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How should SEO-friendly content look like?

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How should SEO-friendly content look like?
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Content can be of any form such as pictures, videos, blogs, articles, etc. to provide web users valuable information, attract them to your platforms, and more. But how will customers know that you have great content or you are offering valuable information unless they already know you or are looking for you? That’s where SEO is important as SEO thrives on Content. Optimizing content with SEO helps websites to reach more customers and promote their products and services. Ideal or good SEO content will have various characteristics such as unique and original content, useful information, well-structured content, keyword-optimized, user-friendly, attractive, containing backlinks, and more.

SEO can be used in all types of website content from copywriting to blogs or articles, promotional content, etc. Let’s find out more about SEO content


How does SEO copywriting differ from "normal" one?

Copywriting is crucial for websites, but SEO has its own importance. Copywriting is generally used to serve the purpose of converting traffic into leads, and SEO is used to reach more customers and improve rankings.

Copywriting – It’s a type of writing used for advertising purposes, also called sales copy. It is used to grab customer attention.

SEO Copywriting – It is a process of creating keyword-optimized content that is used to attract both users and search engines which means it is a type of content that both user and search engine crawlers can understand.

The basic difference between normal copywriting and SEO copywriting is the use of keywords for ranking. However, SEO copywriting is not limited to keyword stuffing, but also to offering more valuable information.

If you use normal copywriting for your website, your website will lack keywords for search rankings. No matter how attractive copywriting you have, you will not be able to attract customers if your website ranks lower.

Why is SEO content so important for Google?

SEO content plays an important role in Google and Google’s search rankings. If you want your website to reach more and more customers, you need to optimize your website content as per Google standards. Every time a website uploads content on its platform, search engine crawlers use various links to crawl to your website for content and rank your website. Here are a few reasons that determine why SEO Content is important:

SEO ranking factor

Google uses content as an important ranking factor for SEO. When a web user searches for some information, search engine crawlers crawl websites in seconds to list the best possible solutions. They rank these websites based on website quality, SEO text quality, keywords, or various on-site and off-site factors. To rank websites, content is an important factor for Google crawlers.

Google prefer original content

Google thrives on providing the best possible solution to its users. You can read Google’s Mission on their website which states they want to organize valuable information and all possible information to provide users with the best solution for their search query. Therefore, they constantly look for new and original content on websites. Platforms that use original content achieve higher rankings by Google.

Content attracts links

Good quality SEO description or content attracts more links which means if you have valuable information, more and more websites will use your content or website page as backlinking. The more websites link to your website, the better reputation websites have with Google. These links help crawlers and users to navigate from one website to another. More links on a website improve navigation for Google crawlers. Moreover, link building is one of the important SEO ranking factors which can help websites for better ranking.

SEO content attract Web traffic

users are looking for a solution on search engines and Google thrives on providing the best information for users. If your website does not offer what they are searching for, you will not only lose your SEO ranking but also reduce web traffic. SEO texts are important for higher web traffic. The more you have valuable content and what web users are looking for, the better you will have web traffic.

These are some of the important reasons for Google and websites to create SEO description. Better quality content will not only improve website quality and higher rankings for the website but also build a good reputation among web users and potential customers.

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Keyword research - how to

Keyword research plays a crucial role in SEO content and content marketing. Keywords are typical keyphrases or words used by web users to search information or their query in search engines. Using these keywords in content help websites to reach targeted customers easily. Apart from customers, keywords help websites to improve SEO rankings and more. To perform keyword research, you need to follow some steps such as :

Discover the main keyword

First of all, you need to understand and discover the main keyword. What is the main keyword for SEO description? The main keyword is a word that perfectly describes your business niche and what you offer for your customers. For instance, for a company selling pizza, emphasis is on Pizza so the pizza would be the center. To discover the main keyword you need to brainstorm and think about some simple phrases or words that describe your business niche and products. Consider it this way, you think like a customer, what will you search for if you have to buy the product or service you’re selling. Apart from brainstorming, you can use various keyword discovery tools such as Google AdWords, Uber suggest, etc that can help you find words related to your business niche. Make a list of main keywords.

Discover related keywords

Now you have a list of main keywords, play with words and find out related keywords. Some phrases or words that are not popular but might be related to your business niche. List down all the related keywords that associate with main keywords and some related keywords for your website. You can use similar keyword discovery tools for the same.

Check your competitor’s keywords

Find out what keywords your website competitors use or where they are ranked. Looking for keywords your competitors are using is a good start for keyword search and it will provide a direction on what your target keywords might be. Compare your brainstorm or discovered keyword list with what your competitors are using. If it doesn’t match your website’s main keyword or seed keyword, you can use the auto-suggested option by Google search to find possible keywords for your niche.

Analysis of search volume

The use of keywords in SEO texts will depend on their search volume. If a keyword has low search volume, it will not have any significant impact on your SEO and will not bring high traffic. Take out the list of keywords you discovered and from competitors’ sites, find out their search volume through various keyword search tools such as Google AdWords, SEMrush tool, etc. Select keywords with higher and medium search intent, it will help you take a balanced approach. High search volume will have higher competition, using only high search intent keywords will make it difficult for your website to gain customers’ attention as you face higher competition. Use a mix of both high and medium search intent keywords in SEO description.

These are some steps you can follow for the right keyword search. However, make sure you perform regular keyword searches for different content to achieve optimized results.

User-friendly means Google-friendly

Google takes user experience seriously, user experience is considered as one of the major factors by Google for search engine rankings. Recently, Google announced user experience as a crucial ranking factor. The more your website is user-friendly, the more it is Google-friendly, and the better search rankings you can achieve. There are various factors that determine user experience for Google, optimizing your SEO texts with these factors will improve your website performance and rank.

Here is the list of factors that impact user experience:

Mobile compatibility

Most customers use mobile devices to search for information, services, or products. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices, it will offer a bad user experience no matter how good your content is, users are more likely to shift to another website. You can use the Mobile site tester offered by Google to find out if your content and website are optimized with mobile devices.

Structured content

If your website has scattered and visually deteriorating content it will impact user experience. When a user visits your platform, and they are not able to find content or information on your website, they will get frustrated and shift to another website. Optimizing your website content with a well-structured format is important for user experience and also for search engine crawlers to understand what you are offering.


It’s common for marketers and websites to use external links in their website content to improve rankings. However, these links should be acquired from quality websites. If your website uses low-quality links for SEO texts, Google can take action against your website as it leads to a bad user experience.

Technical factors

Technical factors such as Page loading time, navigation for visitors, alignment of graphics, use of other visual features, access to content, etc., that require technical aspects should be optimized and in sync with content to provide a user experience.

These are some factors that determine user experience, Google uses these factors to determine your website quality and understand if you have user-friendly content or website.


The guide can help you understand why SEO content is important, how it is different from normal content, how you can conduct keyword research for SEO-friendly content. why user experience is important, using these important factors and methods will help you improve your website performance and search rankings.

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