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In other words, how we improved visibility of a footwear manufacturer in two years by 775%!

Increase in
Increase in
Number of phrases
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See how Tomasz Czechowski, Senior SEO Specialist, talks about the strategy he implemented, thanks to which in just one year he managed to improve the client’s income from the footwear industry by 132%.

Many years of experience in the eCommerce market means that our specialists are able to use every element of the website to improve its visibility – including a company blog. Engaging, well-written content on current topics allows you to effectively acquire organic traffic and make the Google search engine trust your site more. Listen as Tomasz talks about the role of content in the positioning of online stores.


The client signed a contract with us in October 2018.

He mainly wanted to improve the visibility of his online store, as it generated negligible organic traffic. The reason for this was the lack of proper website optimization: TOP-3 only showed 80 search results, and only 350 in the top ten. Other companies might be satisfied with these types of results, but for a professional footwear manufacturer, visibility at this level did not generate a satisfactory number of conversions.

Increase in the numer of phrases visible in the top 3.

Increase in the numer of phrases visible in the top 10.

Start of work

As soon as the positioning strategy presented by us was approved by the client, we immediately started implementing changes on the website, bearing in mind that we usually have to wait six months for the first results of our actions.

Our Strategy

We based our actions on two basic pillars: expanding the store with as many dedicated subpages as possible and technical optimization of the content of the subcategories. There was a lot of work because many basic SEO aspects were not working on the website; the posted content was not properly saturated with keywords relevant to the industry, and no greater importance was attached to the proper hierarchy of headings.

Action taken

Scope of work

The changes we have implemented include things like:

  • optimization and expansion of the main menu tree,
  • expansion of the subcategory tree with new items,
  • adding a tag section,
  • correction of H1 – H3 heading and metadata,
  • improving the balance of keywords in SEO content,
  • significant expansion of internal linking,
  • keyword research with product tags / new subcategories in mind
  • expansion of the link profile with links obtained from websites on a similar subject.

Each of the implemented changes was aimed at improving the website’s visibility in the search engine and increasing organic traffic. We managed to achieve this goal in 100%

Scope of work

A year full of work and success

The first twelve months of cooperation turned out to be a huge success. Thanks to our actions, the customer’s website recorded an increase in users by 106%, which resulted in an increase in transactions by 92% and a store’s revenue higher by 132%. The website’s visibility in organic search results has improved significantly: the TOP-3 included 260 phrases (previously: 80), while the TOP-10 ceiling reached over 1,200 (previously: 350).

In gaining organic traffic, not only the number of key phrases counts but also their quality. So what if we will be able to position a given phrase since almost no one is looking for it? Therefore, we focused our efforts on several strategic phrases such as “high heels”, searched on average tens of thousands of times a month. The decision turned out to be a bull’s eye – comprehensive and systematic optimization of the entire store allowed us to effectively position highly competitive phrases, which translated into a significant increase in the number of conversions.

Two years later, twice as good

We implemented the most significant changes from the SEO point of view in the first twelve months of cooperation, but this did not mean the end of our work on the client’s store. The next year was mainly marked by further SEO optimization and strengthening the position of the most competitive phrases. During this time, the store recorded further increases in users (by 52%), transactions (by 21%), and revenue (by 36%).

Most importantly: the effects of our activities were noticed and appreciated by the client himself, who asked for a meeting in February this year. During it, on his own initiative, he proposed an almost DOUBLE INCREASE OF THE BUDGET. The situation when a satisfied customer places the same trust in us is always very encouraging for us because it proves a job well done.

Two years later, twice as good

What’s next?

Positioning is a process that never ends because the competitors introduce different actions to which you should react. For this reason, we regularly conduct small tests, modifying some elements in key categories and analyzing how these changes affect the position of the page. We are constantly experimenting, being aware of the fact that in our industry there is no room for stagnation, and the results once developed are not eternal.

What’s next?


The migration to the new version of the store, planned in the near future, may prove to be quite a challenge. This process requires close supervision, as it, unfortunately, involves the risk of losing the position of some competing phrases, which in turn may lead to a decrease in the visibility of the website. This is due to the fact that many non-standard solutions have been implemented in the current version of the store, which will have to be coded from scratch in the new version. However, migration is inevitable – a website designed based on our guidelines will be characterized by a greater emphasis on user experience; The design of the entire online store will be improved, as well as its aesthetics and functionality, and the course of the purchasing process will become even easier for the customer.

The new version of the website will also be better adapted to the Google crawlers moving on it. It will be a step towards changes in Google algorithms, which pay attention not only to the content itself, links, or hundreds of other SEO factors, but more and more often check whether the website is user friendly: both in terms of usability and full RWD optimization, as well as speed of action.

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