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How long does it take to index a page in Google?

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How long does it take to index a page in Google?
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Whenever you create your website, your main goal would be to make sure that it is visible on result pages on Google. Well, search engines like Google perform a proper procedure and then only a website is able to land on search result pages. The procedure of this includes different steps that involve crawling, indexing, and ranking the website. Well, in this article, we will be focused on the indexing part of the procedure.

So firstly, we need to understand what exactly indexing is. Well, it is the storage and organization of the content which is found on the websites when the crawling is done. After crawling, Google or other search engines have reached your content, and now it is time to make sure that it gets stored in it; this is known as indexing. Once the website content is stored on the search engines, it is successfully indexed.

Getting your website index is mandatory to make sure that it is ready to be ranked on search engines like Google. Well, now a question may arise stating how long does it take for a website to be indexed? The time of getting a website indexed on search engines as Google can vary. It can even take only a few days, But it can also take a few months as well to be in the text. Usually, it takes around four days, but it can be extended up to five or six months. This is so because whenever a website is crawled, then only it will be indexed. And crawling can take a lot of time in some cases.

Since indexing includes a lot of factors on which Google will judge you are website, the time can easily vary. So to ensure that it was being crawled and indexed in a very short period of time, you need to make sure that you have everything on your website and in your content that Google needs to index.


How does Google index a website?

During the crawling procedure, the Google bot understands the content present on each page that is being crawled. While understanding, the process will include checking out the content of the page, its attributes and key content tags, title tags, images, and more. When a page is being crawled and indexed, the duplicity of the content is determined by Google, and if it is found that the content present on it is duplicate, then it will not be crawled frequently. This will also lead to poor indexing of the page. Those pages which are found to be duplicated are stored in one document and will not be crawled, indexed, or ranked frequently. To make sure that Google index a website, follow all the things that are required for indexing a website.

How to check if a website is indexed?

Well, if you still have a question stating, Can you check if a page is indexed in Google? Then yes, it can be checked whether a website is indexed. There are certain ways using which you can check out if your website is indexed or not. One of the easiest one and most used ways to determine whether your website is indexed by Google or not is with the help of a search operator. You can certainly use the following search operators, and when you do so, Google will let you know whether it is indexed or not:

  • Site:
  • Info:

You can write the above operator, and following it, you will have to write the URL of the page which you are searching for. If Google results in the web page after searching the above-mentioned format, then the website or the web page is indexed on Google. Or, in case there is nothing resulting from searching, then you can conclude that the website or the webpage is not indexed.

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How to speed up the indexing process?

There are certain things with the help of which you can make sure that indexing a website on google is done faster. With the help of improving some of the SEO techniques that you have used on your website, you can definitely speed up the process of indexing. Following are some of the tips that you can certainly follow.

Add on links to some of the websites that show high traffic

This is one of the best things that you can do in order to increase the link and speed up the index in the procedure. As we know that adding links to your content is one of the parts of SEO, so if you add more links that have good traffic on them, it will additionally help you in improving the overall SEO and the ranking of your website. So, adding links to those websites on web pages that have high traffic can help in reducing the Google web indexing procedure time.

Improve the link structure

Well, when it comes to SEO, link structure is something which is one of the most important aspects as it can directly affect the ranking and even the indexing of your website. So, if you are facing some issues with the indexing of your website, you can work on the link structure of it. For this, you need to make sure that the pages which are not getting indexed are linked from pages like your homepage. Apart from it, you need to ensure that the content present on your website is not duplicated and is completely unique so that when Google analyses the content between crawling and indexing, it is not identified as duplicate content. What are the things that you can do to make sure that the indexing procedure is done faster? You can certainly add your homepage link directly on the new page that you have created and needs to be indexed. You also need to make sure that the link structure on your website is tree-like.

Use HTML and XML sitemaps

It is always thought that search engines can extract the page links and can easily follow these links without any help. However, it is recommended, and it has been proved that using HTML sitemaps or XML sitemaps on your website can really help in speeding up the entire process of indexing. Once you have added the XML sitemaps, you need to ensure that they are submitted to different search engines’ webmaster consoles. You can also try to include these side maps in robots.txt. In addition to it, you also need to make sure that the site maps on your websites are up-to-date and maintained regularly. Whenever you update them, you need to resubmit them if there are some major changes done on your website.

Take the help of tools

Every search engine has its own tool, or you can say consoles using which you can easily manage the settings of indexing of your website. In addition to indexation settings, there are also options to manage the site maps that you have submitted. The consoles where you can do so are as follows:

  • For Google, you can refer to Google Webmaster tools
  • For Yahoo, you can refer to Yahoo site explorer
  • For Bing, there is a Bing toolbox

You can certainly manage these options in all the consoles present, and you need to monitor the websites on a regular basis so that you do not skip any kind of error or warnings that have been generated for your website. It is also recommended that you resubmit the sitemap services for your website whenever there are major changes made on your website. For the same, you also need to ping the search engine services for sitemap. By making sure that these things are updated, and there are no errors or warnings available, it can certainly help in improving the indexing of your website.

Try changing the crawling rate or crawl rate

One other way with the help of which you can help in speeding up the indexing procedure for your website is changing the crawl rate. This crawl rate for Google can be changed with the help of the Google Webmaster tools console. You can certainly set the faster setting of the crawl rate, which is going to make sure that the Google board can quickly crawl pages on your website. However, one of the major drawbacks of this particular method is that once you change the setting of crawl rate, there will be a sudden increase in the traffic that is generated on your server. But still, if you will look deeper into it, this is not one of the major problems if you have a strong server. This is so because you can only have 2 seconds between requests, and the request per second is 0.5.

What does Mobile-first indexing mean?

As per many reports and studies, it has been stated that a lot of traffic which is generated on web pages and websites are generated on mobile devices rather than on desktop. So this is the major reason why Google has started mobile-first indexing. This means that the index in a procedure that is done on a website will differ for desktop and mobile versions of it. So, if your website is responsive on a laptop or desktop and on mobile phones as well, it will certainly undergo mobile-first indexing. This procedure was announced by Google towards the end of 2017. As of 2019, mobile-first indexing is now applied and enabled on all the new websites which were developed after July 2019. The websites which were already present before that are also now being indexed for mobile versions separately.

Google doesn't want to index some pages - what to do?

Well, there can be some reasons that can make your website not get indexed by Google. So firstly, you need to understand what is the major reason why your website is not getting indexed from Google or from any other search engine. Check out all the things which can possibly go wrong on your website and start working upon them. Well, we know that when a Google index is a website, during the procedure, not only the content is determined whether it is duplicated or not, but it also makes sure that the content has good readability and has all the major factors that are needed for air to enter into the next procedure which is to rank it.

Bottom Line

It is very important for all the websites to rank on Google and other search engines so that they can gain traffic and more visitors can easily read the content that is present on the website. We all know that SEO plays an important role in ranking the website, but to read the process of ranking, crawling, and indexing are the other two steps that a website needs to pass. These two steps are certainly done by Google bots, and it can take time depending upon different factors. In short, a webpage can be indexed in a few days, or it can also take a few months as well.

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