Specialization is the key to providing professional services in a given area. However, focusing on one particular issue does not necessarily go hand in hand with implementing a wide range of comprehensive services. Can we somehow reconcile these two matters? At the iCEA SEO agency, we prove that it is possible. Together with our trusted partners, we offer comprehensive Internet marketing services as per the need of our clients.

Modern web positioning

The word “positioning”, in the context of the services provided by SEO companies, is nowadays defined in different ways and, unfortunately, very often has a negative connotation. This is because the methodology of SEO agencies has always been some kind of a mystery. Often the client has no idea about the activities that are being carried out. The algorithm on which Google’s search engine works is complex and advanced.

Therefore, the creation of a positioning strategy should begin with conducting detailed audits of webpages that are listed on the top ranks of search results. This action is aimed at finding common denominators determining the fact that a given webpage ranks so high, i.e. actually specifying the elements that the algorithm takes into account.

From Panda to Fred, the algorithm used by Google is constantly changing. Google pays attention to a number of factors, hence it is important for the SEO marketers to constantly keep our hands on the pulse and monitor and adjust actions and structures according to the trends. Speaking of trends, positioning or otherwise known as raking have gained a lot of attention and are in huge demand and thus requires expert knowledge and hands-on experience.

What we think about positioning 

For us / According to iCEA, positioning means complete and constant technical optimization, creation and development of content (based on user behaviour), link building along with content marketing activities. The process of positioning or rank building also includes analytical activities like reviewing quantity and quality of the acquired traffic, interpreting user behaviour and more. The purpose of following these procedures is to make sure if we are heading in the right direction or not.

Summing up, according to us, positioning is a whole range of activities aimed at increasing sales, improving the brand’s identity and building a potential user base. We keep ourselves updated with the current trends and methodologies and don’t rely blindly on the undertaken actions. For instance, if method one is not bringing the expected results then we modify it immediately without putting any delay further. Now, the question arises as to “How we are able to switch gears with much less effort? It’s simple!  From the very beginning, our core business was website positioning, this is the area we have been working on, hence, have developed our expertise.

Google Analytics proves that activities such as positioning, Google Ads campaigns, content marketing and e-mail marketing support one another. The success story behind E-commerce industry is not limited to generating traffic. It’s an amalgamation of positioning, running ad campaigns, creating a content marketing strategy, using analytical tools etc.  We are aware that If we want to constantly increase our clients’ sales, as well as make the most of the generated traffic, we have to extend our strategy with the above-mentioned services, expanding the group of specialists in our company and establishing cooperation with reliable partner companies.

Adminotaur – professional support in server administration

Now let us understand the key factors that Google takes into account when establishing rankings. This includes loading time, server response speed, and stability. Websites, which systematically show inaccessibility, are not positively evaluated by Google and a multitude of such situations may lead to a lower website positioning in the search results. Each website, webshop, portal, forum, etc. is located on a server with certain parameters, e.g. with a specific performance and load capacity.

Companies having with high traffic (e.g. well-known brands that advertise on TV) must have servers prepared for such a heavy load to prevent the website from becoming unavailable to the public. Imagine losing sales on minutes basis, (on Black Friday on Zalando there were 4,000 orders placed per minute, a service crash lasting an hour would be catastrophic) – a situation like this would also have a negative impact on the domain’s positioning. 

Don’t panic! We have got you covered!One of our Partners is the

Adminotaur company from Cracow. They support in problems related to website’s availability, performance problems or hacker attacks, which could negatively impact your business if left untreated.

Edrone, the first CRM for e-commerce

It is wisely said, “It is much more expensive to acquire a new client than to maintain an existing one.” Nowadays, a person receives more advertising messages in one day than what they have received in their entire life. Using customer loyalty programs, using applying personalized advertising messages based on user segmentation are just a few of the marketing tools that have been used for a long time in other countries, and which are becoming more and more popular also in Poland as well. The Edrone company, with its solutions, exceeds the current Polish reality by several years. Their capabilities enable us to (increase conversion), create highly personalized newsletters based on data as in time of the last purchase, how much the customer spends, how often do they buy, products recommendation based on customer behaviour and so on. These actions are carried out to make the store as user-friendly as possible and to allow the company to build long-term relationships with its customers.

UpBlue – one of the leading Polish Google Ads agencies

The capabilities of Google Ads (formerly AdWords) have developed significantly since its creation. Skilful use of all available options allows for constant optimization of campaign results i.e. obtaining increasingly better traffic and – in case of online stores – boosting sales while maintaining the same advertising budget.

We understand that Google Ads is a very important channel generating traffic for our clients. We pay a lot of attention to the highest quality of service.

Hence, we did some research and selected a Google Ads agency, which is one of the leading companies in Poland – UpBlue from Poznan – and decided to start collaborating with them in this area. UpBlue is an award-winning agency, having a flexible approach in their methodologies and are highly valued by the clients.

RPMS – security and e-commerce development support

Everyone knows that no website – regardless of its content – has the right to function if it does not meet the basic legal requirements. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that there are mechanisms, protecting the business against external actions and their implementations. When building your own business, you devote time and often considerable resources to the brand’s development, you invest in its construction, you take measures that reinforce the brand’s awareness and value of the domain itself. As your brand grows, you will see that others unfairly take advantage of your work, they will impersonate the brand, or even demand payments to colloquially speaking “leave you alone”.

Are you aware that when you type your domain name into the search engine, your competition is being displayed in Google Ads? What if someone has started to impersonate your brand or maybe they are using your know-how and building their own? Most of our clients are facing similar issues and realizing this we have taken assistance from the expert RPMS. The firm understands the specifics and problems of the industry terminology and have an in depth knowledge and experience, that fits the client’s expectations.

What’s more in the offer?

In the SEO iCEA agency we do not settle on our laurels and never slow down. We have a vast range of prestigious partners, with whom we carry out comprehensive activities in the field of Internet marketing. We continuously establish new cooperation in order to adapt to our clients’ needs. We are still looking for and talking to potential Partners who could complement our portfolio with services we fall short in.

We are SEO experts and we thrive to gain expertise in other areas as well for which we have partnered with the specialists. 

360° agencies

It is a well-known fact that clients very often want to have “everything in one place”, i.e. they want to cooperate with an agency that will take care of all the necessary services. There are agencies that call themselves 360 agencies, i.e. agencies dealing with everything – website creation, positioning, Google Ads, Social Media, LinkedIn, billboard advertising, etc. It is worth knowing that such agencies operate as a kind of a broker who relies on subcontractors. Yes, the client has everything in one place, but when they require information about particular service, they are asked to wait until the agency collects data from the subcontractor, and the communication itself is done on an “on the grapevine” basis, thus losing quality.

360 agencies do not work for free, so in addition to the commission costs from implementing each of the services, the client also bears the costs associated with the service of the agency, so ultimately the client pays more. Assuming that one agency provides all the services that the client is interested in – they will still have to communicate with several people because different people handle different activities. 

In the iCEA SEO agency we try to be like a 360 agency for our clients, but we focus on transparency and professionalism in our approach. We guarantee excellent communication and transparent conditions of cooperation.