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7 best SEO podcasts 2022 to follow

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7 best SEO podcasts 2022 to follow
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In general, SEO and the marketing industry are constantly busy with new trends and updates, and that’s why it’s crucial to keep up with all the latest. Joining conferences and reading magazines are two options, but what are the other ways to not being taken out of circulation? All the owners of e-commerce businesses and specialists from the field will enjoy substantive and amusing SEO podcasts. If you are looking for out-of-the-box ideas for gaining knowledge of updates, tips and events, here is our list of the best SEO podcast 2022. Each of them is unique in terms of theme and leading idea, and all are available on major streaming platforms or projects’ websites. Let’s listen to the top SEO podcasts!


What is SEO podcast?

SEO podcasts are digital audio files, very similar to radio talks in the form, but mainly focused on SEO and marketing topics. Generally, podcasts are easier to subscribe than radio talks, and you can listen to them anytime on each device.

According to studies of 2021, nearly 78% of Americans are familiar with podcasting and 41% listen to it monthly. It’s clear that podcasts have become very popular within the last few years and are not only entertaining but also informative. The significant advantage of podcasts is that they can be listened to anytime and anywhere while doing other activities, such as driving a car or jogging.

SEO podcast for beginners

Among our recommendations, some podcasts will be suitable for beginners also. It’s good to start from the first episodes of each season or project to understand the concept better. The form is often a chat between the hosting person and a special guest, but some can be based on monologues. No matter how advanced your knowledge is, a good podcast about SEO will help you grow as a search marketer or entertain you with unusual insights or helpful positioning tips.

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The Women in Tech SEO Podcast



Areej AbuAli (founder of Women in Tech SEO & SEO Consultant)

Sarah McDowell (Podcaster & SEO Content Executive at Holland & Barrett)

(WTSPodcast) is a weekly SEO podcast starring women in the industry. Each episode is a unique combination of feminine points of view in the TECH and marketing field. WTSPodcast is a branch of more prominent project Women in Tech SEO that offers a networking platform for women working with positioning. It aims to exchange knowledge and share experiences to empower and inspire other women to for the similar career choices. As a listener, you will:

  • learn new SEO tactics in a fun and accessible way,
  • feel inspired by guests’ experiences and stories,
  • stay up to date with the latest initiatives and events.

Search Off the Record



Martin Splitt, Gary Illyes, and Lizzi Sassman (Google Search team)

Search Off the Record is a podcast about SEO hosted by specialists from Google Search. They discuss search topics and have fun along the way, and they definitely will take you behind the scenes of Google Search. In each episode, the team will give you background info on the current projects they are working on and plans in Search Console. This SEO podcast 2022 is one of the most entertaining as hosts are known for their informal chats and witty sense of humor. With Search Off the Record, you will gain insight in:

  • day-to-day working life at Google,
  • the decision-making behind launches,
  • casual funny stories of developers’ projects and conferences,
  • currently trending conversations in the SEO community.

The Recipe For SEO Success



Kate Toon

Kate Toon is an award-winning misfit entrepreneur. She cooperates with small businesses and big brands and supports them in growing: through powerful SEO, creative copywriting and marketing advice. Her SEO podcast is known for the labels of episodes as “newbie” or “techie” which helps to navigate for marketing specialists and as well as beginners. Usually, she focuses on one aspect and presents proper tools and solutions for improvement, such as:

  • keyword research,
  • setting successful chatbots,
  • importance of customer care,
  • developing SEO reports and correct data analysis.

The In Search SEO Podcast



Mordy Oberstein (Head of SEO Branding at Wix)

In the description of this project, you will read that it’s insightful and entertaining at once, so leave all the fears of boring content behind. It’s one of the top SEO podcasts in 2022 and Rank Ranger holds it. Weekly episodes are hosted by Mordy Oberstein, who is also an expert guest in other podcasts such as The Recipe For SEO Success. Mordy discusses the latest data, trends and SEO news, but with a twist of lemon! The form of this weekly SEO podcast is an interview with positioning leaders. Within this series, you will gain:

  • insights to develop a better understanding of search engine optimization and, therefore, better SEO strategy,
  • knowledge of local search and link building,
  • a broader perspective of SEO combined with UX and content marketing.

The Search Engine Journal Show



Loren Baker (Founder of Search Engine Journal)

Loren Baker is mainly known for running Search Engine Journal, and her SEO podcast is part of this project as well. She invites experts and authorities from the industry to discuss SEO, social media, PPC and content marketing. If you haven’t heard of it before, there are more than 250 episodes to catch up on! Among them, you will find episodes about:

  • content marketing strategies for B2B and how content influences SEO and other marketing channels,
  • information on leveraging SEO and influencer marketing to merge with traditional marketing,
  • top video SEO strategies,
  • how to handle site migration and reduce technical SEO issues.

The SEO 101 Podcast



Ross Dunn (CEO of StepForth Web Marketing)

The SEO 101 is on a podcast network called WebmasterRadio.FM. Over the years, Ross has created or co-created more than 350 episodes with a good dose of information of positioning trends, discussing the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO) from a fundamental to occasionally advanced standpoint. This SEO 101 podcast offers technical perspectives on marketing with a touch of humor. Class in session if you are looking for:

  • trends and algorithm changes for Google Search Engine
  • practical advices that help to understand differences and leverage SEO best practices,
  • 30-mins-episodes of SEO podcast with fundamental matters and questions raised in the industry
  • analysis of Google Core Updates, exciting case studies and more

Work in SEO Podcast

Host: Isaline Muelhauser (SEO consultant)

If you have ever wondered how to navigate a career in SEO, this podcast is for you. Work in SEO podcast is part of a WorkinSEO project, a job board of employment offers and useful advice for navigating an SEO career. Isaline focuses on the diversity of paths and by inviting guests from different countries to share their experiences, she creates an excellent SEO community. It’s one of the best SEO podcasts 2022, offering you unique and genuine stories that will help you find your way in this career and may clear some doubts or worries. To begin, tune in to the first episode, where Isaline discusses her motivations behind starting the project and shares her personal experience of how she wound up in the SEO space and the challenges she has faced. Episodes cover the topics like:

  • being a digital nomad as the SEO specialist,
  • starting SEO career at the age of 60,
  • running a digital marketing company,
  • working as an SEO content marketer in the USA.

Summary of the best SEO podcasts 2022

The variety of top SEO podcasts available on the internet is way greater than our recommendations. That’s why it’s good to google SEO podcast for yourself from time to time to see what’s new and which projects suit you most. Nevertheless, our list of 7 best SEO podcasts 2022 gives you a wide range of unusual perspectives from the industry. Planning a career, women in SEO, introducing SEO tools and updates are just a few themes usually presented with grand sense of humor. So enjoy the insightful and entertaining top SEO podcasts of 2022!

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