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    During the pandemic-related lockdowns, people worldwide were confined to their homes for extended durations. In such a situation, the only reliable platform for meeting their requirements for essentials was the internet. Using smartphone apps and websites, customers across the world shifted (almost) seamlessly from physical retail to online retail and digital payments.

    The eCommerce sector witnessed dramatic growth during this phase and has maintained a steady growth pattern ever since. During this phase, we have seen several new start-ups also turn into unicorns, ushering in a new digital revolution of our times. But other than the prevailing circumstances, what powered their dramatic growth? The answer is relatively straightforward, a robust and responsive online platform.

    When you are making an online store for your business, it is critical to make use of the appropriate eCommerce platform to run your website on. This is where BigCommerce emerges into the scene with its range of products and services.

    BigCommerce is a well-known eCommerce platform in the eCommerce domain. BigCommerce, founded in 2009, today services over 95,000 online retailers worldwide and is posing a strong challenge to other leading platforms like Volusion and Shopify. The BigCommerce eCommerce platform is now a power to be reckoned with in the industry, with lots to offer to online retailers of all sizes. Ever since BigCommerce’s rebranding in 2016, the platform has created a considerable impact in the industry.

    Though, with significant challenges that your eCommerce store might be facing from the competitors, it is imperative for you to invest in SEO activities. Thankfully, when it comes to BigCommerce, the platform offers some interesting SEO-friendly features that allow you to execute your SEO plans accurately.

    BigCommerce SEO Services

    BigCommerce has become a popular name in the eCommerce sector because it is a hosted all-in-one solution that takes the trouble out of hosting, security, upgrades, and fixing any bugs or difficulties remotely. If you are already using or are planning to use BigCommerce for your online store, it is imperative for you to be well versed with the intricacies of BigCommerce SEO. This knowledge is the start point of your journey to a first-page result on all SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page). Perfectly executed BigCommerce SEO can make a huge impact on a business’s fortunes.

    As a platform, BigCommerce also supports basic inventory management capabilities to assist small businesses in managing their products in the early stages before there is a need to upgrade to a dedicated inventory management software solution.

    Working your way around BigCommerce, unlike other platforms with a steep learning curve, is rather simple. While businesses do need to have a professional developer in order to customize their BigCommerce store, it is actually quite simple to do so.

    BigCommerce also has the advantage of being a hosted solution, unlike many other eCommerce platforms. As a result, you would not need to hire a separate hosting company or pay for server space. When you choose BigCommerce, it becomes your one-stop eCommerce solution. BigCommerce, unlike other eCommerce systems, allows businesses to sell their merchandise on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It has an amazing integration with social media platforms and offers great marketing tools, product analytics and insights, security features, and enterprise-level scalability.

    SEO services are one of the critical functions of the BigCommerce platform, driving traffic to a newly established business’s website in an organic manner. BigCommerce SEO helps a business completely optimize the BigCommerce store in order to attract new consumers from different searches across a wide range of keywords.

    BigCommerce SEO services can help a growing business strengthen its foundations as the majority of the individuals will be visiting the store when they are actively looking for similar products.

    BigCommerce comes with a number of SEO-friendly features by default. On-page SEO adjustments such as SEO titles, meta tags, image alt tags, and more are available readily on the platform. Moreover, BigCommerce includes built-in schema markup tools that allow businesses to rank for rich snippets without having to do anything. It makes their jobs much simpler and easier.

    BigCommerce also employs a Content Delivery Network to ensure that a business’s eCommerce website loads much faster. A faster loading time can have major implications for an eCommerce store. BigCommerce includes a lot of SEO-friendly features by default, and businesses can also employ additional tools to make their site even more SEO-friendly. The SEO services provided by major eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify are mainly divided into types, essential SEO and advanced SEO.

    All newly established eCommerce websites should focus on the essential CEO. These are simple changes that anybody with an online store can do on their website. If your search engine presence is practically non-existent, BigCommerce SEO will certainly help in improving the rank of your website in order to get more attention.

    Advanced SEO is what differentiates sites on pages two and three from those on page one of the search results. Advanced SEO is more technical or specialized modifications you may make to boost your ranking once you’ve got the basics in place. This is where you need to seek BigCommerce SEO services for advanced SEO from a leading BigCommerce SEO agency.

    When potential clients can find your site and find the products or services they need, that is when you have truly achieved success for your eCommerce store. From an SEO standpoint, BigCommerce is a fantastic platform. BigCommerce includes all of the tools you will need to rank higher on a SERP, as well as the ability to conduct any additional SEO work you want. BigCommerce SEO services from a reliable service provider are ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises, and depending on the package you choose, they can accommodate any company size. A reputed BigCommerce SEO agency can help you get the most out of your eCommerce platform.

    Are good SEO results on BigCommerce possible?

    Keeping your eCommerce business viable in an increasingly competitive market is no easy task, considering the challenges posed by the competitors. Optimizing your website to match the search engines’ constantly changing algorithms has become a mission-critical stage in accelerating your eCommerce growth.

    BigCommerce’s unique feature is that it adheres to the most recent SEO standards. BigCommerce SEO results can play a crucial result in determining the future strategy of your business. Some of the BigCommerce SEO features through which an SEO agency can provide the best search results are –

    • Schema & Microdata Markup – One of the issues with how search engines have typically functioned is that HTML, the language that describes what is on a webpage, is too broad to represent any type of contextual context.HTML aids in identifying which content on a page is a header, a sub-header, or a paragraph. HTML lets you specify that this is a picture and that this is a link to another website. HTML aids with the organization of tables and lists of data. However, it does not assist you in determining what the page’s actual contents are about. This is troublesome for eCommerce website owners.Microsoft, together with a number of other businesses, cooperated in establishing Schema, a microdata standard that allows you to more precisely specify the contents of a webpage. It enables businesses to specify that “this page is a product description” and “this other page is a review.” The vital microdata optimization is already included in BigCommerce SEO. With this, your eCommerce website will be included in the top search engine results.
    • Meta Descriptions & Page Titles – Page titles and meta descriptions under BigCommerce SEO are two of the major factors that drive traffic to eCommerce websites. Page titles and meta descriptions are seen when you type anything into a search engine. The page title is a clickable link, and the meta description is the text underneath it.Search engines will display the title of your page to users. It is important to make sure the eCommerce website has a distinct page title that relates to the material on that page.The difference between someone visiting your eCommerce website and scrolling to the next link may be determined by meta descriptions. Keywords related to the page’s content should also be included in the meta description. A BigCommerce SEO agency can help you set up the most appropriate meta descriptions and page titles for you to attract potential customers.
    • Optimization for Mobiles – Having mobile optimization is important for good SEO results. BigCommerce SEO requires proper mobile optimization for different devices. As the name indicates, mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that your website is suitable for both mobile and tablet devices. If your online store is not mobile-friendly, visitors may find it difficult to explore and purchase your items which leads to bad SEO results. Using BigCommerce SEO services can help you optimize your eCommerce store.In today’s time, mobile searches on search engines such as Google and Yahoo now outweigh desktop searches. As a result, Google and many other search engines now penalize non-mobile-friendly websites as they will not be ranked higher, which would not drive traffic towards the website. Given the widespread use of smartphones these days, the aspect of mobile optimization under BigCommerce SEO is paid considerable attention to by BigCommerce SEO agencies.
    • Content Delivery Network – BigCommerce’s use of Content Delivery Network or CDN helps a lot with SEO results. When you pay for hosting, increasing a website’s download speed is costly. You will need to purchase more servers in order to increase the server capacity and speeds for the website. You must configure and optimize them in accordance with SEO best practices. CDNs, such as the one provided by BigCommerce as part of their platform, keep cached copies of your website on specific servers all over the world. The system then forwards website visitor requests to the nearest server, enhancing the speed for all users. They reduce the headache of dealing with servers and offer desirable SEO results.

    Is BigCommerce a good choice for organic visibility?

    One of the most effective ways to increase the flow of organic and interested visitors to your eCommerce website is through search engine optimization (SEO). The idea of ranking a particular website above the rest of the competition may appear straightforward, but without prior knowledge and the careful effort of executing an effective approach, SEO strategy might be confusing for newly established businesses. One of the best platforms for organically increasing visitors to an eCommerce website is BigCommerce SEO.

    Keyword research is the foundation of a BigCommerce SEO’s organic visibility success. The research you conduct will assist you in determining the terms and phrases that your target audience will use to locate the things you’re offering. Keyword research is not tough, but it does take some time. BigCommerce SEO makes the remainder of your search optimization considerably easy after you have completed the first steps yourself. Some of the ways through which organic visibility is boosted on BigCommerce SEO are –

    • SEO Friendly TemplatesBigCommerce SEO services provide the best SEO-friendly templates for greater organic visibility. eCommerce website themes provided by BigCommerce are optimized for a variety of aspects, including SEO purposes. BigCommerce SEO has a number of free themes that are suitable for many businesses that are just starting off with their eCommerce website. BigCommerce also offers paid themes if businesses want to go to the next level in terms of aesthetics. A BigCommerce SEO agency can help newly established businesses customize their websites in many different ways. A BigCommerce SEO Agency offers multiple benefits, such as having your site custom-designed and having more freedom when it comes to changing and altering it. Using a qualified BigCommerce SEO agency may assist you in developing the website you require to meet your eCommerce goals.
    • Alt Text Images – An alt-text description is a description that is applied to any image on your website. These descriptions are another technique to provide search engines with more information on why your eCommerce site should be ranked highly in comparison to other sites. It also informs readers about the picture if it fails to load for whatever reason. The alt-text description feature of BigCommerce SEO works towards increasing the organic visibility of the website.
    • Blogging – Blogging is an efficient method of producing SEO-friendly content and introducing more organic attention to an eCommerce website. According to statistics, businesses that focus on blogging see a 12-13-fold increase in their overall sales. You should produce relevant content straight from your BigCommerce dashboard with the help of a blog. Your website’s chances of ranking higher will dramatically increase if you include the targeted keywords appropriately. People also enjoy sharing good quality content with others, and sharing will aid in the development of a natural portfolio of high-quality backlinks. Blogging on BigCommerce SEO greatly increases traffic on the site if the content shared is interesting for the readers.
    • Integration with Google Analytics – BigCommerce SEO’s integration with Google Analytics improves the SEO abilities of the platform. Even if your business website is brilliantly designed and loads at lightning speeds, it needs constant monitoring in order to function properly. Despite the fact that BigCommerce SEO comes with a number of monitoring services, integrating with Google Analytics will benefit in every instance.The Google Analytics tool works towards determining which organic traffic measurements and strategies you should employ in order to increase the organic visibility of your website. After you have set up the metrics, you will be able to check your online store’s development and make improvements to its specifications and settings. This integration of Google Analytics and BigCommerce SEO is highly beneficial for organic visibility.
    • Loading Speeds – BigCommerce platform provides optimum loading speeds for websites on both desktop and mobile. The importance of speed optimization for both SEO and organic visibility growth cannot be overstated. In practice, just one out of every four visitors will wait for the page to load, and if it takes more than four seconds, they will move on to the next site. Nearly half of visitors will not return to a website that performs poorly.
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    Which business types should choose BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that offers a high level of customizability for businesses who are looking to start off their online eCommerce stores. It has more sales tools built-in than any of its competitors, and it combines these capabilities with smart SEO and amazing multi-channel connectivity, making it one of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses. While BigCommerce is mainly preferred by small businesses, there are many large companies such as Vodafone, SkullCandy, Ben & Jerry’s, and Sony, which use this platform for their eCommerce websites.

    For a small business, BigCommerce is a safe platform that is not only simple to use but also assists by automating every step of the process of creating and running an online store. There are many different advantages for small businesses for using BigCommerce –

    • When it comes to eCommerce platforms, it is important for small businesses to go for one that will offer them assistance when they need it. BigCommerce provides great support for small businesses. BigCommerce provides 24×7 support, so you can be certain that your queries will be taken care of in the case of an issue. This will provide you with considerable peace of mind, and you would therefore be able to run your business more efficiently.
    • With a simple inventory management interface, BigCommerce allows small businesses to simply handle returns. When it comes to eCommerce, you can’t imagine being successful without the capacity to effectively manage returns, and BigCommerce delivers aptly in this regard.
    • BigCommerce is one of the greatest eCommerce platforms, and it is also one of the most cost-effective for small businesses. This is true in both the short- and long-term expenses of starting a business. Businesses will be able to save money thanks to BigCommerce’s cost-effectiveness. It’s all about the numbers at the end of the day for every business. Affordable BigCommerce SEO services from trusted agencies are available to take care of this requirement.
    • BigCommerce gives small companies the freedom to sell across several platforms simultaneously. Small businesses will be able to sell on eBay, Amazon, and even Facebook using BigCommerce technologies. As you may be aware, eBay and Amazon are two of the most popular online shopping websites for customers in today’s time. As a result, your small businesses could not do without them. Small businesses can certainly increase traffic to their website using BigCommerce SEO solutions.
    • BigCommerce solutions are fully adapted for mobiles. About half of all internet buyers make purchases using their smartphones. You will lose half of your prospective consumers if your website does not perform correctly on smartphones. BigCommerce was the first e-commerce platform to use Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages. The integration of BigCommerce with AMP streamlines category and product pages, reducing page loading time and increasing user experience and SEO. BigCommerce’s mobile adaption makes it one of the best platforms for small businesses.
    • BigCommerce also supports all major payment websites, a vital feature for businesses that are just starting. BigCommerce helps Integrated payment methods like PayPal and Google Checkout as well.

    Is BigCommerce only for eCommerce sites?

    BigCommerce, with its solutions, is designed only for eCommerce sites. However, BigCommerce is a lot more than being a simple eCommerce platform. It comes with some excellent shop management features that will help you keep on top of your business right out of the box. An extensive product catalog, customizable shipping & real-time quotations, coupon and discounting tools, and more are just a few of the unique native features which make the platform one of the best for e-commerce sites.

    BigCommerce is also in charge of what goes on behind the scenes on-eCommerce sites. BigCommerce hosts e-commerce stores and provides excellent security as BigCommerce’s servers are protected by robust firewalls and hacker deterrent security setups.

    BigCommerce has all of the extra features that must be included in an eCommerce site, such as security measures and PCI compliance, so eCommerce businesses can simply implement all of these requirements on their own without having to take the help of any other source. On other eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento, these implementations might be more difficult, necessitating the assistance of an SEO agency to ensure that the website is entirely safe and compliant.

    Similar to single-page checkout, social media integration, and abandoned cart recovery systems, BigCommerce SEO features that can enhance sales and conversions may be downloaded with a single click. This implies that site owners can evaluate their data and add these extensions to their eCommerce sites as needed.

    Due to its design exclusively being for e-commerce websites, there are many other features that are offered on BigCommerce. Some of the other features which make BigCommerce stand out are –

    • Gift Cards & Coupons – BigCommerce provides eCommerce website owners with a comprehensive set of tools for growing sales and enhancing customer loyalty.The discount system on BigCommerce allows you to give specific discounts to customers that meet certain requirements on your eCommerce website. Coupons are included in every BigCommerce website plan. A discount code on BigCommerce stores is great to get people to subscribe to a newsletter or create a member account on your website. You can also use BigCommerce store discount codes to determine the performance of your marketing campaign by pairing a unique coupon code with certain advertising aimed towards a specific goal.
    • Bulk Pricing – Bulk Pricing is a feature that is important, especially when it comes to B2B businesses in the market. The bulk feature on BigCommerce is used to encourage clients to buy in bulk by giving discounts if they buy a particular quantity. On BigCommerce’s online stores, there are several options for offering bulk discounts. Bulk discounts can also be used by businesses applying them at the category level. Discounts for big purchases can be enabled for specific client groups with the BigCommerce plus plan. BigCommerce is an attractive solution for B2B shops since it is specifically designed for eCommerce.
    • Reviews and Ratings – Customer reviews and ratings are simple to integrate with a BigCommerce site. Customer reviews and ratings can be made active on any product page and activated with a single click. The reviews may be set up to be approved manually or automatically, and administration can be set up to avoid spamming of reviews. You will also find customizable templates in BigCommerce for sending emails to consumers asking for feedback on recently acquired merchandise. Ratings and reviews are critical to increasing the credibility of a website, and greater ratings also help boost BigCommerce SEO.
    • Groupings For Customers – If businesses opt for an advanced edition of BigCommerce, they get more benefits for their eCommerce website. Companies can build customer groups, also known as customer segmentation, with BigCommerce Plus and higher versions. This feature may be utilized by any shop type; however, it is most commonly used by B2B online sellers on BigCommerce. With the use of this feature, BigCommerce website owners can provide unique awards, offers, and discounts to a specific consumer group, a membership club for discounts, or a wholesale group for lower prices.

    Is On-Page SEO good on BigCommerce?

    All the activities which may be implemented directly on the website to improve its ranking in SERP are considered on-page SEO. On-page optimization requires a mix of various activities, as well as analysis and continuous monitoring, for desired results. Perfect on-page SEO optimization is imperative for small businesses, and BigCommerce SEO services do that job aptly.

    SEO for BigCommerce platform provides some of the best on-page SEO features. There are several different factors involved in On-Page SEO as it is a technique for focusing attention on the website’s real content in order to improve search engine rankings. On-Page SEO on BigCommerce SEO will help improve the rankings of your eCommerce website in no time if you include these easy components and evaluate them appropriately –

    • Interesting Content – Visitors are more likely to stay on your website if the products or content on the website are visually pleasing and instructive. In the long term, the longer the interactions that your website enjoys from unique visitors, the higher your ranking will be on SERPs.
    • Research About Competitor – Investigating your rivals’ keywords, the content they often publish, and how they organize their content might provide insight into how you might wish to publish content on your own eCommerce website. Businesses new to the e-commerce market need to figure out which keywords they should use to ensure that their merchandise stands out from their rivals in the market.
    • Structuring and Heading – A header’s purpose is to capture the reader’s attention and hold it, leaving them wanting more from your eCommerce website. Once they have expressed an interest in learning more about the products or services being offered by your eCommerce website, it’s critical that the content’s structure flows smoothly and is simple to read. This will ensure that your website receives the most organic traffic possible. The heading and overall structuring of your eCommerce website need to be on point to retain the visitors.
    • Internal Linking – It is exceedingly unlikely that search engines would rank material that cannot be connected together. The more internal linking is there, the more visitors your eCommerce website is likely to receive. With a large number of internal links connected with various parts of your website, a search engine will be able to process and rank your website more quickly. BigCommerce SEO services provide users with the best ways to link their information. By incorporating those connections within, you will not only increase organic traffic to your eCommerce website, but you will also improve your ranking in a timely and effective manner. The On-Page SEO capabilities on BigCommerce have a high scope.
    • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions – A title tag is an HTML element that serves as the webpage’s title and appears on search engine results pages. Title tags are crucial for on-page SEO since they are the first impression that visitors have of it, and they appear in search results from a variety of sources, including web browsers and social media platforms. Meta descriptions, on the other hand, give a quick synopsis of an eCommerce site. Meta Descriptions are displayed in search results and are the first thing visitors see from your site, much like the title tag. Both of these items should stand out from the crowd while also being brief and to the point in order to prevent overwhelming visitors. BigCommerce SEO services can help you establish good title tags and meta descriptions.
    • Alt Tagging – Images with alt tags are able to pass via search engines since they feature text. Many small businesses do not know that images are such a key part of how users inspect and assess websites, including alt text and properly formatting it may help the page attract more visitors and improve its search engine ranking. On-Page SEO is greatly boosted when alt tags are used.
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    BigCommerce vs. Shopify - which is better?

    The debate on BigCommerce and Shopify is never-ending. Both the platforms are leading names in the industry and provide some of the best solutions for both large- and small-scale businesses.

    BigCommerce and Shopify are both online shop platforms that let businesses sell both physical and digital products and services.

    Both of these eCommerce platforms are mostly geared towards entrepreneurs who are just starting out a company and don’t have a lot of money to spend on the development of their websites. Both Shopify and BigCommerce are compatible with most web browsers, which means you don’t need to install any software on your computer and can manage your business from anywhere with a stable internet connection, making it a very simple task.

    The main concept behind these platforms is that they can be used to create an internet store without requiring any coding knowledge or hiring developers. However, there are many differences between both of these platforms, such as –

    • Ease Of Use – BigCommerce and Shopify both employ a simple content management system that includes a contemporary dashboard and a simple website editor for their users. When it comes to ease of use, to be easier to use than BigCommerce, BigCommerce’s features are more expandable; however, they are not suitable for those users who have no experience with these platforms. Shopify, on the other hand, is a bit simpler platform, but you won’t be left on your own. BigCommerce, on the other hand, has more robust sales capabilities that come with a steeper learning curve that will reward accordingly once they have been learned. BigCommerce SEO’s user interface has recently been improved. In terms of design versatility, BigCommerce does give Shopify a run for its money.
    • Themes – Free themes are an excellent strategy for new businesses to save money when they are just getting started with their eCommerce websites. Most medium to large-sized online businesses, on the other hand, will rapidly outgrow these free themes and will need to change to a premium theme provided by eCommerce platforms that better matches their image. However, that does not change the importance of free themes for small businesses.Shopify and BigCommerce both have a limited number of free themes — Shopify has about
      8-9 free themes for their customers, and BigCommerce has around ten free times. Shopify’s free themes support only basic customization. However, the themes provided by BigCommerce are much more customizable in nature which makes them a better option as compared to Shopify. In either case, both platforms will position businesses for success in a world where 35% of users will abandon a website if they do not find the site’s content good enough or find the layout and design boring.
    • Sales Features – BigCommerce has one of the best sales features in the entire market of eCommerce platforms. The BigCommerce app store is far smaller than Shopify’s, but that’s because you won’t need to acquire as many applications to expand the functionality of your BigCommerce SEO services or the rest of the things. Many other features are included with both BigCommerce and Shopify, although BigCommerce has more complex functionality. BigCommerce provides more variants on the same products featured on an eCommerce website as compared to Shopify. For example, variants can include sizing, color and material, and many other things of a clothing item that you might be featuring on your eCommerce store.
    • Support – The outstanding features here are 24×7 phone and live chat help, but effective knowledge centers of both Shopify and BigCommerce also make a difference. The BigCommerce support center is chock-full of helpful information. The thing about Shopify is that it has useful prompts all around its website dashboard that go to a relevant page in the Shopify knowledge center. This is a fantastic tool for people who want to learn more about Shopify tools and work when they want to. Both BigCommerce and Shopify are safe eCommerce systems, with Shopify’s customer service being significantly superior. Both systems provide live chat and phone assistance 24 hours a day.

    The battle between Shopify and BigCommerce comes down to the preferences of the businesses. The BigCommerce vs. Shopify SEO battle depends on the perspective of the looker; both of these platforms are great in their own ways. BigCommerce will be more suitable for your needs if you need more built-in capabilities without the burden of installing or paying for them separately, appreciate greater design functionality for your store’s branding, and you operate a fully online business wanting to develop across various channels. However, preference should be given to Shopify if you are looking for more control over your website and have a business that runs a more complex inventory.

    Do BigCommerce stores load quickly?

    Online shoppers don’t want to put up with sluggish websites since they have so many options in their hands. If your eCommerce website does not load faster, the customer will head towards a competitor. BigCommerce SEO services help boost the speed of your website so that traffic does not diverge from your website to some other competitor.

    Page load speed is used by search engines like Google in their algorithms to calculate search engine rankings, which means that search engines are more likely to direct buyers to sites that load quickly and not to those which have slow loading times. Speed isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to ranking; Search engines such as Google’s search algorithm consider over 200 factors, and page load speed is only one of them. Even little adjustments to one of such factors can help you save time and improve your rankings that will eventually lead to better rankings for your eCommerce website.

    The importance of the speed of the site goes beyond the site’s ranking. Improving your website load speed is a terrific method to assist consumers in reaching where they are going faster, and happy shoppers are likely to become repeat customers. Users who are annoyed by a slow-loading website are more likely to bounce, which means that they might probably never return to your eCommerce website.

    When the BigCommerce speeds are compared to competitor eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce is incredibly fast as the stores load fast, making it one of the best eCommerce platforms for new businesses who want to attract organic traffic to their website. To increase the speed of BigCommerce stores further, many things BigCommerce SEO features can be used such as –

    • BigCommece Apps – It is important to keep a check on BigCommerce Apps in order to keep the store’s loading speed healthy. Under BigCommerce SEO, you can select from a variety of apps to improve your online store on the BigCommerce website. It’s critical to remember, too, that the more features you add to your eCommerce site, the more code must be loaded with each click a visitor makes on your website. When you run a speed test on your site, you should be able to see which apps are the most resource-intensive on your eCommerce website. It may be a better option to uninstall them if they are not essential and assess the need for any future apps before installing them. This ultimately works towards improving the SEO side of your website.
    • Redirects Fixing – Business websites will make modifications, add inventory, and create new product categories as the business develops and expands further. You may have to rename category pages as a result of this. This might pose issues with some eCommerce platforms since specific subcategories and goods may be related to previous categories, and their journey is now unclear. You do not have to worry about that with BigCommerce SEO because it automatically redirects all such links. However, if you have changed category names more than once, you will end up with a trail of redirects that will cause your website to slow down. It is important to get rid of these in order to increase the website speeds.
    • Hosting – Another simple technique to speed up a BigCommerce store is to choose a fast, dependable web host. There are multiple different types of sites that offer hosting for BigCommerce with uptime guarantees that make sure your eCommerce website never goes down, and your customers stay on your website.

    What SEO settings can you edit on BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce is a flexible eCommerce website builder that offers out-of-the-box shop administration and adaptability for online stores. It comes with several sales tools, multi-channel connectors, and sophisticated SEO capabilities. BigCommerce SEO settings are fairly simple and easy to edit for users; they play a huge role in terms of driving organic traffic to a website. SEO settings need to be carefully examined because they can be a make or break for websites. Some of the SEO settings which can be edited on BigCommerce SEO are –

    they play a huge role in terms of driving organic traffic to a website. SEO settings need to be carefully examined because they can be a make or break for websites. Some of the SEO settings which can be edited on BigCommerce SEO are –

    • Structure of URL – For products, web pages, and categories, URL structures can be changed and edited on BigCommerce SEO. The platform employs an SEO-friendly layout by default, but you may change the formatting of the URL structure to suit your needs. For the URL Structure, there are three options: SEO Optimized or the shower version, SEO Optimized or the longer ones, and Custom. Only under Product URL Settings is the option under BigCommerce SEO settings which is accessible. In most cases, SEO Optimized (Short) is the best option.
    • Meta Data – The information contained in a webpage’s meta tag is referred to as metadata. Metadata may be used by search engines to discover relevant information to display in search results. The page title, meta description, and keywords are all examples of BigCommerce SEO metadata. Editing and changing these SEO settings in the right manner is critical.
    • Page Title – Since page titles are frequently utilized as the title link in search engine results, creating a relevant page title is essential in order to appear higher in the SERP. Page titles can be placed on content pages, product pages, blog posts, and category pages, among other places. Every page of your eCommerce store should have a unique title tag that is fewer than 70 characters long and starts with a meaningful keyword.
    • Meta Description – In search engine results, meta descriptions appear as a small descriptive blurb. Typically, they are simply a few sentences long. Meta descriptions should be included in all of your store’s pages, including content pages, blog posts, category pages, and the home page. Rich snippets are the structured data that you need to add to your content if you want the searchers or search engines to understand well what your website and store are all about. This also has an impact on how your online store behaves or ranks in the SERP.
    • Keywords – Keywords are terms and words in your descriptions and metadata that are related to the content of a page and are an important aspect of both organic and paid SEO strategies. There is an area where you may add meta keywords to your pages. This strategy, however, is gradually becoming obsolete: it is now preferable to incorporate keywords in descriptions and classifications. BigCommerce SEO services help you get more attention through the use of appropriate keywords for your product pages. Keywords are the core of SEO strategies developed as a part of the BigCommerce SEO.
    • Categories & Product Description – Categories and product descriptions are two things that can be edited with SEO settings on BigCommerce SEO. Search engines scanning the site can identify phrases for search results thanks to descriptive language on product and category pages. When composing your category and product descriptions, it’s a good idea to use your keyword strategy.When you add or change a product, the Product Information section contains the product descriptions. The method for category descriptions is similar to that of product descriptions. Many of the same recommended practices that apply to product descriptions apply to category descriptions as well. They should be simple to read, tailored to the target audience or shopper, and include relevant keywords. It’s also an excellent area to draw attention to or connect to deeper subcategories, lower-cost items, or higher-cost ones.
    • Alt Text & Images – SEO settings on BigCommerce also allow adding and editing alt text and images. When search engines such as Google index your site, they will look at all of the photographs on your page, especially two essential factors linked with your images: Alt text and Media files. Remember to include alt text to photos and optimize file names to assist your BigCommerce SEO.
    • BreadCrumbs – Breadcrumbs also come under SEO settings for BigCommerce SEO. Many popular BigCommerce themes have breadcrumbs as a standard feature. Breadcrumbs improve the overall user experience when they travel between different product pages or categories when breadcrumbs are enabled.Breadcrumbs also assist search engines in comprehending the structure of your site, which greatly benefits BigCommerce SEO. Breadcrumbs should be enabled by default since they will not obstruct the design of the product or category pages.

    BigCommerce SEO is an extremely important tool for small and medium businesses looking to establish a robust online presence in the increasingly competitive eCommerce sector.

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