purchase. It’s a reality that every online store owner must accept. Some visitors may simply browse the products, compare prices, or search for inspiration. While it’s challenging to sway the decisions of visitors without a purchasing intention, there are various reasons why many users abandon their shopping carts. Addressing these issues can increase the likelihood of successful conversions and improve your sales.


Some visitors add items to their cart without intending to purchase them. To address this, consider offering a discount on the first purchase when a user tries to leave the site. Using plugins that track mouse cursor movement and display pop-up windows with discount information, you can encourage customers to complete their purchases on your site.

Lack of trust

Customers are unlikely to complete a purchase from an online store they do not trust. This could be due to factors such as poor website design, low-quality graphics, non-working links, and poor usability. Optimizing these aspects and providing guarantees for payment security and personal data protection is necessary to inspire trust.

Low website usability

A website’s usability is critical to customer satisfaction and conversion rates. A site that is difficult to use will frustrate users and prompt them to leave. To optimize website usability, utilize responsive design, simplify the website, remove unnecessary elements, ensure fast page loading, and create attractive CTA buttons.

Necessity of registration

Requiring customers to register before purchasing can be a significant barrier leading to cart abandonment. To avoid this, provide customers with the option to purchase without creating an account. This simple step can significantly improve conversion rates.

possibility to purchase without registrationpossibility to purchase without registration

Inconvenient delivery

High or hidden delivery costs can be a significant turn-off for customers. Ensure that delivery information and costs are transparent and prominently displayed on the website. Customers appreciate convenience and transparency, and providing these can help reduce cart abandonment.

Few payment and delivery options

Customers expect to have multiple payment and delivery options to choose from when shopping online. Providing a wide range of options will increase the likelihood of completing a purchase. Staying competitive and offering the same standard as larger online stores is important.

Tools for recovering abandoned carts

Abandoned shopping carts can hurt your online business and reduce conversion rates. However, facing this challenge doesn’t have to be discouraging. By adopting a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes while also encouraging customers to complete their purchases, you can recover lost sales and boost your revenue. Here are two powerful tools you can use to recover abandoned shopping carts:

Email notifications

Email notifications are an effective way to reach out to registered users who have left items in their shopping carts. Since the system already has their email addresses, you can send personalized messages that gently remind them to complete their purchase. You can also use SMS notifications and instant messengers for even greater impact. However, it’s important to avoid being too pushy – a well-crafted series of notifications are generally more effective.

a message from Mango reminding you of the abandoned basketa message from Mango reminding you of the abandoned basket


Retargeting through Google Ads is another powerful way to remind visitors about products they viewed but did not buy. With this approach, you don’t need to authorize the user in your online store. Instead, you can tailor your campaigns to remind users of items left in their cart or recommend new products that match their interests. Customizing your retargeting strategy can optimize your conversion rates and drive more sales.

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How to bring a website visitor back to the purchasing process?

Use automated email reminders

Use the power of email marketing to remind visitors about their unfinished purchases. An effective strategy is to send a personalized message with a list of the products left in their cart, accompanied by appealing visuals. This approach can help to rekindle their interest and encourage them to complete the transaction.

Highlight the benefits of shopping with you

Take advantage of your unique selling points, such as free shipping or a hassle-free returns policy, to encourage potential customers to make a purchase. Illustrate these benefits in your email communications and make them aware of the added value of shopping with you.

Create urgency with limited-time offers

Create a sense of urgency by letting customers know that certain products are in limited supply. This can be achieved through targeted messaging that highlights the scarcity of the product and the potential loss of the opportunity to purchase it. This can be a powerful motivator for shoppers who are on the fence about making a purchase.

Encourage with discounts or free gifts

As a last resort, offer incentives to encourage visitors to complete their purchases. This can be in the form of a discount code or a free gift, which can be offered in subsequent email communications. This approach should only be used after other strategies have been attempted.


Retargeting is a proven technique for re-engaging visitors who have left your site without completing a purchase. With targeted cookies, you can display personalized ads on the Google advertising network reminding visitors of the items left in their cart. Properly configured advertising campaigns can effectively drive conversions and increase sales.

Examples of retargeting tools

Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful retargeting solution that offers a range of features to help you reach your target audience. With a well-optimized campaign, you can show targeted ads to visitors who have interacted with your website, made purchases, or abandoned their carts. This platform allows you to create specific retargeting lists and target undecided customers with personalized ads to increase conversions.

Facebook Ads

With millions of active users, Facebook Ads provide an excellent opportunity to retarget potential customers. This platform enables you to connect your website or online store to your advertising account and reach out to users who have already visited your site. Facebook’s advanced algorithms gather information about your visitors to create targeted ads that can help undecided consumers make informed decisions.


Digioh is another powerful tool that can help you recover potential customers. Its lightboxes and widgets can prevent customers from leaving your online store without completing a transaction. You can set up discount offers, promotions, and other incentives to encourage recipients to make a purchase. Additionally, Digioh offers email campaigns that target visitors who have abandoned their carts, allowing you to reach out to them and increase your conversion rates.


Sometimes, visitors leave your store due to a lack of useful information, which can discourage them from making a final decision. Chatra is an online consultant that provides visitors with the answers they need to make informed decisions. This tool stores conversation histories, offers group chats, and free encryption, among other features. With Chatra, you can prevent visitors from leaving your website and improve your chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Solve the problem of abandoned shopping carts!

Reducing the number of abandoned shopping carts is crucial for any online business. While it’s impossible to eliminate the issue entirely, there are ways to minimize its occurrence. To do so, implement a multi-faceted approach. Start by analyzing why customers abandon their carts on your website. Put yourself in their shoes and go through the buying process from product selection to payment.

Additionally, integrate Google Analytics to monitor website activity and pinpoint reasons for cart abandonment. Once you’ve identified potential issues, take steps to address and resolve them. Lastly, make an effort to persuade customers who have abandoned their carts to make a purchase by offering incentives or discounts. Protect your sales potential from the harmful effects of abandoned shopping carts, and take action today to boost your conversions!

Wiktoria Czerw
Content Editor

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