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First aid from Majestic. Link acquisition tool

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First aid from Majestic. Link acquisition tool
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Link acquisition is the single most important part of any inbound marketing strategy, so it’s essential that you have tools to effectively manage your link building campaign from the get-go. One of the most useful tools we’ve found for this purpose is Majestic SEO. While building links may seem like an impossible task at first, Majestic provides you with everything you need to find and build links that are both relevant to your brand and strong enough to boost your site’s search engine ranking. Let’s take a look at some of these resources now.


Link building is the act of acquiring links to your website from other websites in order to improve visibility. Links are one of the most important factors when determining a website’s search engine ranking and can have a huge impact on traffic levels. However, it is not enough to simply create content that people like – you must get other websites to link back to your site as well.

Google evaluates links by looking at the following factors: the quality of your website as a whole, quality of the page where the link lives, importance of the page where the link lives, anchor text used in the link, type of website that is linking to your site, quantity of links pointing to a site. These are quite a lot of things to deal with, so it is worth using the available tools.

Introduction to Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a link analysis tool that provides in-depth insights into the backlink profile of any URL. It is often used by SEO professionals to analyze competitor sites, monitor the progress of their own website, and identify high quality link prospects. Its patent-pending technology crawls the entire web and builds an index of all domains which are linked to other domains.

These links are then stored in Majactics database so they can be crawled again at a later date. When this happens, Majestic crawl data is made available to its users through various reports including PageRank (PR), Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF) and Domain Rank (DR). It is the only tool that offers the full spectrum of backlinks, which we will discuss below.

Link tools

Bulk Backlinks

The tool is available only after subscription. It allows you to analyze backlinks of up to 400 URLs and up to 1,000,000 URLs inserted from a file (depending on available AU). The goal is to quickly check backlinks and their quality in terms of referring domains for the 10 billion most linked URLs in our database of all subdomains and root domains in the database. Bulk Backlink Checker has high level scores for each URL and is fed with Topical Trust Flow as standard.

Submit URLs

One of the basic tabs that subscribers of the cheapest plan can use. Our URL Submission tool allows our crawlers to check URLs that we may not have found yet – and that could turn out to be a useful backlink, or a page to stay away from.

Neighborhood Checker

Technical SEO comes into action in all its glory here. Each of us knows perfectly well that the server and its performance are key in terms of optimization, positioning and user experience. This analytic tool will provide you with a list of your “neighbors” or sites that are hosted on the same IP address. PRO subscribers can use the Network Neighborhood Tool.

Majestic Million

The Majestic Million is a ranking of the most powerful sites on the web. Millions of links are analyzed and each site is assigned a power value, or Trust Flow (TF). It was first released in 2011 and updated weekly to stay current with changes in link popularity. This list can help marketers identify which domains to avoid when looking for link building opportunities.

Anchor text

The anchor text is the text that you click on to navigate to a specific web page or website. It’s also one of the most critical components of your link building strategy. When you have a well-defined anchor text plan, you are able to see what kinds of links you need and how to get them. Plus, your anchor text can help with lead generation, brand awareness and social media marketing.

Link context

No link is in a vacuum. They have their context, that is, the situation they are in. It is about being surrounded by pictures, videos, text and other elements that influence its reception. Knowing these dependencies, you will better determine the value of a given link and whether you need it. In Majestic, you can find out the habitat of almost any internet backlink. It doesn’t matter if you focus on external or internal links, you need to know exactly where they will be located and how it will affect your visibility.

Experimental tools

The Experimental Toolkit offers the opportunity to evaluate products with unique conclusions that cannot be found in our toolkit. Access to them is available to subscribers of the PRO plan or higher.

Link Profile Fight

The Majestic team has been working diligently to make our tools more intuitive, faster and easier to use. In an effort to help our customers build a strong link profile, we have developed a tool called Link Profile Fight that allows you to battle your friends in order to win back lost links. The premise is simple: you and your opponent set up a time that is convenient for both of you, then pick the websites you want to fight over.

Mutual Links

With the Majestic Mutual Links Tool, you can find mutual links that you share with prominent blogs and media outlets in your industry. A particularly useful function in the context of relevance value – one of the basic Google ratings.

Solo Links

This tool helps you compare domains that are unique between sites. When this happens, the link from one site to another is more powerful than a typical backlink and may be eligible for a better ranking on Google. It also has an automated report system which notifies you of any updates in your account, as well as other features like an index of all URLs linked to your domain and an index of all links pointing to your domain.

Online support

Of course, when you purchase a Majestic package, you get full technical support. You have a blog, FAQ, contact, webinars, manuals and much more at your disposal. So you won’t stay on the ice fighting for the quality of your links.


You have three plans at your disposal.

  • The first is the Lite package for less than 47 euros a month that offers the most basic features. It is enough to run a small business and analyze a small group of pages.
  • The second – PRO for less than 95 euros a month – is already more advanced and is dedicated to sellers, agencies and SEO consultants. It offers extensive reports and a greater amount of data, and thus a greater number of tools.
  • The full package is an API for less than 380 euros per month. It is dedicated to agencies that need maximum power and to developers who want to download data directly from Majestic.
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By following these pointers, you should be on your way to acquiring a coveted spot in the webmaster’s first aid kit. If you need more information about how Majestic can help you with link acquisition, please contact us. By following these pointers, you should be on your way to acquiring a coveted spot in the webmaster’s first aid kit. If you need more information about how Majestic can help you with link acquisition, please contact us. Thank you for reading this blog post.

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