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How to choose the right SEO agency for your business?

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How to choose the right SEO agency for your business?
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The next step, after deciding to outsource your strategy needs, is to find the right SEO agency for your business. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which companies will be the best fit for your website and budget. Here are some helpful steps you can take when choosing a perfect one for your goals.


Why is it worth working with an agency at all?

  • The greatest benefit is the wide range of tools and specialists used by the SEO agency. From the IT industry to marketing and promotion. You get a full package of interdisciplinary activities that take into account every aspect of your website.
  • Self-optimization may unknowingly lead you into trouble in the form of Google penalties. The agency will be your protection against unethical and illegal deposition practices. Additionally, it will take care of security certificates on the website to protect its users.
  • You can be sure that you will achieve success. Thanks to personalized optimization and positioning, you will be popular online for a really long time.
  • Optimization is a long process, so delegating it to professionals will save you time. You will not have to worry about further algorithm updates, and you will have to deal with something much more interesting!
  • In the long term, SEO activities will not damage your portfolio like paid PPC advertising campaigns. Better to invest in organic results that last much longer.

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What do they know about your industry?

When you’re looking to outsource your marketing, it’s important to do your homework. Check a potential agency’s portfolio of clients in your industry and make sure they have experience producing results in your niche. It will be more difficult—but also much more useful—to work with an agency that’s already familiar with some of your biggest competitors.

Additionally, ask any prospective agencies if they can show you real-world examples of their past successes rather than just telling you about them. The last thing you want is to end up paying a bunch of money for services that don’t produce tangible results.

Are they up-to-date with Google algorithm updates?

Google algorithm updates are a huge deal. If you aren’t up-to-date with these updates, you could be paying thousands of dollars in penalties to Google. Make sure that your agency is on top of all new developments with search engine algorithms! Ask them what they do when an update comes out. If they don’t have a response ready, it might be time to move on. Don’t risk losing customers because your company doesn’t know how to keep up with changes.

What type of results can you expect from them?

With any type of agency, it’s important to know what kind of results you can expect from them. If they guarantee search engine placement in a certain period of time, you’ll want to be sure they have a good track record (and ideally, case studies) behind that promise. If they offer services like conversion optimization or website management, look into their record in those areas as well. And if you’re looking for an agency that specializes in local SEO, make sure they have experience with local businesses and understand how local search works. The more specific your needs are, the more research you should do before hiring an agency.

How fast will they deliver results?

If your business needs quick results, an agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) might not be for you. Even though most agencies claim to offer quick solutions, only those with a proven track record can deliver faster than promised. It’s important to know whether an agency has enough resources and is efficient enough to help you make a comeback in search engine rankings.

Can you get real references from clients they’ve worked with before?

A great way to determine whether an agency is right for you is to ask them what their clients think of them. A good agency will have solid references, and a bad one will just have a long list of satisfied customers. When talking with agencies, be sure to ask about these references before hiring anyone. You’ll want to avoid an agency that doesn’t work well with others or that has a lot of issues regarding its performance or professionalism.

Ask them what their end goal is

When searching for an SEO agency, make sure you ask them how they plan to grow your business and if they do not disclose that, take your business elsewhere. A good SEO agency has a healthy mix of short term tactics (content, link building, social media) and long term strategies (Google+ Local/Maps, Google Authorship). Make sure you understand their long-term goals as well.

If they only want to rank in search engines, move on. They should be able to tell you what types of links are going to be built (editorial vs directory), where those links will be placed (homepage vs footer), and how many keywords will be targeted per month. If any part of that is missing or unclear, move on. Don’t sign a contract with any SEO agency without knowing exactly what you’re paying for!

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Choosing a good SEO agency is important. In order to find a good one, your best bet is to make sure you’re familiar with everything they will and won’t do. Ask them questions, get recommendations from other business owners in your area. While there are many agencies out there promising big results, make sure you get them thoroughly before signing on—and stay realistic about your goals and expectations along the way.

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