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Advertising on YouTube in the context of the lead generation process

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Advertising on YouTube in the context of the lead generation process
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As the world moves more and more toward digital content, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the most effective ways of marketing online and reaching your target audience. The world’s largest video sharing platform, YouTube, offers many opportunities to build brand recognition and drive leads by advertising on their site. But how does advertising on YouTube work, and how should you advertise in order to optimize your results? Read this article to find out everything you need to know about creating ads that will drive leads through the use of the world’s most popular video sharing platform!


We live in the video age

Video marketing has changed the modern marketing landscape. In fact, video is the fastest growing type of marketing in the world. And there are a variety of ways that advertisers can get involved with video, from producing it themselves to paying for ads. Video is the future. People are consuming more and more video content, so it makes sense that marketers are looking for new ways to reach their audience with video ads. One way that companies can use videos as a means of advertising and generating leads is by making them directly related to their product or service.

Video advertising benefits

Videos can be used as both an introduction and sales pitch for the company, providing prospective customers with the information they need before getting in touch. It also allow for the creation of how-to videos, which can be useful for businesses with complicated products. Finally, videos provide a way to link back to your website or landing page by including a clickable URL at the end of every video description.

The largest video platform in the world: YouTube

YouTube was created in 2005 and has since grown into the world’s second largest search engine. In recent years, companies have begun using it as a platform for advertising campaigns. YouTube ads are typically placed before or during a video clip and can be targeted by demographics, geography, or keywords. Originally, it was intended as a way for people to share videos, but shortly after its launch, YouTube became an iconic global platform.

Now, it is the largest video platform in the world with over 1.8 billion active users monthly, and that number grows by at least one million every day. If you are looking to advertise online in order to drive leads, there’s no better place than YouTube.

Why should you advertise on YouTube?

In fact, videos are watched over 1 billion times per day and more than 50% of users say they prefer watching video than reading text. YouTube is a great place for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Advertising on the platform can be a great way to grow your audience, increase brand awareness, and drive new leads by leveraging the power of video ads. Plus, it’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise through original or curated content. Lastly, it serves as an excellent advertising platform because it allows you to target your audience based on factors like age, gender, location, and interests.

*It’s important to note that not every ad campaign will work well on YouTube so you’ll want to do some research beforehand and decide what kind of ads would work best for you.

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Leads, leads, leads

A lead is someone who has shown some level of interest in your product or service by either filling out a form, watching a video, following you on social media, or any other action that indicates they want more information about what you offer. In that case, lead gerenartion is the process of attracting and capturing the interest of potential customers. It is a necessary part of marketing, specifically, inbound marketing.

The more leads you have, the more customers you can turn into paying customers. So how can you get those leads? You need a strategy. And that strategy starts with understanding your buyer personas and what compels them to buy from you. Once you know who your audience is, it’s time to find out where they hang out online and how they interact with brands.

Types of videos that can generate leads

  • Product overview;
  • How-to videos;
  • Testimonials;
  • Lifestyle videos;
  • Behind the scenes;
  • Live Q&A;
  • Online shopping.

Tips. How to create a video that generates leads?

Define your ideal customer. Targeting video ads

The best way to target your video ads is by first defining who your customer is. You’ll want to know what they’re interested in, what their age range is and what language they speak, just for starters. Once you have an idea of who your audience is, you can then define the videos you will use for advertising purposes.

Define your budget

If you have a budget, it’s important to know how much you’re going to invest in advertising. Is this the only marketing channel that you’ll be using? Is there enough money for an ongoing campaign or will this just be an experiment? Once your budget is set, find the right ad type and figure out where you want your ads to show up.

Set up your campaign

To run a campaign, go to the Create Campaign page and select your objective. You can also set up advanced campaign features like frequency capping or conversion optimization. YouTube has two different types of campaigns: in-stream ads (video ads that play before a video) and video ads (video ads shown during videos). f you want people to click on your ad, you should use an in-stream ad. If you want them to watch more of your video content, use a video ad.

Create a tracking code for Google Analytics

In order to track your leads, you’ll need a Google Analytics tracking code. You can copy and paste this code into your site’s HTML, but it’s usually more convenient to use a plugin. Check out Google Tag Manager for easy installation of all kinds of analytics tags.

Don’t overdo it with time

It’s best not to make videos too long. Time depends on the type of ad you choose to do. This range is from 30 seconds to an hour. You may have a lower budget, in which case the shorter option is better for you. Longer ads are better for branding, which isn’t what lead gen campaigns need.

Collaborate with an influencer

To create a successful marketing campaign, it is always best to collaborate with an influencer who has a large social media following. If you can get them interested in your product and show them the benefits, they’ll tell their followers, which will result in more leads and sales.

Think about sponsored ads

YouTube can be a great platform for driving leads through sponsored ads. This type of ad is typically short and focuses on one or two specific products or services, which can make it an effective way to convert viewers into customers. When trying this strategy, it’s important that the video content be relevant and engaging so that it retains the viewer’s attention long enough for them to see the product or service being advertised.

Track, test, and improve

The last step is tracking your results so that you can find the best type of ad and what platform it works best with. You need constantly testing and improving so that you’re always learning what works best for your business.

In conclusion

Through this post, you’ve learned how to utilize a few of the different advertising methods available on YouTube. You now know what types of advertisements are most effective for your business and when it’s best to use each type of ad. We hope this post has been helpful in educating you about the many ways that you can use advertising on YouTube for lead generation purposes. In order for your ads to be successful, though, it’s important that they are targeted towards your ideal customer and offer them something of value.

Aleksandra Pietrzak
Curator at the National Museum in Poznań, graduate of Art History at the Jagiellonian University and Contemporary Art at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, curator of exhibitions and author of scientific and popular texts. A lover of contemporary art, literature and travel.
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